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What does angel number 44 really mean? A no bullsh*t guide!

If you’re going through a hard time in your life, celebrate when you see angel number 44. This number comes with blessings, protection and positive energy.

Your spiritual team is telling you that you’re protected from danger and misfortune. They’re close by, you are not on your own.

This number is also a symbol of being rewarded for your hard work.

Eager to find out more about why you keep seeing angel number 44? Keep reading…

What does seeing 44 really mean?

Angel number 44 tells you that the angels are on your side. If you have been praying and hoping something will change for the better, they’ve heard you. They’re working for you to be able to fulfill your dreams.

If you’ve been manifesting abundance these days, angel number 44 is reassuring you. The blessings you wish for are coming your way

This angel number is also a sign that you’re divinely protected.

If you believe in God, then trust that He is with you. If not, rest assured that your spiritual team is watching over you and offering you their protection.

Besides that, angel number 44 is linked to the material world.

That’s why the circumstances where you see this number are important.

For example, you might be searching for a house, noticing that the streets or addresses have this number.

That signals that it’s a good place to start looking. If you feel like it’s a sign, trust your intuition and follow it.

When you go through days or even months and see this number repeatedly, remember to look for the positive things that happen every day.

If you can search for something good in each day, you’ll notice that small miracles happen daily.

Be spiritually aware of this kind of thing.

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5 reasons you keep seeing the number 44

Angel number 44 is a symbol for good luck. Your spiritual team is telling you that you’re exactly where you need to be, and they’re encouraging you through this number.

If you see it repeatedly, it’s a sign that you don’t need to fear the future. Your guides and your guardian angels offer you their support and help.

Here are 5 reasons you keep seeing angel number 44 everywhere you go.

1) Abundance in money matters

Every so often, it feels as if the struggle will never end. We might not have enough money, even while working too hard. If the angel number 44 appears in your life, breathe deep and take it as the lucky sign it is.

This angel number, being related to the material realm, signifies financial abundance. All your hard work hasn’t been in vain, you’ll be rewarded for it.

You are fulfilling what you came to do, the high purpose of your soul. You’re in alignment, and it will show in the way your finances change for the better.

2) Cleanse and keep away from low energies

This message isn’t one of the most common about angel number 44. Indeed, seeing this number might be a warning sign to cleanse your space and yourself.

Your spiritual team is sending you this number to warn you of this situation. Make a conscious choice to stop thinking badly of yourself. Don’t let your energy go to waste on low vibrational ways of thinking.

Stress can be hard to manage, but this number is asking you to start meditating and practicing detachment from the things that bring you down. Keep focusing on the positive.

Your time and energy are valuable things, you should protect them and trust yourself.

3) Rewards for working hard

As we said before, angel number 44 means that your struggles are about to bring you positive results. Your guides want to reward your efforts and your colleagues and family will notice how much your work.

Angel number 44 is the number of fulfillment. When you see this number, start focusing on the things that matter to you, the things that mean something more than just money or fun.

Even though you’ll enjoy financial abundance, it doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be happy. You have to find the things that help you sane, the healthy friendships and family dynamics to keep you centered.

4) Confidence is key to success

Trusting your intuition means trusting yourself. You have the tools to manage anything life throws at you, but you must notice how much you’ve grown.

If you keep seeing angel number 44, especially in moments that you don’t expect to see it – street signs, text messages – you have to act and be bold.

It doesn’t always mean to risk it all, but if you’ve been trying to switch careers, this is the right moment. If you haven’t visited a relative that’s having a hard time, perhaps it’s time you should. Trust yourself and dive in.

5) Achievement of hard-earned goals

Celebrate yourself!

You’ve been fighting for your dreams, and even the smallest of them are worth celebrating.

Whether you’ve managed to wake up earlier or have started working out, it means you’ve done things to better yourself.

Remember that success doesn’t come without work, but it’s a process. You can make your dreams come true!

What 44 means as an angel number

Angel number 44 is a symbol of the divine protecting you through its power.

Just remember, that you are under your angel’s protection, and so is everything you do. They grant you their high vibrational energy in every project you start and every promise you keep, making sure your goals can be accomplished.

If you feel things deeply, this angel number is here to help you process your feelings.

You need to keep a balance between emotion and intellect, and your spiritual team is here to help you with that. Be constant and don’t try to rush things, you’ll fulfill your dreams soon enough.

Another thing angel number 44 is telling you is that there are people or situations around you that bring you down and lower your energy, you have to make sure to protect yourself and work on setting healthy boundaries.

