People who attract loyal and genuine friends do these 8 things

We all crave genuine connections and loyal friends, don’t we?

But often, it seems like a far-fetched dream. You do your best to be a good friend, always there for others in their time of need.

And what do you get in return?

You guessed it…fair-weather friends and one-sided relationships.

Sometimes, it feels like you’re just an option, taken for granted and not valued for your sincerity. 

If this resonates, trust me, you’re not alone. It’s a common sentiment that our efforts to cultivate meaningful relationships aren’t reciprocated.

But here’s the thing, it might not be as bleak as you think. You may possess qualities that attract genuine friends without even realizing it. The signs can be subtle and easily overlooked.

Today, we’ll explore some of these traits that people who attract loyal and genuine friends often exhibit.

Let’s get started.

1) They are authentic and genuine

First things first, people who attract loyal and genuine friends are, well, genuine themselves.

You know that friend who never seems to put on a front, who is unapologetically themselves? That’s who I’m talking about.

I actually experienced this personally, because I remember back in college, there was this guy who was one of those people who was just unapologetically himself. He wore his heart on his sleeve and never pretended to be someone he wasn’t.

And you know what?

People were drawn to him. His authenticity was like a beacon that attracted others. People knew they could trust him because he was true to himself and, in turn, true to them.

2) They listen more than they talk

Have you ever noticed that the people who have the most friends are often the ones who speak the least? It’s because they listen more.

I learned this firsthand when I started my first job. I was eager to prove myself and would often dominate conversations with my ideas and opinions.

Then one day, my mentor pulled me aside and gave me some advice that changed everything for me. He said, “You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

From then on, I made a conscious effort to listen more than I spoke.

And guess what?

People started to seek me out for advice or just a chat because they knew I would genuinely listen to them. Listening showed them that I valued their thoughts and opinions, which helped create stronger, more meaningful relationships.

Remember, being a good listener doesn’t mean you can’t share your thoughts or feelings. It simply means giving others space to express themselves while showing genuine interest in what they have to say.

3) They are reliable and trustworthy

Stability and reliability are the cornerstones of any strong friendship. People who attract loyal friends are the ones you can count on in a pinch.


Because reliability is one of the most important qualities people look for in a close friend.

And it makes sense, doesn’t it?

We all want someone we can depend on, a friend who’ll show up when we need them, a confidant who will keep our secrets safe.

This trait goes beyond just being there in times of crisis. It’s about consistency and trustworthiness in every interaction. It’s about knowing you can count on them even for the smallest things, like being on time for a coffee catch-up or returning a borrowed book.

That’s how trust is built, and trust is the bedrock of genuine friendships.

4) They show empathy and compassion

In a world where you can be anything, people who attract genuine friends choose to be kind. They have an innate ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

Imagine you’ve had a rough day, and everything seems to be going wrong. You spill your heart out to a friend who, instead of offering unsolicited advice or trying to fix your problems, simply sits with you in your pain. They don’t rush to fill the silence, but their presence alone provides a comforting balm.

That’s the power of empathy and compassion.

It doesn’t try to change or fix the situation; it simply acknowledges it and offers a safe space for emotions. This quality is what sets apart fleeting acquaintances from lasting friendships.

Because at the end of the day, we all want someone who not only celebrates our victories but also sits with us in our defeats.

5) They are positive and uplifting

Finally, people who attract loyal and genuine friends tend to radiate positivity.

Now, I don’t mean they’re always happy-go-lucky or that they don’t have bad days. But overall, they have a positive outlook on life that’s truly uplifting.

And I can attest to this, because I’ve experienced this firsthand — growing up, my grandmother was my best friend. She had this infectious positivity about her that could light up any room.

Even when life threw curveballs her way, she’d just look at them as opportunities to grow. Her favorite saying was, “In every setback lies the seed of a comeback.”

I used to watch in awe as people gravitated towards her, seeking her wisdom and basking in her positivity. She was living proof that maintaining a positive attitude not only makes you feel better but also attracts people towards you

6) They show appreciation and gratitude

People who attract loyal friends have a knack for making others feel valued and appreciated. They are quick to recognize the good in others and express their gratitude for it.

I’m sure we all have that one friend who never fails to acknowledge the little things we do for them. Whether it’s a small favor, a thoughtful gift, or just lending an ear when they needed one, they always say ‘thank you’.

Their appreciation makes us feel seen and valued, and it’s this mutual respect that forms the foundation of a genuine friendship.

7) They are respectful of boundaries

Respect for personal space and boundaries is another quality of those who attract loyal friends. They understand that every person has their own space and privacy, and they respect it.

Think about it. We all have that one friend who never intrudes on our personal space, who doesn’t bombard us with calls or messages, but is there when we need them.

They respect our need for solitude without taking it personally. It’s this kind of understanding that fosters long-lasting friendships.

8) They are not afraid to be vulnerable

Last but not least, people who attract loyal and genuine friends are not afraid to show their vulnerable side. They understand that showing vulnerability is not a sign of weakness but a strength.

Sharing your fears, hopes, failures, and successes can feel scary, but it is also what brings people closer together.

When you open up to someone and they respond with empathy and understanding, it creates a bond that is hard to break.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, attracting loyal and genuine friends may seem challenging.

But by simply embodying the traits we discuss, before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating meaningful friendships that stand the test of time.

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