Men who never cheat and stay loyal in their relationships often display these 8 behaviors

Relationships can be tough to navigate especially when you don’t know if he’s the one for you.

You hear stories of friends who’ve caught their partners cheating – regardless if they’ve been together for three months or ten years.

The length of a relationship doesn’t seem to indicate how faithful a man can or will be. 

So how do you know if the man you’re with will remain loyal?

Here are 8 behaviors of someone who will surely stay in a relationship.

1) He never hides anything from you

Some men get nervous when you reach for their phone. 

Some may even have their screens’ brightness dimmed all the way when they’re using it so that if you happen to steal a glance, you won’t be able to know what they’re looking at.

But those who are loyal have nothing to hide. If you reach for his phone, he’ll readily give it to you.

He may even store your fingerprint so that it unlocks his phone. 

When you ask him questions about his day, he will respond without hesitation. There’s no need for him to pause and think in order to figure out a templated answer.

He’s an open book and will readily share what’s on his mind. 

If your man has this degree of transparency, you can rest assured that he’s someone who will remain devoted to you.

2) He always seeks your opinion when making decisions

Another behavior of loyal men is their eagerness to involve you in everything they do.

When there’s a decision to be made, he’ll want to hear your opinion and will try his best to accommodate your preferences.

That’s because he takes you seriously and wants to journey through this life with you. By involving you in everything he does, he takes the time to understand you more. And in doing so, this strengthens your relationship with each other.

On the other hand, someone who always wants his way and ignores his partner’s wishes reflects how poorly he thinks of his partner.

He’s not serious about the relationship and may drop his partner for something better if he finds the chance to.

3) He’s emotionally available

In general, men are less emotionally available because they’d rather not be vulnerable.

They don’t want to lower their guard because it may seem like a sign of weakness.

So if your man is someone who’s emotionally available, it’s a good sign that he’s someone who will stay.

He’ll open up and share his innermost thoughts with you. He trusts you with his past and his past and wants to show you who he really is.

When a man does this, it shows that he wants to connect with you on a deeper level. You’re not someone who he’ll talk to today and leave tomorrow – you’re someone who he wants to spend a far longer time with.

And this is because…

4) He prioritizes you

This is shown in a multitude of actions and words.

It could start with the little things, like making you breakfast daily, sending you encouraging texts throughout the day, or buying you flowers as a surprise.

But it will also progress to the bigger things, like bringing up the idea of moving in together, starting a family, or going on a holiday with – essentially, decisions that require a little more effort and resources.

He considers you in everything he does. This is not because he’s clingy or he’s overly dependent on you. It’s because he prioritizes you and wants you to play a bigger role in his life. 

If this describes the man you’re with, he’s someone who is definitely faithful.

relationship with trustworthy person Men who never cheat and stay loyal in their relationships often display these 8 behaviors

5) He’s consistent and trustworthy

Another key behavior of loyal men is their consistency.

They follow through with their promises and words and have always been this way since the time you met them. 

Being consistent and trustworthy are good indicators that a man is loyal. It shows that you’re able to depend on him even when things get challenging.

It’s easy to be together when things are going well, but when the going gets tough, some men may decide to make a run for it.

But a man who sticks by regardless of the situation shows that he’s willing to work things out with you. He prioritizes the relationship and is in it for the long run.

6) He’s accountable for his actions

Again, it’s not easy for men to acknowledge their mistakes. Similar to the point above, this is usually an indicator of weakness, and not everyone likes to admit that they’ve made mistakes.

But someone who’s the first to admit that he’s in the wrong shows that he prioritizes the relationship over his ego. Not only will he apologize for his mistake, he will ensure that he never repeats it.

Someone who exhibits this behavior is likely to be a faithful person. 

If conflicts arise, he’s willing to initiate conversation and work towards fixing the problem together, rather than resorting to behaviors that may compromise the integrity of the relationship.

What truly matters to him is you and the longevity of the relationship

7) He’s supportive of you

A supportive partner is the hallmark trait of a strong relationship.

Supportive partners are likely to be faithful because they want the best for you. They are willing to sacrifice their time or effort to support you in achieving your goals.

This is because when you’re happy, they’re happy too. Seeing you achieve your dreams excites them and they want to be a part of this process.

Loyal men stand by their partners during difficult times as well. They’re there as a shoulder to cry on, offer encouragement, empathy and through it all, remain fully present.

And this reinforces a strong emotional connection between the two of you.

8) He celebrates relationship milestones

Does your partner remember key dates of your relationship and goes out of his way to show his appreciation?

Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday, or a significant achievement in your journey as a couple, he’ll take the time to appreciate these milestones.

In doing so, he not only shows you how much he loves you but also how much he enjoys being a part of this journey with you.

If your man does this – remembering the little things and throwing you lovely surprises – you’re incredibly fortunate, because he’s in this for the long run!

Concluding thoughts

While we may not truly know a person and what they’re thinking, these signs are usually clear indicators of a man’s thoughts toward a relationship.

If he’s exhibiting these behaviors, it’s likely that he’s someone who will remain by your side for a long, long time.

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