People who genuinely enjoy being alone tend to be the most intuitive, and here are 7 reasons why

Have you ever curled up with a good book and felt lost in its pages? Or maybe you’ve taken a quiet walk in nature and felt the peace of being alone. 

If these moments resonate with you, then you might be someone who enjoys being alone.

Now, some people think that being alone equates to feeling lonely, but that’s not necessarily true. If anything, it’s the best way to dig deep and get to know yourself.

In this article, we’ll explore seven reasons why people who enjoy being alone tend to be the most intuitive. You might be surprised at just how much your love for solitude can benefit your life.

1) When you’re alone, there’s less external distraction and more quiet space to think.

In our everyday hustle, we can easily get caught up in the constant noise of information and things happening around us.

Phones, gossip, social media, and our own thoughts never seem to stop. 

All that noise can make it hard to hear our inner voice, trust our gut feelings, and make choices that really fit who we are.

So when you take a moment to be by yourself and shut out all the external distractions, it becomes easier for you to really hear yourself think. 

You’re able to recognize your own emotions from other people’s projections and get clear on what it is that you want as opposed to what’s only expected of you. 

And there are many ways to create space for silence and find inner peace. 

Some people prefer mindfulness or meditation, while others find solace in nature, calming music, or simply sitting quietly. The key is finding a way to calm your mind and create a space where you can truly connect with yourself.

Because when you’re not being pulled in different directions by the outside world, you’re likely to be more in tune with your intuition and catch those quiet nudges that you oftentimes ignore.

2) Being alone allows you to have a heart-to-heart with yourself.

Have you ever noticed that you often have your most insightful thoughts and feelings when you’re alone? 

This is because being alone allows you to have a deep conversation with your inner self, which can lead to greater self-awareness and clarity.

When you’re alone, you’re free from the distractions and expectations of others. You can let go of your social mask and allow your true thoughts and feelings to surface. 

This can be a deeply liberating experience, as it allows you to connect with your authentic self on a deeper level.

In this quiet space, you feel safer asking yourself questions about your life, your goals, and your dreams. You explore your feelings, both positive and negative. You acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

This heart-to-heart with yourself allows you to gain a deeper understanding of who you are, what you want, and what you need. 

So, when you make choices, they’re all about what’s true to you, not what others think. And when you really understand yourself, you’re more likely to honor your intuition. 

That’s right…

3) Alone time makes it easier for you to trust your gut feelings.

alpha personality

When you really enjoy your alone time and connect with yourself, your gut feelings get better at guiding you. Why? 

Well, when things are quiet, it’s easier to pick up on the little signals your body gives you. 

Maybe your chest tightens, your stomach flutters, or you feel warmth or coldness—these are all physical manifestations of your intuition.

Your intuition also speaks to you through your thoughts. Ever have sudden insights or ideas out of the blue? That’s your intuition chiming in.

The trick to making your intuition stronger is to pay attention to it. Think of it like a muscle you need to work out. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

Here’s how to “exercise” it:

  • Spend a bit of time alone each day. Even a few quiet minutes can do wonders.
  • Tune in to your body. Feel those sensations.
  • Listen to your thoughts without judging. Just let them flow.
  • Trust your instincts. Don’t overthink—go with your gut feeling.

The more you trust your gut, the more confident you’ll be in making decisions that are aligned with your unique path.

4) Enjoying alone time helps you know yourself deeply.

When you genuinely enjoy your own company, you’re giving yourself a chance to rediscover your passions, your motivations, and your true desires. 

Yep, “rediscover.” 

I believe that we’re all born with our own success blueprint. Our soul came here on Earth embodying our unique gifts and talents, making us naturally drawn to certain arts, sports, or fields of science. 

But because of the external noise and the need to survive and create money, you tend to forget who you truly are at the core. Enjoying alone time helps you remember this and gain a deeper understanding of your purpose in life. 

You may also start to notice your habits, your emotional triggers, and your underlying beliefs. You even get insights on your fears, insecurities, and where you can grow.

You’ll make decisions that align with your true self, pursue passions that ignite your soul, and build relationships that nurture your spirit. You become more sure of yourself, more intuitive, and more at peace with who you are.

It’s like being in touch with your core, and that self-awareness often extends to understanding others better.

5) Solitude makes you more sensitive to the energy around you.

As you consistently embrace solitude, you’ll notice a shift within you. 

You might become more attuned to your own emotions, more discerning of others’ intentions, and generally get a sense of the energies around you. 

Being more aware like this helps you see life and situations in a different light.

You get better at putting yourself in other people’s shoes, making your connections with them deeper. You start noticing the little things, like body language, facial expressions, and how someone talks. 

This helps you really get what’s going on in their head and heart.

You can tell when someone feels uneasy, even if they don’t say it out loud. You catch on to signs that someone might not be completely honest or is hiding how they really feel. 

You become more adept at reading people’s energy and understanding their motivations, even when they’re not fully expressed through words.

And because you’re more attuned to the energy of your environment, you’re able to choose spaces that nurture your well-being and avoid those that drain your energy.

In essence, being alone opens the door to seeing things in a whole new way. It sharpens your ability to understand non-verbal cues and expands your intuitive awareness. 

6) Alone time awakens your creativity, which is linked to intuition.

signs youre a creative thinker with an endless supply of ideas People who genuinely enjoy being alone tend to be the most intuitive, and here are 7 reasons why

I’ve always seen my alone time as sacred. It relaxes me and keeps me grounded.

But one of the best things about spending time alone is that it’s also the perfect time to get our creative vibes going!

That’s because when we’re alone, we’re free from the distractions and expectations of the external world. We get to really channel our wildest visions without interruption.

It’s like our brain gets its own quiet playground to play around in.

So whenever I feel stuck and can’t make a decision, I know just what to do. I go for a walk around our quiet neighborhood, sit by the ocean, or simply spend time in my mama’s garden. 

I give myself the time and space to just be. And before I know it, my intuition kicks in, and I have the inspiration I need or the answer I was looking for. 

It’s also in the quiet that we’re able to invoke our “Inner Creatrix,” the creative power within us that’s often associated with our feminine and intuitive qualities.

In these moments of solitude, we can safely let go of the need to control or force ideas, and instead, we can simply open ourselves up to the possibility of new insights

And often, it’s in this quiet surrender that our “Eureka moments” and most brilliant ideas come to us.

7) When you’re alone, you’re more likely to experience flow states.

I’ve noticed that when I’m alone, I’m more likely to experience what psychologists call “flow states.” 

These are moments of intense focus and concentration where time seems to melt away and I’m completely absorbed in whatever I’m doing, whether that’s writing, tarot reading, or just strolling in nature.

Flow states are not just about productivity; they’re about enjoying the process itself and feeling fully engaged and alive.

In these states, we’re often able to tap into our intuition and are more likely to have creative breakthroughs and come up with solutions to our problems. 

Being alone helps a lot because there are no distractions from the outside world. This allows us to focus our attention inward and really connect with our thoughts and feelings.

And that’s when we feel the most intuitive. We’re able to tap into our inner wisdom and make decisions without overthinking them. 

And you know what else is great about solitude? 

It feels safe and secure. We can let down our guard and be our true selves without worrying if we’re loved, judged, or simply enough.

Final thoughts

Day by day, the world will remind you of the different ways to connect and tirelessly engage. It will be overwhelming. But remember that you have the option to step away and retreat within. 

Take it as a chance to discover what you’re truly about

Explore your inner light and shadows, as well as get clear on what your “core bones” are—your innate gifts, values, and wisdom. Most importantly, always make time for silence, because that’s when your soul becomes the loudest.

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