I took Mindvalley’s Duality by Jeffrey Allen. It wasn’t what I expected

Review of Duality by Mindvalley

Our Verdict

Duality for me was a life changing online course. Jeffrey Allen is a very warm and relatable teacher. The course materials are very high quality.

If you are a skeptic about energy and spirituality, the course may not be right for you. But if you’re already into these kinds of things, Jeffrey Allen’s Duality is one of the best courses out there.

What We Like

  • Jeffrey Allen is a warm and relatable teacher.
  • The concepts taught in the program are applicable for many parts of life.
  • Mindvalley's learning platform is innovative and works well.

What We Don't Like

  • It's not for a general audience. You need to already be into energy and spirituality.

I took Duality by Jeffrey Allen to get my productivity and motivation back. But I ended up with more than what I asked for.

This program gave me so many difficult realizations that my perspective in life took a complete 360-degree turn. Not only do I feel more energized, cleansed, and empowered, I feel better about who I am. I feel more at home with myself than I have ever before.

I decided to share my experience in this review of Mindvalley’s Duality program by Jeffrey Allen.

Who is Jeffrey Allen?

Jeffrey Allen is an engineer-turned-spiritual guru. He specializes in energy work, higher awareness, and healing. Allen’s work spans four continents, teaching people to live a more conscious life for happiness and fulfillment.

Allen is not your typical spiritual master. A decade ago, he was living what society would call a “successful” life—great job, 6-figure salary, and enough money to buy whatever he wanted.

But he wasn’t fulfilled.

Jeffrey was passionate about spirituality and decided to take a giant leap. He discovered that he was “a spiritual teacher pretending to be an engineer.”

I found Jeffrey Allen to be a very effective and relatable teacher. It helped me that he understood the conventional 9-to-5 career pathway and how frustrating that can be.

What is Duality?

“If you’re operating at your highest level energetically, you’ll be manifesting the things you want very easily, your relationships will be going smoothly, you’ll be feeling healthy in your body and you can feel like you flow easily in the world around you.”

– Jeffrey Allen

Duality is an 8-week online course focused on helping you develop your “energy-self.” It’s produced by Mindvalley.

It helps you draw, heal, and nurture your energy so you can use it to manifest physical results in your life. For example, good health, fortune, or better relationships.

What does Jeffrey Allen mean by Duality?

Duality is the belief that there is two sides to ourselves. There is the physical part which “touches” and “feels,” and there is the energy part which can’t be seen but is a powerful force that guides us.

For example, there is mind/matter, self/other, or conscious/unconscious.

We live in a culture that suppresses or ignores our energetic part. This brings many of us out of balance.

The result:

We often find ourselves lost, demotivated, and utterly burnt out.

Duality aims to help you find that inner balance so you can function better in the world around you. Jeffrey Allen guides you in doing this.

Ultimately, it’s not just a “personal development” class. It’s a powerful journey to higher consciousness.

How much does Duality cost?

The full price for digital access to Mindvalley’s Duality program is $999. This week, however, Mindvalley is offering a special 65% discount which means you’ll only have to pay $349 (click here for the discounted price).

You also have the following options:

  • Digital access plus a certificate of completion at ($1,049) $399
  • Digital and CD access and completion certificate at ($1,499) $649

Mindvalley has an unconditional 10-day guarantee.

Why I decided to enroll in Duality by Jeffrey Allen

Due to the recent quarantine, I’ve been feeling lost, tired, and demotivated. I don’t know if it’s the sudden limitation to my personal freedom or the anxiety of a global pandemic. But I found myself having trouble working, getting more and more alienated from friends and family, and having very low levels of energy.

I wanted to snap out of it. I wanted to build stronger mental and emotional resilience so I don’t have to feel so useless.

That’s why I decided to enroll in Duality.

So here I am. I learned so much from this program. But I also bit off more than I can chew.

What started as a simple desire to feel more productive became a roller-coaster ride of valuable self-discoveries.

Jeffrey Allen opened my eyes to what I was doing wrong. And boy, I was doing a lot of things wrong. Whether it’s work or relationship-related, I was focusing my energy on all the wrong things.

I didn’t recognize that I was depleting my energy levels unnecessarily by:

  • trying to be a perfectionist
  • wanting to control my emotions, and ultimately, my life
  • spending all my time trying to please other people
  • putting so much value on other people’s opinions of me
  • pushing my boundaries too thin for the sake of my own well-being
  • achieving false ideals society has taught me

These are all problems we experience at certain points in our lives—sometimes at the same time.

