Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

There are tons of fitness programs out there but many of them are missing a key component. They address how to get fit and lose weight, but not overall health and longevity.

After all: what’s the point of having a perfect six-pack and being able to run 20 miles without breaking a sweat if you start experiencing serious heart problems or chronic hypertension by your 40s?

That’s where Mindvalley’s Longevity Blueprint comes into play. Led by trainer Ben Greenfield, it’s no exaggeration to say that this course has changed my life.

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The best thing about the Longevity Blueprint Mindvalley course

The best thing about the Longevity Blueprint quest is that it works.

Greenfield knows what he’s talking about and he breaks it down into doable tasks that challenge you without breaking you.

Greenfield brings decades of research and experience to bear as he guides you through a workout program that’s about much more than just looking good.

Greenfield’s course is even about more than just “feeling” good.

It’s about actually being extremely healthy and working on your physical and mental health on a deep level that lasts.

Drawing on extensive scientific research, Greenfield debunks many common myths around fitness and exercise in order to help you actually take part in a productive training regimen that will have lasting and worthwhile results physically and mentally.

This is definitely one of the best quests included in Mindvalley’s All Access Pass and is more than worth it for the money you pay.

With that said, let me get a bit more into specifics:

Here are the 10 things I liked most about the Longevity Blueprint quest.

Longevity Blueprint 1 Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

1) It goes much deeper than most fitness programs

As Greenfield points out, he himself was very fit in the past but his actual health wasn’t good and he was set for numerous health problems in the future. He often became sick or had energy dips and problems that seemed random.

As Greenfield says: “just being fit does not mean that you’re healthy.”

The Longevity Blueprint is a seven-week Mindvalley course that’s all about taking health to the next level beyond having sculpted six-pack abs or looking good in a photo.

Greenfield has put together a truly remarkable blend of strength training, cardio and flexibility exercises to get your performance up without overdoing it. The course is a challenge but it’s more than doable by someone of average fitness and the techniques and exercises it goes through with you are outstanding.

The fact that the Longevity Blueprint is focused on long-term results and full-body health makes it one of the best courses in the entire Mindvalley All Access Pass.

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2) It’s not about theory, it’s about real life

The Longevity Blueprint isn’t just about some cool fitness ideas or theories of how you can live longer.

It’s hands-on and teaches you workout routines and healthy habits that actually make a difference.

This is definitely the most rewarding course I’ve ever taken for my physical fitness and especially during these times when it can be tempting to just lounge around or spend too much time working or playing online, this course bumped me back up into “go mode.”

I went into the course thinking I would learn a lot of interesting things and maybe do a few workouts.

When I realized they were only short 20-minute daily routines I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal and would just be mildly informative at best.

I was totally wrong.

Greenfield seemed a bit cocky to me at first, but once I was into the course I realized that what I had thought was cockiness was actually just real know-how and confidence.

He really challenges you and gets you to put this into practice with daily tasks that really pay off.

3) Greenfield knows a hell of a lot of super-useful info

In addition to the fact that this course is hands-on, Greenfield knows a hell of a lot.

He’s written a number of books including last year’s Boundless: Upgrade Your Brain, Optimize Your Body & Defy Aging, and his 2014 bestseller Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life, and let’s just say – it shows!

But unlike a dreary librarian talking your ear off or filling your head with unusable and random trivia, Greenfield drops knowledge bombs that are directly applicable to your life.

He also jokes and speaks intelligently – but all without being pompous.

This guy strikes a perfect mix of telling you useful stuff and showing you and – while I can only speak for myself – it really worked for me.

It’s a great combo and his knowledge of what actually works and promotes real long-term fitness and health totally transformed the way that I see working out diet and lifestyle.

4) It’s hard but not so hard that you give up

burpee progression 1 Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

The Longevity Blueprint quest is hard. I’m not going to lie to you.

It requires a bit of patience and careful instructions to do some of the tasks.

This isn’t gym bro stuff where you’re bench pressing your max and grunting like a woolly mammoth as you curl massive dumbbells, but it’s not a walk through the park either.

Think of Greenfield’s course as a sort of middle path of fitness.

It’s hard but it’s not going to break you down to your limit or leave you sore all over the next day.

It also brings in bio-hacks and tips to make recovery and efficiency better as well as ensuring that you’re staying safe and well taken care of during the whole process.

Going in I admit that I thought this would be really easy.

Short daily workouts with some GQ-looking dude?

Bring it on.

But the things he teaches are actually a bit harder than they look, from properly using the foam roller to properly doing push-ups instead of just half-assing them.

5) Greenfield teaches you the power of routine

In the past I’ve sort of jammed together a routine here and there, but nothing that ever stuck.

I’d go to the gym a few days per week or when I “felt like it.”

After a late night out or a huge meal, you can guess that I would usually be right to guess that I could be found napping, gaming, or drinking.

But Greenfield’s course really shows you the power of a routine and actually sticking to it.

The weeks build on each other through a combination of teaching and tasks, explaining why you’re doing them and how to actually do them.

One of the best things about the Longevity Blueprint is that Greenfield makes you very aware and conscious about your health.

It’s no longer an afterthought or something you take for granted.

Showing me cool tips and exercises that I can do would be great on its own, but what puts this quest in a different and much higher category is that it tells you why you should do those, which provides a mega boost of motivation.

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6) Greenfield’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious

Throughout the Longevity Blueprint, I was struck by Greenfield’s energy and enthusiasm.

This guy isn’t just talking about living longer and feeling good: he’s actively demonstrating and proving it.

