A Modern Nostradamus – Prophecies of Himalayan Yogi Acharya Sri

I never thought I would write an article with this subject. I was a sceptic since the age of 8, have been in search of “Truth” since my teenage years, and was trained as an engineer from one of the top universities in the world. However, I have stayed open to aspects of life that are beyond conventional understanding or current accepted norms. This has exposed me to a lot of mysterious phenomenon over the last two decades, some of which I am sharing today with a sense of openness. I am asking the reader to reciprocate the same openness as they read this. I am also only a messenger, at best, someone entrusted to pass this on to you.

On the dawn of 2018, the world seems to be entering an era of great uncertainty. It is in this context that I am sharing the predictions of a person I would call a modern Prophet, someone who I have known for almost a decade and someone who has been silently working on helping humanity overcome the great hurdles that we face.

I met Acharya Sri in Rishikesh, India – the so called yoga capital of the world – in early 2009, at an ordinary cafe. He struck me as not an ordinary spiritual aspirant but someone who was well heeled on the path. An informal conversation gave way to him telling me many things about myself that no one knew – not even my immediate family. There was only one other person that I had encountered before in my life who had that ability to see through me in that way – that is my spiritual master Sadhguru. Acharya Sri had my attention.

I have always been very concerned about the state of the world. This is what drove me out of a very comfortable job in America and brought me to India to start addressing the fundamental issues that I felt had taken humanity off track and down the road of self-destruction. When I met Acharya Sri, I found someone who shared the same concern. It is in this context that we started talking about the future and when he started to make some of his revelations.

I should clarify that I am still skeptical about both astrology and prophecies. I don’t believe that our future is pre-determined as that would take away any impetus for the human will to affect change. However, I also believe in consequences of action and in that sense, we are collectively and constantly shaping our future with everything that we do – both in thought and deed. I believe that people like Acharya Sri have the ability to perceive the fruits of those actions along the dimension of time and communicate that back to us in the present. But why? Not to feel comforted. Nor to be apprehensive. But to realize that a certain possibility already exists and if we were to take the right actions today, we could indeed create that reality.

It is only with this hope that I agreed to share this message for the first time with my community. For all those who aspire to create a world that is loving, compassionate, inclusive, equitable and sustainable, this message is for you. India takes a special place in this note. This is not because we are attached to our Indian identity, but because there is an important role that this country has to play in the time to come.

We start, therefore, with India. One of the most ancient advanced civilizations, India has also been one of the most prosperous. Until just a couple of hundred years ago, when the British colonized and plundered it, India had been one of the richest regions in the world for well over two thousand years. But more significantly, for thousands of years before that, it was regarded as the most significant place for spiritual learning and philosophy. So the crisis of India over the last few centuries is still just a small blip in the expanse of time. However, India’s current plight always troubled me and as I found out from Acharya Sri, it was something of profound concern to him and his Himalayan coterie of sages and mystics as well.

The year was 2009 and India couldn’t have been in a worse position. Rampant corruption and greed among the political class and bureaucracy had all but destroyed any hope for the ordinary people of the land. It is during this time of despair that Acharya Sri predicted confidently that change will come to India in 2014 and a ‘few good people’ would enter politics. He said specifically that 40-50 good parliamentarians would enter the Lower House and things would start to change for India. He also referred to the period of 2014-2019 as ‘Corrective India’ or a period during which many fundamental shifts would start to happen. All this has almost come to pass.

I remember in 2013 when India was experiencing somewhat of a revolutionary moment and people felt like Anna Hazare was the “new Gandhi” who would lead India out of its quagmire. Even I was taken in by the euphoria and the sense of optimism. The country’s social, religious, business, and even political leaders were lining up for photo opportunities with the new Mahatma and appealing for change. I called Acharya Sri at one point when things were reaching somewhat of a crescendo and asked him for his view. He stated in a very matter of fact manner that all of this would literally fizzle out by December of that same year and that by February of the following year, new leadership would come at the forefront that would start to take India in a different direction. By now we know that new leader to be the current prime minister of India who literally took the country by storm in early 2014 and hasn’t looked back since.

I should point out that Acharya Sri is not necessarily a supporter of any particular political party or leader. While he has been largely supportive of the BJP, he has also questioned many things that were implemented. I remember vividly the night of November 8, 2016, when demonetization was announced and the country went into a tizzy, I called him and thought he would be really happy. To my surprise, he was quite upset and remarked immediately that this was not a good move and that the policy would ultimately fail. Many objective observers including those that sympathize with the current government would now concede that at best the impact of demonetization has caused a lot of confusion. Still, he is largely sympathetic to the current government and is hopeful that they will play out the role that they need to in India’s larger rise to its former glory.

