People who are never satisfied in life often display these subtle 11 behaviors (without realizing it)

“Maybe I’m just too demanding,” Prince sang in his 1984 classic single When Doves Cry.

And sometimes, we really are.

Then again, desire – no matter what it’s for – is one of the driving forces in life. It’s desire that makes us attempt the difficult or even impossible, that makes us get up after we’ve been knocked down, over and over again.

At the same time, it’s important to appreciate what you have.

In fact, I often think that gratitude is one of the most underrated qualities a person can have.

But some people are never satisfied. Even if they achieve their goals, they won’t be happy with them. Instead, they will just find something to complain about and something else to be unhappy over.

And there are some subtle behaviors that can tip you off to someone who is never satisfied in life. Keep an eye out for these behaviors that show you someone who is never satisfied.

1) They are constantly critical and negative

This is one of the more obvious signs of someone who is never satisfied. Because sometimes, people will tell you exactly who you are if you take the time to listen.

There lots of reasons why some people are always critical and focus on the negative things in life.

“Almost all negativity has its roots in one of three deep-seated fears: the fear of being disrespected by others, the fear of not being loved by others, and the fear that “bad things” are going to happen,” writes Professor Raj Raghunathan for Psychology Today.

And it’s not hard to see how these fears would be especially powerful for someone who is not satisfied with life.

The problem is, these people often don’t keep their views to themselves. As well as being negative about their own life, they will often be critical of yours.

Tell them you are taking up a new hobby or starting a new job, and they will list all the things that might go wrong. Tell them you are adopting a new workout regime, and they will tell you that it probably won’t work.

So often, people are highly critical of others because they are even more critical of themselves. And their dissatisfaction with their own life makes them look for the shortcomings in everyone else.

2) Their enthusiasm quickly fades

Do you know someone who’s always jumping from one thing to the next, never settling on any specific thing?

I do. I have a friend who always has some new plan for her future. Some new business she wants to start or some new job she is going after.

In some ways, I admire her drive. But the problem is, it never lasts.

Instead, what ends up happening is that she makes some halfhearted attempt to go after what she wants, and then her energy fades. Instead, she gets easily distracted by the next thing and drops whatever she’s doing to chase what’s shiny and new.

The thing is, this kind of inconsistency is often a sign of a lack of satisfaction with life. If you’re unable to appreciate what you have, you will often be on the lookout for the next big thing that you hope will make you happy.

Unfortunately, this is ultimately self-defeating. Because when you don’t commit to anything, it’s hard to get anywhere.

3) They compare themselves with others

This one is especially prevalent in the age of social media. After all, it’s never been easier to compare ourselves with others and see all the ways our lives don’t measure up.

To some extent, we all do this. Humans are social creatures, after all, and we often look at people who have achieved what we want to show us what’s possible.

That’s fine. But self-comparison can quickly become damaging.

“We all compare ourselves to others in our social worlds, whether by comparing our looks to those of celebrities we see in the media or our talents to those of our coworkers,” writes psychologist Kendra Cherry.

But this tendency can lead people into dissatisfaction with their lives. After all, no matter what you achieve in life, there’s always someone else who has something better. A more interesting job, a more attractive partner, a better home, or a more glamorous lifestyle.

Over time, these social comparisons can damage your self-esteem. After all, it’s hard to be satisfied with what you have when you constantly pay attention to what others have that you don’t.

4) They don’t celebrate success

signs youre a perfectionist and its ruining your life 1 1 People who are never satisfied in life often display these subtle 11 behaviors (without realizing it)

This is a common factor for people who are highly driven. Unfortunately, it has a way of robbing them of the joy of their achievements.

They may downplay their successes. Or they may not take the time to celebrate what they have achieved, instead focusing on whatever the next goal or challenge is.

That’s because often, when we achieve what we set out to do, we find it doesn’t make us as happy as we hoped. Instead, we often find that our goals were misaligned with who we really are, and that achieving them doesn’t add anything to our baseline level of life satisfaction.

