13 non-obvious signs that someone is deeply in love with you

Have you ever felt that someone might be in love with you? 

Or, do you have a partner who doesn’t often verbally express their love but might show other signs of their deep love for you?

Signs of love may not always be obvious. 

And, while movies, books, and songs may lead us to believe that love is all grand gestures and romantic speeches, it’s often the subtle, non-obvious signs that reveal the depth of someone’s affection.

It can also be hard to tell, as the signs can vary from more obvious signs (like actually telling you they love you) to much subtler signs that shine through in their interactions with you.

These signs, which speak volumes about a person’s love, can be easy to overlook. But they can be equally, if not more, significant. 

So what are those subtle signs to look out for?

Let’s explore the 13 non-obvious signs that someone is deeply in love with you: 

1) They stare at you often, or in a special way:

Staring is one of the more common non-verbal body language signs that someone has feelings for you.

The first sign of the list is if you notice someone staring at you when you’re not in conversation with them, or giving a stare that feels more than friendly.

Or when you’re talking, they might even look at you like you are magic to them. They may look at you with a different look of fondness than someone else. 

So if you catch someone staring at you a lot while you’re together, it’s good reason to suspect they might have some feelings for you that go beyond friendship or simple fondness.

2) They think of you often and show it:

Someone who is deeply in love will think about you often, and they will show it. 

They’ll reach out just to check in on you, they’ll find themselves missing you, or buying you a random gift because it reminded them of you. 

Whether they make their intentions obvious or not, they will certainly make you feel loved and cared for.

3) They steer conversations toward romance:

Sometimes, a person deeply in love with you will make subtle or suggestive comments like casually initiating a “love you”, or showing a deep interest in learning more about your stance on love, or what you want or need in a relationship

If they aren’t already your partner, they may subtly ask questions to learn more about your current romantic situation or find out whether you feel the same. 

This can easily be overlooked as a friendly comment or question, but in fact, if they do this frequently it can indicate them being in love with you

4) They listen with genuine interest: 

Deeply in love individuals don’t just hear your words; they actively listen, and display a genuine interest in what you have to say. 

They may also remember the little details you’ve shared, like a memory, or preference, or challenge you endured. 

You might even be surprised that they remember something you said in passing. 

If they’re deeply in love, their engagement and active listening skills will definitely show when you’re speaking to them!

5) They support your personal growth: 

Love is about wanting what’s best and most growthful for someone, rather than acting out of a selfish or egoic intention. 

Whatever you do or whatever you choose, this person will support it as long as they see it being the best choice for you.

If you share a decision or thought process that concerns them, they will likely make it known whether they agree or not.

6) They show their vulnerable side around you:

When someone is in love, they tend to want to be vulnerable with the person they care for. 

This is is because they feel safe to be themselves completely and share vulnerably.

Signs like opening up to you about their deepest secrets, sharing their innermost thoughts, feelings, and fears with you are all potential indicators of their underlying love.

7) They prioritize your well-being: 

pic1295 13 non-obvious signs that someone is deeply in love with you

Do they go out of their way to prioritize your happiness and health?

Maybe they go out of their way to do little things for you to put a smile on your face. Or, they might always check in to make sure you’re safe and happy. 

This can range from doing acts of service, to using affirmative words, or taking time out to reassure you when you’re in need of support. 

For someone in love, it’s their desire and privilege to support your well-being, rather than a burden or an obligation. 

8) They fully accept who you are: 

If you feel fully accepted by this person, flaws and all – you are probably very loved. 

When someone truly loves you, they embrace your quirks and imperfections, recognizing them as a part of what makes you unique.

They won’t try to change you, influence your behavior, or judge you. 

Does this non-obvious sign resonate with you? If so, this person is probably deeply in love with you for who you are!

9) They’ll genuinely be happy for your success: 

When someone is in love, they’ll be a true supporter of your achievements and success, no matter how big or small. 

They’ll be there to cheer you on when you need it, and believe in you even when no one else will. 

Also, they’ll never secretly wish you harm, try to bring you down, or otherwise harbor secret jealousy or ill intent. They truly want to see you succeed.

10) They make sacrifices: 

If this person makes compromises and sacrifices for you, they really care about you.

Healthy relationships or even friendships sometimes involve putting someone else’s needs above your own desires.

If your person is willing to find a middle ground, make sacrifices, and work together to find solutions, it’s a clear sign of their deep love for you.

11) They show patience: 

Patience is the backbone of love.

Love not only requires patience, it encourages it. Someone deeply in love will exhibit this. 

Whether it’s being understanding as you heal from past wounds, or supporting your personal growth, they’ll wait patiently for you to bloom at your own pace without trying to rush you.

12) They are always respectful with you and your boundaries: 

When you truly love someone, respecting them comes easily. 

Does your person respect you and is careful to not cross any of your boundaries? 

Deeply in love individuals will treat you with kindness and respect as they understand that their actions can cause you pain- and they wouldn’t want that.

13) They include you in their future plans: 

Talking about their future with you in it – that’s love!

It’s a sure sign that someone wants to keep building on your relationship, and have you around in the long term – if not forever. 

So notice if they use words like “we” or “our” when they’re referring to their dreams and plans. 


Recognizing the non-obvious signs that someone is deeply in love with you can be a heartwarming and reassuring experience. 

When you tune into the other signs of love that go beyond hearing those three little words, you can notice so many other beautiful ways that love can be shown. 

The way they look at you, their thoughtfulness, and their willingness to support your personal growth all speak volumes about the depth of their affection. They listen with genuine interest, show vulnerability, prioritize your well-being, and fully accept who you are, quirks and all. 

They celebrate your successes, make sacrifices, and exercise patience in your journey. Most importantly, they respect your boundaries and include you in their future plans, which is a clear indication that they envision a lasting and loving relationship with you.

It’s very heartwarming that love is not always loud or flamboyant; often, it’s quiet and expressed through these subtle yet genuine gestures. 

These non-obvious signs are the foundations of a strong and healthy love that thrives on mutual respect, care, and understanding. 

So, if you find yourself observing these signs in someone’s behavior, make sure to cherish them in return. 

They are definitely giving you the gift of their deep and genuine love – and that’s more rare than you might think!

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