He had told me that 2016-2017 would be very “sensitive years” for India and the world at large. In the context of the prime minister, he said that if he was able to navigate through this period, that the future looked quite promising. It is safe to say today that the prime minister has passed that test. So there is a sense that things are now going to be even more in favour of the ruling party going into the elections and more critically beyond that.

More significantly, on a global level, I was interested in our fate as a humanity given the rapid downward spiral that we have been on – especially in the context of climate change, destruction of natural resources, and the rise of inequality. Acharya Sri was more optimistic about the collective future. In 2012, when people were worried about the Mayan apocalyptic prophecy of doom and gloom, he not only remarked that none of that would come to pass but also made a very prophetic declaration in the months to come. He said, “Asiatic Richness, European Poorness, American Instability – in the coming Twenty”. This is his larger prophecy within which many other events are foretold. This was before the European Refugee crisis and at the peak of the Obama years. He was making a prophecy for the period 2013 to 2033.

He has said that things will deteriorate further in America after 2020. Europe will also continue to have its economic challenges to bear for a long period of time. In fact, 2020-2022 will again be a very sensitive period for the planet – uncertainty will rise again. While America and Europe will continue with their predicament, there will be a massive Asiatic struggle for leadership. As India continues to grow, it will come to a head with both China and even Russia. While traditional alliances may prevail, each country will try to establish its supremacy. There may even be moments where it seems inevitable that the countries could go to war. There will be a sense of confusion among the global community as to who is truly the natural leader among these three. However, as we come out of this period, the world will increasingly look towards India to provide that leadership. Europe too, on its part, will recognize that its future is completely linked with the region and will create very strong bridges towards India and other Asian countries.

In 2022, India will also undergo a crucial and substantive internal revolution of sorts which is likely to leave behind the last of the elements within that are attempting to hold back this transformation of the country. The picture of ‘New India’ will emerge very clearly for all to see. During this time, world over, people will increasingly look to India for its culture and lifestyle (including yoga and spirituality), systems of health and healing, and food and heritage. From 2022 onwards, India will play a critical role in global affairs and by 2025, there will be clear signs that the country is returning to its long running ‘Golden Era’.
Globally, for this same period (2013-2033) and his main prophecy, Acharya Sri made some bold predictions with regard to technology and culture which I find fascinating. He stated that the development of technology (and also our fascination with it) will plateau out by 2033. Most significantly, by then, the world will come into a state of ‘equilibrium of consciousness’. Simply interpreted, this implies that those who have a consciousness that implores only their own self-interest will be equally countered by those who seek what is in the best interest of everyone, including the planet. Once this equilibrium is reached, the destructiveness will automatically cease and we will slowly rise towards a brighter future of humanity.

In this era, post 2033, people will be less interested in technology and more interested in the arts and philosophy. The so-called pop culture that enamours and occupies most people’s time and imagination would have declined significantly. A spiritual culture, reminiscent of the Vedic Period in Ancient India, will take root globally. There will be a global spiritual resurgence led primarily by India, because this is the unique place that she has occupied for millennia. India will not be a superpower in the classical sense, but it will exert tremendous soft power that will continue to influence people and nations everywhere.
However, this period will not be without despair. Unfortunately, the period from 2020 onwards will be characterized by frequent occurrences of natural calamities which could inflict an enormous loss of life. Water, fire, earthquakes, and communicable diseases are likely to wreak havoc. So ironically, the loss of life will come through the hands of nature and not by way of human hands. He has said repeatedly that humans will not be able to ‘fix nature’. Nature will make the corrections it has to make in due course – and the results could be catastrophic for humanity. So for those overly concerned with superpowers and hostile countries that are the focus of conversation today, Acharya Sri professes that it will no longer be possible for countries to inflict the kind of loss that we saw to human life in the previous century given the balance of power that is emerging globally. Of larger significance and consequence will be the corrective action of Nature.

The next decade and a half will be more dynamic than any other period of history. So as we embark on the new year, as this new era continues to dawn upon us, we need to have the courage to brace for the enormous challenges that we have caused as self-inflicted wounds, yet work towards a brighter future. Show deep reverence to nature, think of your self-interest but think more of others, develop a character of integrity, show leadership regardless of your position, and live with a profound sense of purpose. Above all, nurture love and compassion for all.

May God bless all of you. We are all the same God’s children, one humanity with a shared future, let us live with that awareness.

In fraternity and with love from the foothills of the Himalayas,

Nitin Dixit

for Yogiraj Acharya Sri Maharshi (Acharya Shree)

Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Originally published by Nitin Dixit on Facebook. Republished with permission.

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