5) They get bored easily

Like the friend I mentioned above, people who are dissatisfied with life often tend to be easily bored.

They get restless during times of inactivity. Often, they don’t feel comfortable just enjoying the moment, and instead prefer to be pursuing something.

That’s because their lack of satisfaction with their life makes it impossible for them to be comfortable with what they have at any given moment.

Instead, they are always looking for something else to excite them and make them happy.

6) They are impatient

Along with a tendency to get easily bored, people who are unsatisfied with life are often impatient.

Again, this is part of what makes them constantly jump from one thing to the next.

They say good things come to those who wait, but for someone who is never satisfied, waiting for something can feel like torture.

Because they are not happy with where they are and what they have, they feel a need to constantly be doing something. Waiting, whether it’s for a doctor’s appointment, a job to call back, or a long-term plan to pay off, is almost impossible for them.

7) They have unrealistic expectations

Another way people shoot themselves in the foot is by having unrealistic expectations.

People who are dissatisfied with life often dream big, and are always looking for the next project that they hope will make them happy. Sometimes, they dream too big, or are too impatient to work steadily toward an ambitious goal.

Instead, they may expect instant success. And when their efforts are not immediately rewarded, they often get frustrated, adding to their lack of satisfaction.

8) They are ungrateful

I don’t mean that they are not grateful when you help them or give them a gift. More precisely, I mean that they struggle to express gratitude.

In many ways, gratitude is the antidote to being dissatisfied with life.

The truth is, we all have things to be grateful for. Even the most difficult lives have their bright spots.

It can be something small, like a good meal or some pleasant weather. It can be something big, like the support of your family or the love of your partner.

If you want to be satisfied with life, it’s important to take some time every now and then to reflect on everything you already have and appreciate it for what it is.

Because if you don’t, you may find yourself becoming someone who is never satisfied in life.

9) They have FOMO

friends showcasing their perfect lives People who are never satisfied in life often display these subtle 11 behaviors (without realizing it)

FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out, is everywhere in our culture.

It’s the driving force behind a million adverts and social media feeds, convincing us that somebody out there is doing something better, more interesting, more exciting than we are.

It’s why people check their phones on dates and bail on social events in the hope of finding something better.

“The innate desire for social connection and belonging can drive FOMO,” according to psychologist John Grohol. “When people feel they lack these types of connections, it can cause emotional and physical distress. For some people, this could affect overall well-being and functioning.”

Worrying about what other people are doing is a great way to make sure you’re never satisfied with your own life.

10) They avoid committing

When you combine qualities like being easily bored, easily distracted, and unable to celebrate successes, it’s not hard to see why some people struggle to commit to anything.

But this lack of commitment can also decrease your satisfaction in life.

Whether it’s an impressive career or a rewarding relationship, some things in life require you to commit yourself to them over the long term – sometimes years or even decades.

But people who struggle to be satisfied with what they have also struggle to commit. Because they are always focused on what might be better, they are unable to commit to what they have.

11) They focus too much on material success

Success has lots of different definitions.

I consider myself a successful person because I live the life that I want to. I’ll probably never be a millionaire, but I live in a place I like with a person I love and do a job that I enjoy.

But when you can’t find satisfaction with your life, it’s tempting to look for other things you think will make you happy. And in a materialistic culture like ours, chasing wealth seems like the obvious solution.

We are constantly told that we would be happier if we were richer. But that’s not always true.

In fact, a 2010 study found that while increasing your wealth can help make you happier, that affect flattens out after you start making around US$75,000 per year.

Because they can’t find satisfaction in themselves, these people try to find it in external things. Unfortunately, that often leads to greater dissatisfaction.

Some people are never satisfied

And these subtle behaviors can show you someone who is never happy.

Keep an eye out for these signs that can help you spot someone who may never be satisfied with what they have in life.

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