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In the wake of the umpteenth U.S. mass shooting tragedy last week, the director and producer of Fahrenheit 9/11 has come up with a well-considered plan to replace the Second Amendment with a 28th Amendment to the Constitution. He even came up with the wording for it:


“A well-regulated State National Guard, being helpful to the safety and security of a State in times of need, along with the strictly regulated right of the people to keep and bear a limited number of non-automatic Arms for sport and hunting, with respect to the primary right of all people to be free from gun violence, this shall not be infringed.”

The documentary filmmaker and liberal activist posted the proposal in a lengthy Facebook message, calling the 2nd Amendment ancient and outdated.

My Proposal to Repeal the Second Amendment and Replace It With This:PROPOSED 28th AMENDMENT TO THE US CONSTITUTION “A…

Posted by Michael Moore on Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The proposed 28th Amendment would guarantee that “states can have State militias (a.k.a. State National Guards which are made up of citizen-soldiers who are called upon in times of natural disasters or other State emergencies).” It would also allow “individuals to use guns for sport and gathering food” and “guarantees everyone the right to be free of, and protected from, gun violence (i.e., the public’s safety comes ahead of an individual’s right to own and fire a gun).

His proposal takes into account the fact that the vast majority (90%) of gun violence is committed by men. Therefore, a man must first get a waiver from his current wife and his most recent ex-wife or any woman with whom he is in a relationship, before he can purchase a gun. (Gay men must also get a waiver from their male spouse or partner). This law, notes Moore, has greatly reduced most spousal/domestic gun murders in Canada.

Moore details eight restrictions on gun ownership, including banning all automatic and semi-automatic guns, mandating licenses for gun ownership, limiting guns and clips to hold no more than six bullets.

To activate a gun, the trigger must recognize the fingerprint of its registered owner. This will eliminate most crimes committed with a gun as 80% of these crimes are carried out with a stolen gun.

Although citizens can own guns, they can’t keep them on their domestic premises. They must be held at an official facility.  Since only a small amount of people are home during invasion shootings, having a gun at home for protection is nonsense. Besides, more than a third victims are killed by their own gun, which the criminal has either stolen or wrestled from them.

Moore’s proposals could have a positive effect on gun-related suicides, which account for nearly half of all gun violence. By making it difficult to purchase a gun, and requiring its storage outside the home, easy access during a suicidal moment is not possible.

Crucially, he proposes that the rules that prevent Centers for Disease Control to study the gun violence epidemic in the U.S., be lifted and that funding is restored for research into why Americans are killing each other.

This is the sane approach that meets everyone’s needs — everyone, that is, except those of the serial killer, the mass murderer, the violent ex-husband, the disgruntled employee or the disturbed and bullied teenager.

He reminds his followers of two facts that indicate the time for this kind of proposal has arrived.

Most 77% of all Americans don’t own a gun, so they probably don’t need the 2nd Amendment either. And polls showed 90% backed President Obama when he tried to get Congress to pass gun control legislation after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.