What new perspectives do you have to share about the Florida school massacre?

In a matter of a few tragic minutes, thousands of students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, US, went from thinking the screaming sirens were part of a fire drill to hiding under desks and chairs to escape gunfire.

Last week, student Nikolas Cruz allegedly killed at least 17 people in the school massacre.

It’s one of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in recent US history and raises a number of challenging questions about modern day American society.

At Ideapod, we have a unique tool to surface different perspectives on world issues: our social network. It’s a place where anyone can join and share an idea limited to 1,000 characters. Ideas generate responses, supports and related ideas.

The social network has a unique culture, where quite challenging ideas from the margins are often shared and the users are very respectful in exploring these perspectives through conversations.

The Florida school massacre has already surfaced a number of different perspectives.

Graeme, from Warrnambool in Australia, suggests that action needs to be taken, but from a broader perspective:

“Those that do nothing when they are in a position to do something are just as culpable as those wielding the weapon. Those that look for one-off reasons, blame rogues and immigrants, mental illness and personal crises are also just as much to blame.”

The Seer of Forbidden Truth suggests that school shootings expose the truth that children are being indoctrinated into a society that victimizes and enslaves their minds. He asks (in the responses to this idea):

“How can school shootings be a BAD thing?? They expose and they reveal the fact, the reality, the Truth, that EVERY child on earth is being actively, overtly harmed, victimized, destroyed, each and every day. Are there ‘better’ ways to expose this Truth?? Well, it is NOT being exposed, by anyone in society, by anyone working within the ‘system’, by any adults in any position of influence on public policy.”

Even if we accept his premise that society does harm to individuals, I don’t see how it follows that this murderer is a “hero” for exposing society’s challenges in this way.

I don’t think that society can ever be perfect. There’s always going to be a struggle as we seek to dismantle the power structures that shape our mindsets. However, I think there’s virtue in the struggle, and change comes from our anger.

But projecting anger in murderous ways is clearly not going to drive humanity forward.

The Florida school massacre is a terrible tragedy. The widespread availability of guns and explosive anger of so many young people is a dangerous combination and calls for some serious soul searching.

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