I knew subconsciously that I was doing the wrong things, but I was too focused on the “physical” aspect of life—success, goals, external validation—that I forgot about “feeding my soul.”

Duality helped me to identify these issues. But did it help me to turn things around?

What I learned after 2 months of taking Duality

One of the first areas of my life I decided to tackle was my toxic relationship with my sister. I live in a culture where you couldn’t talk about your emotions because it will “threaten the peace.” This habit is so deeply ingrained in me that I have 29 years of built-up resentment.

My relationship with my sister makes up the bulk of that resentment. There have been too many instances—financial matters, lies, manipulation—that we don’t even talk anymore. I always tell myself not to put too much energy on that. But I still did. I couldn’t let go.

In Duality, I learned that keeping that negative energy just exhausts me. I did already know this, but I didn’t have the tools to let go of it.

Jeffrey Allen taught me how to better communicate my energy, how to use it for healing, and breaking my “manifestation blocks.”

As hard and as awkward as it was, I talked to my sister. But there’s no happy ending here. It was the same cycle of toxic manipulation that left me drained. We were never going to fix that relationship. But at least I communicated, and by doing so, I let go of that negative energy. And I finally had the courage to refocus that energy on my healing.

I don’t think we’ll have a relationship in the future. I’ve been heartbroken about it for the last 10 years. But at least now I can accept that some things out of my control. And Duality taught me that there is strength in simply walking away.

The structure of Duality

Here’s what you can expect if you join the Duality program:

  • An 8-week program containing LIVE Energy Training, Clearing Sessions, and 17 pre-recorded Q&A sessions
  • An average of 5 lecture videos, guided meditation sessions, and dozens of practice exercises unique to each week’s theme.
  • Access to follow-along workbooks containing additional information, personal “tasks” or homework, and  space to take notes
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook community where you can connect and share ideas with other students
  • Students FAQ resource where Jeffrey Allen answers the most common questions about each week’s theme.
  • (If you enroll now) Bonus Course: Energy Healing 101 Video Training, a 45-minute training guide to “energy essentials” by Jaffrey Allen himself
duality mindvalley review

The online course is easy to follow. It’s designed so that you can take it at your own pace. You can immerse yourself in the complete experience. But it’s also broken into pieces so you can cherry-pick what to take on if you’re lacking time or inclination.

For example, the meditation guides and after-lesson “tasks” can be accessed outside of each module. This way, you can always go back and do the practice at your own convenience.

duality mindvalley review

The workbook is also valuable supplementary material. It contains additional information, references, practices, and guides so you can take what you learn to the next level. I printed this workbook and used it a lot during the program and I can say it only added to the experience.

duality mindvalley review

As for the instructor, Jeffrey Allen is great to work with. He has a calming quality to him that every lesson feels within your control. While other teachers push their ideas assertively, Allen reminds you to listen to your energy and body and let it lead you the right way.

This made Duality more of a natural progression instead of a rude awakening. The journey towards higher consciousness is never easy. At times I found myself struggling with some newfound discoveries, but Allen is always a reassuring presence.

Now let’s take an inside look into the Duality journey:

The program is divided into 3 sections:

1st Phase – Focused on “personal energy” (energy as relative to The Self)

Week 1 – Personal Presence & Energy Awareness

Week 2 – Mental & Intuitive Clarity — Cultivating a Balanced Mind

Week 3 –  Healing Your Body & Channeling Energy

2nd Phase – Focused on the energy around you (The Self and Others)

Week 4 – Energetic Boundaries — Understanding Empathy & Healthy Personal Boundaries

Week 5 – Chakra Healing for Communication & Manifestation

3rd Phase – How to use energy to manifest positively in the outside world

Week 6 – Changing Your Beliefs — Clearing Your Filters, Reputation & Hot Buttons

Week 7 – Using Your Intuition — Flowing with Synchronicity & Abundance

Week 8 – Expanding Your Awareness — Connecting with Your Spirit Guides & Higher Self

Everything is automatically accessible so you can easily devour this program in a day. However, I suggest that you take your time. Allen designed the program in a weekly format so you have enough time to soak in everything you’ve learned.

Taking the time to process the sessions allowed me to look at my life and really apply my discoveries every day. As I mentioned earlier, this was more of a natural progression to me.

Who is Duality for?

Duality is for open-minded individuals who are looking for ways to expand their consciousness—people who believe in the power of energy and are willing to learn how to harness it for personal development. Emphasis on “open-minded.”

