If life is like a box of chocolate, then we are all nuts.

It’s easy to believe that sometimes, especially when you look at how we spend our time: hours lost surfing social media, days lost working for the man, years lost worrying about where our life is headed.

Worrying can cost you a great deal of your life, and you would have thought that we’d have this worrying thing figured out by now.

But it continues to consume us to the point that it stops people from living their lives.

If you are wondering what you should never do if you want to be happy, it’s worrying.

Here’s why worrying is literally useless

No matter what you have been through in your life, there’s no way to know what is going to happen.

Sure, you will be awake for hours in bed worrying about tomorrow, worrying about school, work, bills, the kids, food, a rash, your car, your dog. You’ll worry until the cows come home.

But no matter what your brain can cook up about what is to come, there is no way to know for sure. So why put yourself through that?

Now, to be clear, worrying is different than preparing and planning for the future. Worrying can put a hold on you that doesn’t allow you to move forward in your life, while planning and preparing takes into consideration the future without getting into too much detail.

If you’ve ever lost a night’s sleep over something because you were worried, you know that it is not worth giving up entire days of your life for.

If you think back, it’s likely that whatever it was that you were worrying about didn’t turn out as bad as you thought it would, and even if it did, what could have you done to prevent that? Probably nothing.

You don’t have to worry

When you spend too much time worrying about what is going to happen, it prevents you from focusing on what is happening to you right now.

In fact, you are probably worried about something right now, and you are reading this article as a way to distract yourself from actually dealing with whatever is on your mind. The worry is literally robbing you of your life.

Your body is not designed to worry. And in fact, you do not HAVE to worry. You can choose not to engage in that activity ever again.

By being resourceful, understanding your options, facing reality, and having a plan for the future, you can take on whatever life throws at you.

Sure, it might be hard and full of variables you could never plan for, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t capable of taking on what life has to bring your way. After all, you have survived this long, haven’t you?

Stop worrying if you really want to change your life

If you want to change your life in a really meaningful way, stop worrying about the future.

Stop worrying about 4 hours from now. Focus on the moment. Focus on reading this article and what this advice means to you.

Focus on how the air smells, and how your jeans feel great. Focus on what you are going to next, not 5 days from now.

What do you need to get done right now to move your life in the direction you want? When you focus on the here and now, you don’t have time to worry about the future.

When you realize that you are in control of your life, the variables melt away.

Sure, you might develop an illness, or have an accident in the future, but how can you know that will happen? How can you waste your life sitting around wondering when you’ll get diagnosed with the big C just because your entire family has it?

Don’t do that. Don’t waste your life. Stop worrying and you’ll start living in a way that you have never experienced before.

If something is scary, stand up to it. Chances are, it will back down pretty fast.

While we don’t give ourselves enough credit for what we are capable of, we certainly like to wear the hat of “we can’t”.

When you switch hats, life opens up and you can start getting on with your plans for the future, instead of worrying about how life is going to get in the way of your plans.