9 morning habits of highly successful people

I’m no Jeff Bezos but I know that how I start my mornings can make or break the day.

It’s all about setting the right tone, and giving yourself the time to figure out what that may be. 

Because it’s different every day!

Mornings take a bit of time to get a liking for, but I promise you it’ll be worth it once you see how much more at peace you are in general with these tips.

Here are 9 morning habits of highly successful people, no breach of labor laws required.

1) They stay off their phones

Highly successful people understand the morning is a sacred time.

Your mind is just getting started again. And I don’t know about you but sometimes I have crazy dreams that leave me feeling like I’m on a different planet.

Almost like I’m a new born baby and I just landed on Earth.

If you jump on your rectangular device where everything is unpredictable yet possible, it might influence the way you perceive everything else.

So don’t check your notifications and instead, focus on how you’re feeling. 

Enjoy the silence – it might be the only time during the day that you get to do so without any second guessing.

2) They enjoy the silence

Silence is where the intersection of clarity and mental peace meet.

Successful individuals often take their mornings in serene surroundings. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or tea in their dining room, or a quiet walk.

So get to know your neighborhood at the crack of dawn – I promise it will be an experience that differs from how it looks at any time of day. 

Relish in it and use this tranquility to self-reflect or even indulge in some creativity. Like doodling or writing a poem about what you see.

A nice shower where you just reconnect with your body and how the warm water surrounds you can also do the trick.

However you feel at this moment, take it with you to work or wherever you have to be in a few hours.

3) They meditate

A lot of successful people practice meditation in the morning to center themselves in their present moment.

A lot of them have a lot of responsibilities where they need to delegate a lot of people at once so it’s nice to just remind themselves of how capable they are.

Which happens when you empower yourself by seeing past your racing thoughts and seeing the present as the only thing that matters.

Not to mention, meditation can improve focus, enhance emotional resilience and increase positivity! 

I personally am able to see things with a bit of humor when I’ve gained control of thoughts.

With these skills under your belt, you’re less likely to be affected by the chaos that is early mornings at work where everyone is scrambling to get things started.

4) They have a high-protein breakfast

You are indeed what you eat – sometimes.

Protein is like your brain’s favorite thing because they provide amino acids that make up neurotransmitters.

So when people eat eggs in the morning, it’s not just because they like seeing something sunny side up.

Not only will this improve your focus and brain function, but you’ll be able to sustain your energy for longer.

As someone who used to call Redbull and whatever was leftover from last night as breakfast, switching to a high-protein one really helped me sharpen my cognitive skills.

Giving me more than enough energy to visualize a good day and then make it happen.

5) They take time to visualize

Visualization is a powerful technique to not only achieve the goals you imagine, but to motivate yourself into believing they’re possible.

The logic is simple: if you can see it in your mind’s eye, it’s possible!

If you have a vision board, take the time to reflect on it in the morning. And make sure you break up your path to success into smaller pieces.

Know that good things take time, and indulge in your fantasies with that in mind. 

Highly successful people also visualize because that’s how they ensure their goals are in alignment with their values.

Sort of like you’re putting on a VR helmet and seeing where you want to be, to see if that’s where you actually want to be.

Beyond your big dreams, visualization can also be used to plan your day ahead to prepare you.

6) They create a plan and schedule for the day

pic1387 9 morning habits of highly successful people

Planning is essential if you want to stay productive throughout the day.

However, the point isn’t to get everything done on your to-do list. But rather use it as a guide so even if you fall off the path, there’s a checkpoint that you can jump to if necessary.

So outline your tasks and goals for the day, and allocate time to complete all of them. And then give yourself 30 minutes to be flexible with it.

Next, make sure you prioritize them by importance so that you can stick to your responsibilities more effectively. 

That means if you need help, you should ask for it!

And speaking of asking for help, once you’ve grounded yourself during alone time, it’s time to reach out and connect with people who uplift you to start the rest of your day.

7) They connect with trusted and loved ones

Building healthy and meaningful relationships is necessary if you want to be successful.

I’m talking about the right connections that help uplift you career-wise. But also people who give you the space to be vulnerable in your personal life.

I have a friend who connects with someone every morning over facetime to meditate with. So if that interests you, try incorporating a bit of company during your mindfulness practices.

Not only can other people keep you accountable, but you’ll be more confident overall with a good support system behind you.

Optimism is also contagious! And having positive influences can increase your success by tenfold because you’ll be more motivated to share your wins with those you love.

I do agree that you should do things for yourself, but it never hurts to have some people to celebrate with.

8) They practice positive affirmations

Talk to yourself in the mirror and don’t be alarmed if you start loving life that much more.

I’m being serious. Not only is it silly enough to uplift your spirits, but positive affirmations are the key to maintaining a positive mindset.

I think it has something to do with our subconscious minds when certain words stick. I would even look in subliminals if you want to listen to them while you prepare breakfast.

It’s less about being scientific and logical, but just simply believing in your untapped potential. 

And there’s nothing like having your own back by being your best cheerleader.

Which reminds me, my next point is all about getting active…

9) They engage in physical activity

Physical activity is a great way to kickstart your day with some endorphins.

It’s a great way to get out of your head and ensure that your emotions and actions aren’t being influenced by your tiredness or worries from the day before.

So after your date with silence, put on some of your favorite music and go for a run. Or opt for some yoga classes – in or out of your house.

If you’re like me and struggle with feeling groggy, forcing yourself to get active can help wake you up as well. 

It might feel like hell for the first 6 minutes, but your metabolism and brain will thank you.

Success is simply a byproduct of someone who is happy on the inside and the outside

A lot of these habits will influence how successful you can be in a material way by improving productivity. 

But remember that success comes in a variety of different forms.

So use these opportunities to really connect with yourself and broaden your scope of what happiness is.

And don’t forget to thank me when you’re a millionaire!

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