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Ideapod provides spaces online where ideas are surfaced, discussed and critically analyzed through dialogue.

Ideapod. A place where ideas have sex.

Our core mission is to provide education and learning platforms where ideas are explored through dialogue and turned into action. In an age of echo chambers and filter bubbles, we encourage the pursuit of truth by raising provocative questions and eschewing groupthink. We value open mindedness, critical analysis and people thinking for themselves.

Our main site is a digital media platform where we provide commentary on the ideas shaping our lives - and our future. We bring our community together in online webinars, with our members shaping the editorial direction of our journalism and online discussions. Finally, we run our very own social network for ideas where anyone can join and share ideas (it's being upgraded and relaunched soon).

Digital media platform

Commentary on the ideas shaping our lives

We publish creative and intelligent journalism, helping our readers to understand the ideas that shape their worldview — and where we’re headed. Our articles are quite provocative and thoughtful, and now have an audience of between 3 and 5 million monthly readers.


Supported by the community

Our editorial direction and choice of topics for webinars is largely shaped by the community. Our members have access to our archive of webinars, premium content and can enjoy Ideapod without the advertisements.

Video discussions

Live ideas jams

We regularly host live video discussions where the Ideapod community come together to join in on the conversation. Webinar topics are quite pointed and provocative. They have been described as "iconoclastic" and "irreverent". Anyone can join the live discussions and most webinars are only available afterwards for our members.

Social Network for Ideas

We began by building our own social network...

We created our very own social network for ideas, launching it to the public in 2015. Since then over 15,000 ideas have been shared, generating over 100,000 reactions (supports, relates and responses). The social network is unique, with ideas limited to 1,000 characters to encourage conversation. It's a very authentic place and an antidote to the superficiality of social media.

Ideapod Academy

Our own online education platform, coming soon

We recently ran our first online education program, named "Out of the Box". Based on its success, we are now building our own learning management system to run online education programs aligned with our mission to help people understand the ideas shaping their lives so they can better turn ideas into action. The Ideapod Academy is coming soon.


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