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You’ll never look at yourself in the same way again

Your extension goes far beyond the boundaries of your intellect. All the concepts and social codes which structure your mind are both a blessing and a curse. They are fundamental for your existence but also limit your range of perception and action.  

How deep do you know your structures? How much of yourself remains untouched? How many resources and possibilities are waiting for you in the deep and wide ocean of your being? Would you risk leaving behind your preconceived view of yourself and the world to explore new dimensions of reality?  

If so, welcome! Let’s not only think, but explore, live, create, realize and succeed out of the box.

Out of the Box is much more than a workshop. It is an open door for you to explore your most authentic core, your uniqueness and your creativity. Allying ancient shamanic knowledge with advanced science and technology, it will provide you with a complete set of tools to develop your innermost self and harness the best of your creative potential so that you can redesign your destiny and take the reigns of your life.  

A blissful cyber-shamanic journey of self-exploration for developing your personal power and reframing your reality

Introducing Out of the Box

The breakthrough method of Out of the Box is based on the Primal Source system of coaching, developed by Rudá Iandé over the course of his lifetime. Rudá works as an artisan assisting his clients to alchemize their inner elements and reach the best of their potential as human beings. Personal work with Rudá is a profound life-changing journey. Because Ruda’s one-on-one coaching work is intensive and in high demand, he only takes on 10 clients per year.  

But with so many people seeking his support in their processes of self-discovery, Rudá has teamed up with Ideapod and a number of prominent artists to make his expertise more widely available and affordable. Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve been researching technologies, writing, shooting, composing and creating to make his knowledge and tools for personal transformation more accessible.  

The result is Out of the Box.  

Using Ideapod Academy’s new learning system, Out of the Box is being delivered to you and a small group of incredible humans in an immersive and highly interactive three-month experience.

Ruda’s teaching – combined with interactive webinars, video and audio exercises, a learning community and committed and passionate moderators – ensure you’ll emerge from the three months with the tools to create a new blueprint for your life.  

This is not a typical“new-age”approach to self-development

If you listen to the majority of so-called “new age gurus”, you’ll believe you can change your life and accomplish all your dreams by overcoming your fears, defeating your anxiety or healing your shadow side. That is not what you are going to find here.  

Out of the Box is not intended to sell you an anaesthetic pseudo-truth to make you sleep better.  

Instead, it is going to challenge all your concepts about yourself and about life. It’s a powerful coaching system for those who want to look their inner beasts in the eyes and make friends with them. We intend to give you the best tools for detoxifying your mind from the spiritual, religious, and educational ideologies that limit you so that you can unleash your personal power, release your creativity and live a life of authenticity, in deep connection with your true nature.

Are you ready for exploring the mystery behind your social mask? If so, Out of the Box can open the door to a much more profound, fertile and joyful life experience.  

We invite you to join us on this journey.

I see life as a unique opportunity for the development of the self. I have chosen to spend my life working with people, and I’m fortunate to get to know many unique and beautiful universes through the people I’ve worked with.  

I’ve chosen to live out my own philosophy, and to help others to find and live their own. I share my knowledge with people who are willing to dedicate their time and energy to the purpose of knowing themselves. My clients are those who are ready to undertake a difficult process of looking at themselves clearly and overcoming their own limitations. My language is not mystical. It is practical. I believe true spirituality should generate impact on the material and day-to-day dimension, and I only believe in knowledge that drives real change.  

I dedicated my life to exploring a wide myriad of philosophies, sciences and techniques for self-development. Yet all the knowledge I could absorb was never enough for me. I have been compelled to explore my own nature since my early days. My work is unique because most of it comes from inside, from my essential knowledge, intuition and talent, refined along almost 30 years of studies and work with thousands of clients throughout the world. Now I’m offering the best of my knowledge and expertise to support you in a life-changing journey that will bring you clarity and self-understanding, unveiling, developing and manifesting your deepest potential and the integrity of your being.

Rudá Iandé

Introducing Out of the Box

Out of the Box is a 12 week online workshop by Rudá Iandé, delivered by the Ideapod Academy. Enrollment is limited to 30 people who will have access to the Out of the Box materials, participate in live seminars and connect in a private social network.  

