Jason Silva explains what anxiety is and a little known strategy to deal with it

Anxiety is one of the most debilitating and crippling emotions that any of us can experience, with our whole body and mind characterized by an inner state of turmoil.

And according to modern day philosopher Jason Silva, when people suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to stay in the moment because the fear of the future takes over.

In a brilliantly worded piece, Jason Silva crystalizes what anxiety is and a unique strategy to deal with it. Check it out here:


When You are Put into a Situation You Can’t Control, You Have to Improvise

According to Jason Silva, anxiety sufferers spend so much time thinking and worrying about the future, they often miss opportunities for things that are happening right in front of them, right now.

However, Jason Silva says that a unique way to deal with anxiety is by engaging in improvisation activities. Why? Because during improvisation, we can let go of our worries to see ourselves through the moment.

When your brain is forced to focus on the here and now, it can’t deal with the future.

Losing Yourself in a Moment Creates a Feeling of Freedom

When you are able to let go of the worry and angst, even for a little while, your body experiences a huge amount of relief.

By participating in improv, there’s no room left in your brain for future issues that may or may not impact you.

Losing yourself in the “high” of improv can allow you to learn to tap into the here and now when you need it most.

Playing it Back Can Open Your Eyes

When you decide to engage in improvisation, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make a video of the experience.

While it may seem uncomfortable at first, recording yourself in a state of “letting go” can be liberating and can make you want to capture that inspiration and those feelings more often.

Watching ourselves is hard for a lot of people, but so is having anxiety.

So if you can get over the self-confidence issues and allow yourself to be recorded, you can learn a lot about yourself in the heat of the moment and see yourself in a new way.

Imagine What is Possible

People enjoy improv, comedy, theatre, and drama for a lot of reasons: not the least of which is that they get to be someone else for a little while.

This provides a release from their actual lives and allows us to live out what we’re capable of being.

It’s a great release, and if you suffer from anxiety, it might be able to help you step outside of yourself, and discover what is possible for you in your life, as well.

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