People who are naturally introverted but highly intelligent usually display these 7 subtle behaviors

There are a lot of stereotypes about introverts (no they aren’t all shy!).

And there are also different types of introverts – from social introverts (they prefer small groups and quiet surroundings) to anxious introverts (they feel nervous around people). But today we are going to talk about the highly intelligent introvert.

If you are a person who gets drained by others and is often dreamy or lost in your thoughts, then this might be you! Do you recognize yourself in these signs and behaviors?

1) They think before they speak

Do you have a friend who always seems to pause before jumping in with a comment or opinion? Or maybe this is something that you do? 

Eckhart Tolle is an introverted spiritual teacher who is a great representative of this. He isn’t trying to impress anyone with fancy prepared speeches, but instead speaks openly and honestly from his heart and intellect.

He even has a special sign in his books that encourages you to take a pause.

Other intelligent introverts also want to consider all sides of what they know about something, before saying anything.

They aren’t in a rush to be heard, but when they speak they want it to be meaningful and well considered.

2) They listen more than they talk

One of the ways that intelligent introverts become so wise is that they tend to listen a lot. They absorb all different points of view and information. They believe that listening is the key to understanding. 

Unlike some people, whose egos push them forward to say things regardless of what they know, the clever introvert knows that he or she has much to learn.

As my Grandad used to say, “We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.” I’d like to think that my grandad invented this saying but it is actually from an ancient Greek slave turned philosopher, called Epictetus.

I guess my Grandad really did know how to listen (and read!).

3) They socialize on schedule

Most people, even introverts, need socialization. But how much, and the way it happens, is what changes everything.

The intelligent introvert often has a schedule or method to organise his or her social mixing, to make it feel more ordered and less draining.

My very clever friend Olly is quite spiritual and believes in astrology and the effect of moon cycles on humans and animals.

So he now plans a lot of his life around the moon. When the moon is full, it is a good time for socializing and so this is when we are most likely to get together for a good chat (and to drink moon-colored drinks like milk or Baileys!)

That’s just one example, but there are many ways that intelligent introverts will thoughtfully try to logically structure their social time.

4) They are more observant than others

So with all this listening and cleverness, it makes sense that these introverts tend to really notice what is going on around them.

While others are chatting away they are looking around, and maybe even listening to things in the background. This can be very handy since they are likely to be very alert to danger or any important changes in their surroundings.

For example, they might notice that a fight is about to start and get you away or pacify the people involved.

Or maybe they just notice changes in tone and language from a friend. Later they might take that friend aside and ask them if they are ok.

They are also very handy people to have around if eyewitnesses are needed. Almost all humans are very bad at noticing exactly what happens in a sudden situation, but intelligent introverts are more reliable than most.

5) They remember information in detail

This skillful observant quality of intelligent introverts has another benefit – the ability to remember things in detail.

While more chatty people often forget the specifics of conversations or events not long after they happen (people say I have the memory of a goldfish), thoughtful introverts tend to retain precise memories for ages.

Their observant nature paired with inner reflection time solidifies memories of experiences, talks, research findings, etc into their minds. They become fountains of factual knowledge you can dip back into months or years down the road!

So if you need someone to recall that brilliant business idea you once floated over beers 5 summers ago, ask your clever introvert friend. Odds are they’ll still remember all the finer points in full color. They listen carefully and remember well which is exactly what you need!

spiritual journaling People who are naturally introverted but highly intelligent usually display these 7 subtle behaviors

6) They write better than they talk

Although there are four types of introverts, many people can cross over.  So an intelligent introvert might also be anxious. Being put on the spot can make even the hardiest of introverts panic, so they tend to communicate better in writing or typing than speaking.

This gives them time to order their thoughts, recall all they know, and all they want to say, and then write it elegantly and eloquently. Or concisely and to the point, whatever is appropriate.

We can all learn a lesson from this. I think most of us can recall a conflict or important moment with a friend or loved one, where we had to write things down and edit them to really be able to express ourselves properly and effectively.

7) They are good at noticing their flaws

One of the most overlooked life skills, in my opinion, is self-awareness. If you are reading this, then the chances are you are someone who cares about self-awareness and self-development.

Intelligent introverts often have good self-awareness, due to their observant nature.

As well as considering all the information from the external world (such as feedback from friends, colleagues, and so on), they also look inside to see what is coming from them.

They then take time to analyze all of this. For many, this allows them to notice their flaws without judgment or being overly self-critical. Instead, they can use their energy to help them become their best self.

And this has a flip side too which is:

8) They are good at noticing their strengths

We aren’t all supposed to be good at everything. However, some people act as if they are because they feel overconfident and over-optimistic. 

But the intelligent introvert has the time and skills to look inward. And just as they know where their flaws lie, and when there is room for improvement, they are also good at identifying their strengths.

This makes them really good work colleagues, but also great friends and partners. They will know when to push themselves forward for a task, and when to step back.

They will also likely recognize a lot of your strengths and weaknesses – or that of others – making them a great person to advise a team, or simply to work or be with, for fun or productivity.

9) They think divergently and make connections between ideas

Standard intelligence is measured by how much knowledge someone has, or how well they pass arbitrary tests like IQ.

But paradigm-shifting bright sparks like my conceptual artist friend, (who arranges his life by the moon) are much more about innovatively linking concepts.

While extroverted people sometimes race to spout off their ideas, introverts ponder connections between unlikely concepts that elude most of us. Their capacity to synthesize disparate ideas into ‘Eureka!’ moments is sometimes what drives humanity forward.

From groundbreaking scientific theorizing to visionary works of art, introverts usher in revolutions by quietly piecing together the inner workings of the universe. So the next time an introvert chimes in with an odd musing, listen closely for glimmers of genius!

When I listen to my friend on our ‘moon sessions’ I’m always amazed at how he mixes different but related concepts to make something really deep.

10) They prefer meaningful conversations over small talk

While lively social butterflies can happily chat for hours about superficial topics or mundane details of their day, introspective introverts usually crave conversations with more substance. 

They would rather delve deep into philosophical ideologies, complex human psyche analysis or obscure academic interests than make banal party small talk.

My bookish friend Elaine will politely listen as acquaintances prattle on about reality TV or office gossip. But her mind inevitably wanders as she yearns to share thoughts on existential themes, Gothic literature, or Jungian psychology instead.

Rather than wanting to hear blow-by-blow accounts of your recent vacation or cousin’s wedding, intelligent introverts prefer sharing perspectives on things like the nature of consciousness or the purpose of art.

So if you really want to bond with your quiet coworker, shift your chat from fantasy football updates to the deeper human condition. 

Or if that doesn’t get you going then try posing an intriguing question around something that you know they love, and watch their eyes light up as the conversation becomes animated and fascinating.

You are likely to learn some profound new insights!

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Louisa Lopez

Louisa is writer, wellbeing coach, and world traveler, with a Masters in Social Anthropology. She is fascinated by people, psychology, spirituality and exploring psychedelics for personal growth and healing. She’s passionate about helping people and has been giving empowering advice professionally for over 10 years using the tarot. Louisa loves magical adventures and can often be found on a remote jungle island with her dogs. You can connect with her on Twitter: @StormJewel

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