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14 signs of monkey branching in relationships you need to be aware of (complete guide)

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Many people know the situation: you break up, and a week later your ex is in a new relationship.

You are probably thinking: “How did they find a new partner this quickly?”

Well, the answer is probably monkey branching, which is when a partner is already lining up a new love interest while still in a relationship.

Here are 14 signs that this is happening to you!

14 signs of monkey branching in relationships you need to be aware of

1) Your partner is constantly on their phone

The first sign of monkey-branching is when your partner is constantly on their phone.

This can obviously cause problems because it means that they’re not really paying attention to you or your needs.

It can also lead to tension since you’re constantly left out of the loop.

However, the real reason this is an issue is much bigger:

They are probably talking to their new love interest, which is why they are glued to their device.

Of course, this is not a good thing. In a happy and healthy relationship, other people come second after the partner.

So: if your partner is glued to their phone to the point of not really engaging with you anymore, this is a red flag.

2) They accuse you of flirting with others or even cheating

The next sign of monkey-branching in a relationship is when your partner turns things around and starts to accuse you of flirting or even cheating.

You see, when people do this, they are usually projecting their own guilt and shame onto you.

Think about it: they are talking to other people, so they automatically assume you do the same.

Oftentimes, the most loyal people also feel very secure about their relationship as they assume that their partner is just as loyal.

When your partner constantly acts suspiciously, it might be because they are recognizing their own behavior, which scares them.

The irony of the story is, even though these people are already lining up their new love interest, the thought of you moving on really triggers them.

This is a clear example of double standards.

3) A highly intuitive advisor confirms it

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4) They’ve been in relationships back-to-back for a really long time

This is one of the most common signs that monkey branching is happening to you.

If your partner has been in one relationship after the next for a really long time, it’s likely that they are already lining up new love interests.

You see, some people can’t stand being alone. The thought of being single scares them to death.

In order to avoid this, they have an urge to jump into another relationship right away.

So, they start dating, and soon after, they line up their next love interest again.

The problem is that they are not really ready for a relationship. They haven’t learned the skills needed to be in a healthy relationship.

If you are dating this person, it’s very important that you make sure you both work on your communication skills.

Being afraid of being single is a big problem. It means that the person is not accepting some part of themselves.

This is a very common problem. It’s not about being single, it’s about being afraid of the unknown.

You see, when you’re with a partner, you don’t have to face your own demons, you can make your partner meet all of your needs instead.

This means that they are not really ready to be in a relationship with you. They know they are not ready, but they don’t know how to be alone, either.

Of course, some people heal, but just keep in mind that a chronic dater can be a red flag.

5) Your partner is very insecure

Monkey-branchers are usually driven by insecurity, which is why it is such a big indicator.

If a partner is already in a relationship and looking for a new one, they’re likely to be very insecure.

They may be trying to find someone who will make them feel complete and validate them the way they are.

They might also be looking for someone who shares their interests, someone who is similar to them in some way, or someone who can fill a role that they don’t feel comfortable with.

You see, often these people are so terrified of having their insecurities affirmed that they try to always have a plan B.

After all, if they always have a partner, they can’t be that ugly or undesirable, right?

Well, believe it or not, that’s actually how the subconscious aspect of monkey-branching works.

Plus: if you have your next partner lined up before a relationship even ends, you never really have to deal with the pain of heartbreak.

So what can you do to be less insecure?

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6) Your partner still has dating apps

The next sign of monkey-branching in a relationship is when a partner still has dating apps on their phone.

Unless you are in an open relationship, this is really a no-go.

I mean think about it: what reason could someone in a happy relationship have to be on dating apps?

There are so many other fun things to do with your time and a dating app is not one of them.

I mean, I know there are a million and one reasons why people use dating apps, but that’s not the point, if you’re in a relationship you shouldn’t need dating apps.

The point is that this is an indicator that the person is already looking for a new partner.

So: if a partner has dating apps even though you’re exclusive, this is a major red flag.

Plus: you are not going to be able to trust them if they still have dating apps on their phone.

Monkey-branching is one of the most frustrating things about dating.

The truth is that monkey-branching doesn’t always have malicious intent and it’s very hard to notice when someone is doing it, and believe it or not, sometimes they don’t even notice themselves!

7) Your partner doesn’t spend as much time with you as they used to

Another sign of monkey-branching in relationships is when your partner doesn’t spend as much time with you as they used to.

Your partner may be spending more time with their new love interest, or they may be moving on to other relationships quickly.

It’s important to remember that the reason a partner might branch out is usually more about them and their insecurities than it is about you.

If they never spend time with you, it’s obviously not a good sign for any healthy relationship.

Plus: if they’re spending time with other people, even though you’re still together, this is a sign that they don’t really have any respect for you.

It will feel as though your partner doesn’t want to be around you anymore.

