The One Quote That Will Make You Proud To Be A Sensitive Person

If you’re a highly sensitive person, you probably think that you’re mentally ‘weak’, or even ’emotionally unstable’. Unfortunately, this is what has been in embedded in society.

However, it’s incredibly important to know that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually, being sensitive shows that you’re truly compassionate, loving and alive!

You know what the real shame is?

That people don’t feel comfortable expressing emotions.

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Not only is it unhealthy, but it makes progress so much harder. How can we truly move forward if we can’t be honest with each other?

So without further ado, here is a beautiful quote that reminds us how beautiful and much-needed sensitive people are in a world that seems to be losing its authenticity every single day.

“Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods. To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate. It is not the empath who is broken, it is society that has become dysfunctional and emotionally disabled. There is no shame in expressing your authentic feelings. Those who are at times described as being a ‘hot mess’ or having ‘too many issues’ are the very fabric of what keeps the dream alive for a more caring, humane world. Never be ashamed to let your tears shine a light in this world.” – Anthon St. Maarten

Written by Lachlan Brown

I’m Lachlan Brown, the editor of Ideapod and founder of Hack Spirit. I love writing practical articles that help others live a mindful and better life. I have a graduate degree in Psychology and I’ve spent the last 6 years reading and studying all I can about human psychology and practical ways to hack our mindsets. If you to want to get in touch with me, hit me up on Twitter or Facebook.

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