People who are really insensitive often display these 8 behaviors (without realizing it)

It’s one of those tough truths we all have to face:

Sometimes, the people we interact with, even those we care about, can be wildly insensitive. And the worst part? They often don’t realize it.

You’ve tried gently pointing it out, maybe even had a few serious discussions about it. But nothing changes.

At times, it’s not even a big scene. It’s just these little, recurring actions that make you question their capacity for empathy.

The real kicker is when you start to wonder: Is it time to distance yourself from such people?

This article will help you identify the 8 common behaviors displayed by those who are really insensitive – often without them even realizing it.

1) They often interrupt when others are speaking

Communication is paramount in every relationship, and a respectful exchange of thoughts and ideas is key.

Insensitivity, however, often rears its head in the form of interruptions.

When someone constantly interjects while you’re speaking, it can feel like they’re dismissing your thoughts and emotions – as if what they have to say is more important.

This isn’t always done with ill intentions, though. Sometimes, people who interrupt don’t realize they’re doing it. They might be eager to share their thoughts or just have a habit of thinking out loud.

But no matter the intention, the result is the same: It makes you feel unheard and unimportant. And if you’re constantly on the receiving end of these interruptions, it might be time to take a step back and assess your relationship with this person.

2) They disregard your feelings

Here’s a situation I’ve found myself in more times than I care to admit:

I’m having a bad day, and I confide in someone about it. But instead of offering comfort or understanding, they brush it off. Maybe they tell me others have it worse, or maybe they just switch the topic entirely.

This kind of behavior is a clear sign of insensitivity. It makes me feel like my feelings are viewed as insignificant, not worthy of consideration.

The thing is, most people who do this probably don’t realize how hurtful their reaction can be. They might think they’re being practical or helping you see the bigger picture.

But what they’re really doing is trivializing your emotions. And that’s a surefire way to make anyone feel small and unimportant.

3) They make jokes at your expense

Humor is a funny thing. It can bring people together and lighten the mood, but it can also be used as a tool for insensitivity. I’ve been on the receiving end of this more than once.

I remember this one time when a friend made a joke about a personal issue I was dealing with. Everyone laughed, and for a moment, I laughed along too. But afterward, I was left feeling embarrassed and hurt.

The tricky part is that people who make these kinds of jokes oftentimes believe that they’re “just” being funny, and if you point it out, they might even say you’re being too sensitive.

But here’s the thing: Humor should never come at the expense of someone else’s feelings. If it does, that’s not humor – it’s insensitivity. Recognizing this pattern in someone’s behavior is crucial for maintaining your emotional well-being!

4) They fail to show empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It’s what allows us to connect with people on a deeper, more meaningful level.

But did you know that some people actually have a hard time experiencing empathy? It’s true. For some, it’s due to certain personality disorders or psychological conditions, but for others, it’s simply a lack of emotional intelligence.

When someone consistently fails to show empathy – when they can’t seem to understand your emotions or share in your experiences – it can be incredibly isolating. You might find yourself feeling misunderstood, undervalued, or even invisible.

Again, those who lack empathy often don’t realize it. They may think they’re being rational or objective. But in reality, their inability to empathize is just another form of insensitivity – one that can be deeply hurtful to those around them.

5) They belittle your achievements

nice phrases theyre subtly trying to gaslight you People who are really insensitive often display these 8 behaviors (without realizing it)

We all love that feeling of accomplishment when we achieve something we’ve worked hard for. It’s a natural human tendency to want to share our successes with the people around us.

But imagine this: You’ve just nailed a big project at work, or maybe you’ve finally run that half-marathon you’ve been training for. Bursting with pride, you share your news with someone, only for them to downplay your achievement or even outright dismiss it.

It’s a crushing feeling, isn’t it?

Those who belittle others’ achievements often don’t realize they’re being insensitive. They might think they’re keeping you grounded or preventing you from becoming arrogant.

But the reality is different. By belittling your achievements, they’re undermining your confidence and invalidating your efforts. And that’s a behavior rooted in insensitivity, whether they realize it or not.

6) They make decisions without considering your feelings

We all make decisions every day, some small and some big. But when it comes to decisions that affect others around us, it’s crucial to take their feelings into consideration.

Imagine this: A close friend decides to move away, or a colleague makes a major decision at work that affects your workload, all without sparing a thought for how it might impact you.

In such cases, it can feel as though your feelings and opinions are insignificant. They didn’t matter enough to be taken into account!

Those who make decisions without considering the feelings of others often don’t see their actions as insensitive. They might just see themselves as decisive or independent.

However, this disregard for the feelings of others is a clear sign of insensitivity. It shows a lack of respect and consideration for how their actions may affect those around them.

7) They consistently invalidate your experiences

We all have our own unique experiences and perspectives. And we all want our experiences to be validated and accepted, especially by those who are close to us.

But what if someone constantly invalidates your experiences? What if they’re always quick to dismiss your perspective or downplay your feelings?

I’ve been there, and it’s not a good place to be.

When someone invalidates your experiences, it’s as if they’re saying that your reality doesn’t matter. It’s as if they’re denying the importance of your feelings and perspectives.

Often, such people don’t realize they’re being insensitive. They might see themselves as pragmatic or objective, but in reality, they’re invalidating the very essence of who you are.

This behavior is a clear sign of insensitivity, and recognizing it can be a huge step in protecting your emotional well-being.

8) They consistently disregard your boundaries

Boundaries are crucial. They’re the invisible lines that define our personal space and comfort zone.  Having those boundaries respected is fundamental in any relationship, whether it’s a friendship, a romantic relationship, or even a professional one.

Insensitive people are those who consistently disregard your boundaries. They might show up uninvited, insist on discussing topics you’re uncomfortable with, or perhaps they keep pushing you to do things you’re not ready for.

Often, such people don’t even realize they’re crossing a line. They might think they’re being friendly, persistent, or simply passionate about something.

But no matter how they justify it, disregarding someone’s boundaries is not only insensitive, it’s also disrespectful. Recognizing this behavior is vital in maintaining healthy relationships and protecting your personal space!


Recognizing insensitivity in others is one thing, but dealing with it is another. If you’ve seen these signs in people around you, it can be disheartening. But remember, their behavior is not a reflection of your worth.

It’s crucial to remember that people’s insensitivity often comes from their own limitations, not from any lack in you. They might not even be aware of the impact of their actions.

It’s important to communicate your feelings and set clear boundaries. But if someone consistently disregards your feelings and boundaries even after you’ve communicated clearly, it might be time to reconsider the role they play in your life.

You have the right to prioritize yourself, to surround yourself with people who respect and value you for who you are. It’s not selfish to put your emotional health and well-being first!

Take time to reflect on these behaviors. Recognize them for what they are: signs of insensitivity. And remember, it’s okay to choose self-care over pleasing others.

Picture of Ava Sinclair

Ava Sinclair

Ava Sinclair is a former competitive athlete who transitioned into the world of wellness and mindfulness. Her journey through the highs and lows of competitive sports has given her a unique perspective on resilience and mental toughness. Ava’s writing reflects her belief in the power of small, daily habits to create lasting change.

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