This is one of the messages that is the hardest to process.

The people bringing you down can be people you love, but if they’re hurting you, remember your value.

The meaning of 44 in religion

The Bible has very significant numbers in its books. People that study the sacred texts calculate them. In theology, these numbers are found through the verses, and even the amount of time in which significant things happen.

For example, the last part of Jesus’ mission on Earth was 44 days long. The number of times the number 10,000 appears in the Bible is 44. Something similar happens with the number 3, that appears through 44 books in the Bible.

Within the context of the Bible, angel number 44 designates the “chosen people”. Again, there are some calculations involved.

The number 22 represents the sons of Levy, Judah and Benjamin. If you double this number, you’re left with 44, the true chosen ones.

Diving into the Jewish tradition of Hanukkah, Jewish people normally burn 44 candles through the eight days of celebration. The meaning of the word Hanukkah is “rededication”, so the number 44 is also linked to this: commitment and keeping the faith.

Angel number 44 meaning for love and relationships

Angel number 44 has a deep meaning when it comes to love. If you’ve been going through a hard time in this matter, it’s time to release this negativity.

If you’re single

If you are single, you’ll find that you attract more people with your charm and good nature. Angel number 44 is a sweet spot for single people:

  • When you see this number, your guardian angels are making sure you attract a good partner in life.
  • It might also be a sign to start putting yourself out there, of being more social. Enjoy your life and meet new people.
  • If there’s a potential relationship that you’ve been ignoring, take it as a sign to give it a chance. It might surprise you!

If you’re in a relationship

If you’re in a relationship, number 44 stands for happiness. Your relationship is strong enough to prosper, especially if you’ve been working on positive thinking.

Number 44 means you’re blessed in this regard.

Also, the angels are trying to tell you that there will be a renewal of the feelings you had at the very start of your relationship.

On the other hand, there is a less common meaning for angel number 44. It can mean that there’s an end to a relationship and a moment when you isolate yourself a bit. It’s normal to go through this when we end things with someone we like or even love.

However, don’t stay in that feeling for too long. Process what happened and know it’s for the best. When you’re ready to put yourself out there again, your spiritual guides will be with you.

If you and your partner both see angel number 44

When both you and your partner have been seeing this number, it’s time to work on control issues.

Negotiation is essential for two people to stay together. One or maybe both of you will need to surrender the need to control the other.

If you are both willing to work on this issue, you’ll have a chance to start over in the best way possible.

If you’ve just started a new relationship

If you’ve just started a relationship, be ready for it to become more serious, as angel number 44 can be a sign of commitment.

If you weren’t sure if you’d like to commit to this relationship, it’s a good time to think it through and maybe even have “the talk” if you’re on the same page with your partner.

Angel number 44 for twin flames

For twin flames, angel number 44 means that you’re on the right path. You’re not alone!

In case this number appears frequently, it signifies that you’re ready to welcome your twin flame into your life.

Perhaps you’ve been running from your feelings for a while. This number reminds you that it’s time to stop that. Don’t run away from your twin flame, it’s the perfect moment to connect.

If you decide to listen to your angels, be ready for something new and exciting. Your twin flame and you will have a strong and intense connection.

On the other hand, angel number 44 for twin flames also means you have to work on your self-esteem.

We all struggle with insecurities and self down, but angel number 44 reminds you to not let these thoughts become your reality.

Your self-perception is in the wrong. A twin flame connection can arise intense feelings, but you can control your reactions to it. Enjoy a deep and meaningful connection that can last your entire life.

Number 44 meaning in numerology

Master numbers are special in numerology. They have high energy and teach important lessons. The numbers that appear in identical pairs, such as 44, 11, or 22 are perceived as master numbers:

  • Number 44 is powerful and tells you’re being divinely guided to continue on your path. It’s an important message that should be listened to.
  • When number four is doubled, the energy it represents doubles too. Remember, number 44 is linked to the material realm and represents hard work, rewards, and self-awareness.
  • If we add 4 plus 4, we get the number eight. This is also a significant number in numerology. It represents equality, benefits, achievements, and a lot of potential. It represents infinity if we change our perspective.

It’s not common to see angel number 44, but when we do, the significance is not something to ignore. It’s time to grow into stability and nurture our spiritual strength.

The number 44 pushes you to create a solid ground in which you and future generations can find support.

Number 4 creates a firm ground for things to happen, it’s the number of creation. We have four moon phases, four seasons, and four cardinal points, to put a few examples.

There’s balance, efficiency, and stability to angel number 44. Stay focused!