Because here’s the truth:

Duality isn’t for everyone.

If you enroll in this program only half-convinced about energy-healing, you will not like it. Even I found myself doubting some principles, and I’m a firm believer in the spiritual self. I also doubt that this program will turn a hard skeptic into a sudden fan.

So unless you really believe in the power of energy, or at least have the openness to listen, this program isn’t for you.

Having said that, I believe Duality will benefit those who:

  • Are seeking answers to their deepest and most troubling questions. Duality largely centers on listening to your energy and letting it guide you towards better decision-making. There’s a whole module here on tuning out all that “mental chatter” and really looking within yourself for answers.
  • Want to feel empowered. Courage is so tricky. It’s something you know you’re capable of but often find difficult to muster. Duality helps empower you because it breaks all those mental, emotional, and spiritual barriers that are blocking your energetic reservoir.
  • Want to build better boundaries. If you’re a people-pleaser like me, it can be quite draining to accomplish anything without external validation. Duality forced me to see that this drains all my energy—energy that I should be putting into living my best, authentic life. And the key to conserving that energy is to establish healthier boundaries with the people in my life.
  • Let go of unhealthy, limiting beliefs. In Module 6 of Duality, Jeffrey Allen focuses on using your energy to react in harmony to the world around you. You cannot effectively do this if you hold on to limiting beliefs. I think the most perfect “parting gift” Duality offered was teaching me how to let go of all that and create a better belief system that coincides with who I am authentically, and energetically.
  • Want to accomplish more in life. This masterclass won’t magically turn your life around. You won’t suddenly wake up to find everything working for you. But it will give you the right tools to “design” your dream life. And it all boils down to knowing how to maintain your energy—letting go of negative energy, knowing how to “replenish” it, and use it for daily healing.

Duality testimonials

Duality is one of Mindvalley’s most popular programs. In fact, it has a 96% satisfaction rate from the students who took it. I was even surprised to see its incredibly high rating on Trust Pilot.

Still, it’s good to get some real perspective. Here are some honest testimonials from real people so you can decide whether or not this masterclass is right for you:

Attila Telkes, Coach and philanthropist

“My relationships improved and I feel that people enjoy my presence more. I decided to join the Duality program because in the past few years I had been working a lot on improving my mindset and physical health but I knew very little about the energy World. This program completely blew my mind because I had eye-opening experiences every week. I love how Jeffrey teaches, so easy and enjoyable to learn from him.”

source: Mindvalley testimonials

Lydia Noyes, health, wellness, and lifestyle reporter

“I bought Superbrain, Uncompromised Life, Unlimited Abundance, and Duality all within a three-year span – and have definitely got so much value from these courses, I’ve taught various techniques to my children, family, friends, even strangers! I’ve since become an all-access student, and the content is brilliant, I don’t go through a single day without Mindvalley.”

source: Highya.com

Carina Rosenblad, Nordic Training Manager for Rituals Cosmetics

“The program is a pure MAGIC. The program turned my world upside down. First of all my sadness, shame and fear from my teenage years came up. When clearing those feelings I found a deep strength within me which I, in some way, knew I had but had buried deep inside me.”

source: Mindvalley testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a certificate of completion?

You can opt to take a completion certificate after you finish with Duality. This certificate is a simple indication that you have taken the program. It is not a professional certification to teach. However, it’s a great way to connect to others who have taken Duality and an added motivation to finish the program. You will need a score of at least 80% to pass. The certificate can be accessed digitally, but you are free to print or frame it.

How long does it take to see results?

There are many different factors that will determine how soon you can see results from taking Duality. Emotional availability, personal circumstances, and the dedication to practice sessions all play a part.
It’s safe to say that you’ll see an immediate shift in your perspective and mentality after each practice. But consistency is key if you really want to drive results. If you’re consciously applying what you learned in your life, you’ll feel completely transformed after taking Duality.

Do I need to learn about energy work before I take this masterclass?

No. You don’t need to have a background on energy work to enjoy the benefits of this program. Duality by Jeffrey Allen is completely beginner-friendly.

I want to learn more, how can I find other Mindvalley programs?

There are plenty of other amazing quests and programs in Mindvalley to further your education. You can take a look at what is offered here.

For how long do I have access to the Duality program?

As long as you have a Mindvalley account, you can always access Duality. You can do so anytime you want. Also, note that you will always have unlimited access to all future content improvements and live calls.

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