This could be because they have found someone else with who they are more compatible and they are moving on.

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Or it could be because they are starting a new relationship and don’t want to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with being in a long-term relationship.

Either way, this is not a good sign for any healthy relationship.

It’s important to remember that you deserve to be treated well, especially in a relationship where you’ve been together for a while.

You should never feel like you’re unwanted or unappreciated by your partner.

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8) They flirt with other people, even when it’s in front of you

The next sign of monkey branching is when your partner is flirting with other people.

And the worst part?

They might even do it in front of you!

That’s when you know that it’s really time to get out of that relationship, you deserve to be treated better than that.

Flirting can seem harmless, but if it’s done blatantly in front of your partner, it says a lot.

It’s not a good sign for any healthy relationship, and it’s a surefire way to make you feel unwanted.

Plus: flirting can be a sign of insecurity, if your partner is flirting with other people, it could be because they’re feeling insecure about their relationship with you.

In this case, it’s important to remember that what your partner may be doing is not because of you specifically.

They aren’t trying to hurt you necessarily, they are just trying to avoid feeling pain themselves.

That’s not a good excuse, of course.

You deserve to be treated well, especially in a relationship with someone you’ve been with for a while.

If you feel as though your partner is flirting with other people, it’s important that you take the time to talk about it.

It’s important to express your feelings about this and not let them get the best of you.

If their flirting is bringing you down, then it’s time for them to re-evaluate the relationship and make sure that they are treating you well.

9) When you say something, they gaslight you

The next sign somebody is monkey-branching is when they gaslight you.

If you feel that your partner is gaslighting you, it’s crucial that you talk about it.

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation where your partner makes you feel like they are being attacked by someone else when they are really just being honest with them.

An example of this could be when you see a flirtatious text on your partner’s phone, so you ask them honestly about it and they say something like:

“What is wrong with you? You need to get a grip on reality, you’re imagining things!”

You see, even though you know what you saw, they will make you feel as though you’re crazy for pointing it out.

It’s important to remember that gaslighting is not a good sign for any healthy relationship.

When this happens, it’s usually because your partner has something to hide.

It’s not just the fact that they are being dishonest, it’s also a sign of insecurity.

They don’t want you to know what they’re really doing and they will do anything to keep it hidden.

Gaslighting is a surefire way to make you feel like you’re the one who is crazy when in reality, your partner might actually have something to hide.

If you feel as though your partner is gaslighting you, it’s important that you talk about it.

10) Your partner makes plans without you

Another sign that your partner is monkey-branching is when they always make plans without you.

They are meeting a big friend group at the bar but they don’t ask you to join.

Their family invites them over but they don’t tell you to join them.

All of these situations are not a thing in a healthy relationship.

You see, usually partners love to spend time together, so they usually try to include the other one in their plans.

This is not a sign of a healthy relationship and is something to be concerned about.

If you feel like your partner is doing this, it’s important that you talk about it.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s important to spend time apart, but if that becomes a habit it’s something worth looking at.

11) Your partner doesn’t commit to any plans in the future

If your partner doesn’t commit to anything in the future, it’s likely that they are looking for a new love interest.

This can be a difficult process to go through, because sometimes people change their minds after getting involved with someone.

If your partner isn’t committed to anything, it’s essential to end the relationship as soon as possible.

This will spare you from any potential hurt feelings and help you move on from the situation.

You see, if someone wants to be with you, they won’t hesitate to make plans a month or two from now.

If they are hesitant – there’s something to worry about here.

12) Your partner has no moral compass

The next sign of monkey branching in a relationship is when your partner has no moral compass.

This is a very dangerous sign because, without a moral compass, it’s easy for your partner to do anything.

They have no hesitation when it comes to cheating on you and doing whatever they want.

This is something that you will never be able to trust and should also end the relationship as soon as possible.

You see, if someone doesn’t have any morals, that means they will do anything for the sake of getting what they want.

You could be the perfect person for them and they still won’t hesitate to cheat on you or do whatever else they feel like doing.

13) You got into a relationship with your partner pretty much instantly

The next sign of monkey branching is when you got into your relationship way quicker than you usually would.

This indicates that your partner might be monkey branching to get something from you.

This is a very dangerous sign because it’s a very strong indicator that your partner might be dishonest.

You see, if your partner got into a relationship with you way quicker than usual, it can be a sign that they are trying to feel better about themselves.

Of course, this sign needs to be accompanied by other signs in order to make a definite statement.

14) They don’t want to meet your family

The next sign of monkey branching is when your partner doesn’t want to meet your family.

This is a very dangerous sign because it shows that your partner’s intentions are questionable.

If they don’t want to meet your family, it means that they aren’t serious about you or the relationship.

This means that you should end the relationship as soon as possible because it’s difficult for you to trust someone who doesn’t take the relationship seriously.

What should you do next?

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