Each week participants receive a 30 minute video by Rudá Iandé, exploring that week's topic in great depth. There are 4 modules covered in the 12 weeks (see below), with each module covered extensively in a 10,000 word article by Rudá. You will have access to video and audio exercises to help you integrate what you're learning into your life. There are also quizzes and group exercises for each module.  

Keep on reading to find out more about the workshop and what to expect. If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

Meet our team

Rudá Iandé has put together a unique team of artists and entrepreneurs to create the audio and visual material of Out of the Box and deliver it to a worldwide community of people inspiring each other to live lives of true authenticity and creativity. All of the team members have been coached by Rudá and are inspired to bring his teachings to a wider audience.

Justin Brown is an entrepreneur, having created the first version of Ideapod as a social network, eventually growing it into an online media network with millions of monthly users. He founded Ideapod while doing doctoral research on international political economy, eventually quitting the PhD to focus entirely on his business. Justin is passionate about bringing people together around shared moments of inspiration. He’s Australian and spends most of his time in his hometown of Melbourne or Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Carolyn Gregoire is a Brooklyn-based author and collaborative writer specializing in health, psychology and spirituality. She is the co-author of "Wired to Create: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind." Her writing has also appeared in publications including Scientific American, TIME, Harvard Business Review, Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, and The Huffington Post, where she worked for six years as a senior writer. Influenced by her academic background in philosophy and years of study with spiritual teachers around the world, her work explores the intersection of our inner and outer worlds. 

Dominika Ksel is an interdisciplinary artist, activist, and educator. Drawing on myth, science, and erased histories, she works with interactive media to evoke the unseen sensorial. She is interested in transcending manifest materiality to visualize our human experience as subjective reality. Working with interactive sculptures, VR/AR, video installations, and sound-based performances, Dominika creates immersive ecosystems with which participants may experience glimpses of the imperceptible. Dominika is a hypnotist, passionate psychonaut, surfer and teaches at CUNY. She's exhibited, performed and held workshops around the globe including: MoMa, Bronx Museum, El Museo del Barrio, Museum of Art and Design, Whitney, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Witte de With, Chiem Read, CA2M Madrid, Pioneer Works and P! Gallery.

Antonela Giampietro is an ambassador for South American electronic music. With a mature taste, profound sensibility and creativity, she has been raising the South American musical set to a new level of excellence. Passionately committed to the development of her consciousness, she turns all her knowledge, intuition and love into music. Her songs are a vehicle through which consciousness can travel and explore different dimensions of the Universe, while the body celebrates and the heart overflows with love and joy. Expands the limits of through influences still conceived in Buenos Aires, combined with her crossing to the Brazil. She mixes the world-renowned excellence of her country's DJs with the still-hot heat of the Brazilian scene, making herself a unique bright spot in the country. Her collaborative spirit in organic and mental sets, as well as the composition of her first album, draws listeners to powerful experiences, which is one of the keys to her recognition - creating connections between people.

Be part of a collaborative learning community

It is often a lonely and daunting experience to change the way you see yourself and your life.  

Yet the way Out of the Box is delivered, you are never alone.  

We are bringing together all of the Out of the Box participants into a collaborative learning community.  

The learning materials are delivered through a set of deeply immersive experiences and are personalized to your specific life circumstances. Your experience of Out of the Box will be unique to you.  

We also run group exercises that engender experiential learning and community interaction through private online groups. Out of the Box is therefore also a social experience.  

You’ll have the chance to be connected with a new tribe.  

By joining Out of the Box, 

you’ll have access to the following:

Interactive seminars

Video exercises

Binaural audio exercises

Written manuscripts

Personalized program

Experiential learning

Social interaction

Premium content curated from Ideapod

The Out of the Box program is delivered over the course of 12 weeks and is divided into 4 modules.

Module 1: Authenticity and Creativity

A deep journey within yourself to find the true source of your authenticity and creativity. We are going to examine the concepts that have shaped your life so far and provide a number of tools to break through limiting paradigms, so you can live a life true to your deepest being.