Doreen Virtue on number 44

Doreen Virtue is a spiritualist famous for her angel number interpretations. She declared that angel number 44 means that your goals are not far from accomplishment.

For her, it also means that you have to keep your feet on the ground and be strategic. Don’t get lost in illusions, be ready to act when the right moment comes.

Doreen Virtue says that number 44 is a message from your guardian angels. They want to tell you that whatever struggle you’ve been going through is over. You can relax and expect good news. It’s time to stop living in fear.

If you’ve been seeking employment, number 44 is a sign that you will find a good one and you will have to act in order to land it. Get ready!

Number 44 in the law of attraction

Abundance and positivity are the signatures of angel number 44 in the law of attraction. You’re being supported and encouraged.

If you keep seeing this number and you’re working on your manifestations, the number 44 is a reminder to go back to spirituality and inner work.

When it comes to the law of attraction. the way we think has power over our context. If we think negatively, we attract negative things.

This is called the law of attraction.

Number 44 plays a role in this law. In the law of attraction it means:

  • You can find the answers to your questions if you look inside and be true to yourself. Keep working on yourself, and you’ll succeed.
  • If you change your way of thinking to positivity, you can change your reality and accomplish all the things you dream of.

This angel number holds great power.

Your dreams are manifesting into reality, it’s just a matter of time, and it will happen sooner rather than later.

This is what the angels are telling you through number 44.

Interesting facts about angel number 44

Angel number 44 is significant in many fields, not only spirituality. This has been an important number in science and history too.

For example, Ruthenium is a very rare metal, used mostly to preserve electrical contacts and resistors. It’s also a catalyst element. The atomic number of Ruthenium is 44. To add to its spiritual meaning, this element and its atomic number represents change and protection.

When you reverse the number 44, it holds its meaning because it’s a palindrome. We’ve talked before about this number representing the firm and solid ground for yourself and the people to come.

Number 44 as a life path

Life path numbers are based on our dates of birth, just like the astrological natal chart.

Life path numbers can be thought of as a numerological zodiac sign, speaking about our core values and ways of thinking and acting.

If this is your life path number, you might have a good sense for business and ways of working.

You’re goal-oriented and firmly focused on success, but beware of becoming too materialistic.

Remember, spirituality is the guide to material gain.

44 meaning for your career

Angel number 44  amplifies the vibration of number 4 by doubling it.

In this case, number 4 is linked with hard work, strategic thinking, and balance.

You’re down to earth and know how to accomplish your goals. Imagine how strong this energy is when you see number 44!

If you add the 44, the result is 8. This is another way of interpreting angel number 44 in career, and again a very positive one.

Number 8 speaks of abundance, success in accomplishing our goals, and good material life.

Your career manifestations are coming true when you see this number, your angels are helping you with them.

Other numbers related to divine guidance and protection

There are other numbers that you will see along with angel number 44 that you should be aware of.

  • Number 818 is a sign that the angels are with you and you’re going to be rewarded after working really hard – so stay alert and be ready to be surprised by the amount of success you’re about to encounter
  • Number 7777 is a sign of progress, and again, of getting rewards for your hard work; and your spiritual team wants to let your know that they’ve seen your struggle and the effort you’ve been making to keep going
  • Noticing angel number 222 means that you will need to start working to make your dreams come true as these are the right circumstances, and you’re motivated enough to do it
  • The presence of number 888 is a reminder from your spiritual guides to remain true to your northern star – and let this guide you and be faithful to the light inside yourself
  • Seeing number 1010 everywhere shows that some big changes are coming your way and you’re being reminded to embrace the change that is headed your way and welcome it with open arms

Seeing 44, what next?

If you see this angel number everywhere, it’s a good sign.

Your future will change, and you’ll be able to enjoy gains from your hard work.

This is especially true if you’ve been struggling with money. You’re being helped by your angels, and it seems like you’ve found your purpose.

  • Make sure to focus on the things that make your soul vibrate higher. Your passions are worthy of pursuing.
  • Always remember that you’re being protected by your angels and the ascended masters.
  • Success and greatness are a combination of hard work and mental strategy. Number 44 comes as a reminder to keep those two things well-balanced.
  • Your dreams can come true, you need to trust the guidance you’re being offered.

Number 44 is related to abundance, and every so often this means quick changes and surprises. Be ready for them and welcome these realignments.

If you see numbers like 4, 44 and even 444, listen to your intuition and take it as a sign. You’re being encouraged to find peace and success.

It’s an important and beautiful message!

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