God forbid he or anyone else has serious health issues which obviously can impact any of us, but my point is that insofar as it’s in his or our control, Greenfield really walks the walk.

He doesn’t just talk about being healthy, his vitality, energy, and can-do attitude practically pops off the screen and gets you up off your ass and doing the work.

Some people might see it as a partly unintended consequence of the course, but for me, it had major mental health benefits too.

As an over-thinker who often used to be passive, this course helped prompt me to take action and be more active. Greenfield became a kind of on-screen role model who showed me how much power we have as individuals to get healthy and energized.

7) The program can literally help you live longer

Minimum effective dose exercise 1 Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

Maybe I should have put this benefit as number one because it’s pretty epic.

This program can literally help you live longer.

If a person came to you when you were flailing in the ocean and realizing that you were in big trouble and reached out a hand and said:

“Grab my hand or you’re going to drown!”

You would grab it. As fast as possible.

This is Greenfield coming to you and saying:

“Follow my lead and you’ll add years to your life.”

He may not be “saving” your life, but he’s helping potentially add years to it, and down the line, it could be the difference to a painful, miserable old age or a pleasant and vitality-filled retirement.

Even though I’m not much of a long-term planner, that’s one bet where I’d place my money gladly.

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8) You learn advanced techniques that many people don’t know about

The Longevity Blueprint teaches you all sorts of approaches and techniques that many people don’t know about.

Some of my friends now consider me some kind of fitness guru after I completed the course since I’ve shared a few tips, but you really have to take the course to get the full impact.

In addition to great ways to shorten your recovery time, lessen pain, breathe better, increase muscle elasticity and endurance, Greenfield teaches you amazing plank routines, ways to hold your breath, and deep learning regarding your DNA, mitochondrial density, and other super-important concepts.

Longevity Blueprint covers cardio, muscular fitness, endurance, deep genetic health, and many other areas.

But it doesn’t just gloss over the surface, it really talks about how we use oxygen, how our cells maintain and improve health, and how stamina can be built up to be much more than just “powering through it.”

Greenfield also gets into the ultra-important topic of your metabolism, how we break down nutrients, and the best ways to find a positive use for fat.

Decompression breathing, hot and cold therapy, and many more techniques to make your fitness and health much more than just an outer appearance are some of the many valuable techniques that Greenfield imparts here.

9) The seven-week structure works perfectly to get you to your full potential

7 week program 1 Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

The Longevity Blueprint is essentially an on-ramp to building your own ongoing routine.

Greenfield shows you how in a seven-week structure that works perfectly. The weeks are progressive and build on each other so that you gain more confidence and wellbeing as time goes by.

I became more and more pumped to get to each new week and my feeling of accomplishment built week-by-week.

Week one was getting you ready to tackle the tasks and understand core concepts like mitochondrial density and recovery time.

Week two gets into your metabolism, fat burning, energy levels, and entering a more super-charged physical state.

Week three is Greenfield’s focus on muscular fitness including how to get stronger and healthier muscles the right way. He also walks you through some awesome therapy techniques to revitalize your energy and more.

Week four tackles high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and shows you how to recover and improve your joint strength and isometric core, including really excellent stretches.

By week five you get into some awesome plank exercises and core strength stuff as well as sprinting and deep lessons on oxygenation and energy levels.

Week six focuses on cardiovascular fitness and weight-loss techniques including one that I’d never heard of before that is amazing and effective – and doesn’t even require going to the gym to do.

By week seven you’re flying. You make your own routine and workout schedule putting together a lot of what Greenfield has taught you and become your own master as you progress forward on your health and fitness journey.

This course is amazing and the seven-week time frame really worked well for me.

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10) There are lots of cool extras

Longevity Blueprint Mindvalley Longevity Blueprint Review: Does it even work?

The Longevity Blueprint also includes lots of cool extras that I found interesting and entertaining. These include a Q&A with Greenfield, a super useful and easy-to-use app, special guides that walk you through diet and workouts, and more.

There’s also the fact that you’re in a course with other people and can support and grow together with them as you go forward as longevity pioneers.

I found that the various extras and tips and structures of how this course is put together really worked for me.

I’ve set up a space at home to do many of the techniques Greenfield teaches and that’s going really well.

Are there any downsides?

The only downside I found with Longevity Blueprint could also be thought of as an upside.

And that’s the fact that you’re going to spend more than what you do on just signing up.

What I’m talking about here is equipment:

Stuff like kettlebells, foam rollers, mats, a few free weights and even things like a blood sugar tester.

Obviously, you don’t have to, but with the things you learn you’ll want to implement them and have them on hand, especially nowadays with many gyms limited or closed.

Still, if you have no equipment you can likely find a gym that has everything you need to complete all the quests in the Longevity Blueprint so don’t worry too much or let that hold you back from trying it out.

The good news is the stuff I bought didn’t cost much and it’s been more than worth it in terms of the fitness and wellbeing results.

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Final verdict: Is the Longevity Blueprint worth it?

Yes. One hundred percent yes.

Like I wrote, this course is the best fitness course I’ve ever taken on or offline.

The things I learned and put into practice here have been incredibly useful and beneficial to me.

What’s even better is that if this really does end up paying off and I live longer I won’t just be sitting away the years, I’ll still be there with my foam roller and going through my routine just like Coach Greenfield taught me.

I recommend this course to anyone who wants to approach health and fitness on a deeper level and get hands-on experience that also does much more than just tackle the surface of issues.

Have fun and let me know how you like Longevity Blueprint as well.

Carpe diem!

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