Module 2: Reclaim Your Power

We will break through the destructive concepts about our emotions to turn our so called “shadow and negativity” into an unlimited source of creativity and personal power. We are going to deeply focus on the fears preventing you from living a life true to yourself and explain how fears can be transformed from being a limiting force in your life to providing a powerful impetus for creating massive change. You will learn a number of tools for you to embrace your true nature by developing a new relationship between your body, emotions and consciousness.

Module 3: Life is a Dream - Dreaming Your life

A highly transformative journey to the core of your belief system, examining the holographic constructions that have shaped your life up to this point. Through a set of revolutionary tools and strategies we will help you develop a new blueprint for your life to fully express and support your deeper nature.

Module 4: Make it Happen

The final module brings together all the elements of this workshop and teaches how to go to action, applying the many principles and techniques of Out of the Box, to start living your life according to your own terms and accomplishing your innermost dreams. We will provide you with tools to ground you in the source of your creativity and prosperity - your inner nature, and connect with a more powerful impetus for creating change than your thoughts: your deeper instinct.

Our purpose is to give you much more than theory. You’ll have the full support of videos, audios, guided exercises, examples, forums and live webinars to turn everything you’ll learn into practical tools to use on a daily basis and make substantial changes in your life. 


In February we delivered the first version of Out of the Box to a small pilot group. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, encouraging us to further develop the program and open it to a wider audience.

See what the participants had to say below.

"Out of the Box for me was a deep dive into the nature of self, the nature of life and how I, as a human being, play into this and what my human experience is. And doing so with a group of other people, being guided by a very fantastic human being. It's really helpful that Rudá Iandé is someone who sees life and humans as part of that life so clearly. This helped me to shape my own perspective coming from Out of the Box."

Michelle Lim Coach & Facilitator

"Out of the Box for me was a chance to connect on a deeper level with who I really am, shattering all of these pre-conceptions I have about myself. It's very grounded and has a really authentic feel to it. It can be confronting at times. I think that's a blessing because we don't often put ourselves in situations where we are forced to look critically at ourselves. But there's no escaping this in Out of the Box. It's a chance to strip back everything you think you know about yourself, redefining the way you interact with the world."

Paige Talbot Innovation Manager

"Rudá Iandé is a very authentic person and is really good in giving you a different perspective. For example, basic things like the relationship you have with your own body which is actually one of the most essential things in life. He also gives a framework on how to deal with your basic emotions like fear, anger and frustration and it completely changes how you actually feel. Alongside his guidance, it's great to have a group of people that are going through the same exercises, also changing their ideas and frameworks. You get a lot of ideas and insights also from the other people that are in your seminar."

Gosia Kurowska Blogger

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Our commitment to leading edge education from the world’s most inspirational teachers at prices you can afford

Rudá Iandé has joined forces with Ideapod to make his teaching available at a fraction of what his individual clients typically pay.

The Out of the Box program is being delivered for only $1,200.  

If you enroll before October 4th, 2018, you can join for only $400 per month over the course of 3 months.  

You also get an unconditional 10 day money-back guarantee from the program start date (October 4th, 2018). This means you can secure your place in the program risk-free.  

Why you should enroll today

Out of the Box is only open for enrolment for one group of 30 participants. There is already high demand, so we recommend you enroll right away.

By enrolling today, you’ll secure your place in the program, giving you the chance to join a small and intimate group of people ready to start this life changing journey.

The start date for all participants is October 4th, 2018.

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As Ideapod’s CEO, it’s my goal to ensure you have access to the world’s most inspiring and authentic teachers while also connecting with like minded people around moments of genuine inspiration.  

Everything about the Ideapod Academy has been designed with this goal in mind. Apart from the transformative experience you’ll have from this online course, you’ll also be served by an incredibly attentive customer service team.

Just email us at [email protected] and your question will be answered almost immediately.

Justin Brown Ideapod CEO

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Immersive audio and visual exercises help you undergo experiential learning

Guided meditation sessions by Rudá Iandé

In-depth reading materials to accompany each module

An unconditional 10-day money-back guarantee so you can be sure that Out of the Box is perfect for you

Focused and passionate customer service to make sure you have an incredible and transformative experience with Out of the Box

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