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Nobel Peace Prize Winning President Barack Obama Drops 26,171 Bombs in 2016

President Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency in 2008 on the basis of being an anti-war candidate. He was given a Nobel Peace Prize at the beginning of his presidency based on his promises rather than his actions.

As we look back on Obama’s presidency, you may be shocked to discover how violent it was. In 2016 alone, 26,171 bombs were dropped by the U.S. on foreign countries (see video below). It’s broken down by countries below:

Source: Council for Foreign Relations


This means that every day last year, the U.S. blasted combatants or civilians overseas with 72 bombs per day. That’s 3 bombs every hour. One bomb every 20 minutes.

Bombs are striking thousands of civilians in Muslim majority countries. As Alex Lightman recently asked in a Facebook post:

“Can you imagine what Americans would want to do to foreign Muslims if they did this to the US, instead of the US dropping these bombs exclusively on Muslim nations?”

At Ideapod, we recently launched a hash tag for people to share their ideas on Barack Obama’s legacy. You can see the ideas here: #ObamaLegacy. To join the conversation, create an idea using #ObamaLegacy in the idea description, or you can respond to the ideas already being shared.

See the video below by Ben Swann where he shares these details.

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