Men who lack integrity often display these 6 subtle behaviors in public

When you hear the word integrity, what pops into your head? 

I always think back to something my Dad told me when I was a kid: “Integrity is doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.” 

It’s all about sticking to your moral principles and knowing right from wrong. So, it’s a pretty big deal when someone lacks integrity; it says a lot about who they are.

If you’re big on honesty and doing the right thing, when it comes to making friends or dating, you might want to steer clear of guys who don’t value integrity, but how can you spot them? 

Well, there are certain behaviors that guys who lack integrity show off in public. At first, you might not notice them but, once you know what to look for, they’re easier to spot.

Today, we’re exploring some subtle signs that might indicate a guy lacks integrity. 

Recognizing these can help you better understand the people around you and, more importantly, allow you to surround yourself with people who share your values.

1) He exaggerates his stories to make them sound better

Have you ever noticed how some guys just can’t help but spice up their stories? They’ll toss in extra details, leave out key facts, and never let the truth stand in the way of a good tale.

Here’s the scoop: guys who lack integrity often don’t have an honest bone in their body. They’re totally fine with bending the truth if it makes them look better or benefits them somehow.

According to the American Psychological Association integrity is ‘the quality of moral consistency, honesty, and truthfulness with oneself and others.” 

It’s plain to see that when guys tell stories that bend the truth, they’re showing their complete lack of integrity. 

Next time you’re around a guy and trying to gauge his integrity, listen to how he tells a story. Tune into the details. Do they add up? Does the story seem a bit too good to be true?

Embellishing a story here and there might not seem like a big deal, but it really does say a lot about his character.

If he’s willing to bend the truth on small insignificant things, you can be almost guaranteed to do the same with the big stuff that matters. Watch out for those red flags!

2) He’s flakey and doesn’t stay true to his word

Another behavior that signals a lack of integrity is when he’s flakey and doesn’t stay true to his word. It’s like bailing on plans last minute or breaking promises is no big deal to him.

Here’s the thing: this kind of flakiness is a huge deal. It shows that he’s comfortable letting people down. 

He might not think much of it, but what he’s really doing is broadcasting that he doesn’t value others enough to honor his commitments. This behavior speaks volumes about someone’s character.

Research tells us there’s a strong connection between integrity and being conscientious. 

Basically, if someone is really good at sticking to their commitments and following through, they usually have strong principles, too.

Next time you’re sussing out a guy, watch how he manages his commitments. Inconsistencies between his words and actions clearly show he’s lacking in the integrity department.

3) He’s nice to someone’s face but mean behind their back

Ever met a guy who’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? 

You know, where he’s all smiles and buddy-buddy with someone when they’re around, but the moment they leave, it’s a whole different story?

I was at a lunch recently with a group of friends, and there was this one guy who couldn’t have been nicer to another guy at the table. 

But as soon as that guy got up and walked away, he immediately turned to the rest of us and said, “I can’t stand that guy.” 

This kind of behavior is a clear sign that he lacks integrity. It’s not just about being two-faced. It’s also about being blatantly dishonest and showing a complete lack of respect for others

And it doesn’t stop at just being two-faced. Gossiping and spreading rumors about others are part of the same problem. 

When you see guys acting this way in public, it’s a sure sign they’re lacking in integrity.

4) He’s rude to people he sees as less important than himself

phrases men often say when they lack emotional maturity 1 Men who lack integrity often display these 6 subtle behaviors in public

Ever been out with someone nice to you but rude to the waiter, the cab driver, or anyone in a service role? It’s pretty telling, isn’t it? 

Think about it: what does it say about a person who treats others as if they’re beneath them just because of their job or status? 

This kind of behavior is not only rude and disgusting, but it also screams that this guy lacks integrity. 

He shows no regard for other people and is all too comfortable displaying a complete lack of respect. The worst part? He doesn’t even seem to realize he’s doing anything wrong.

People with true integrity understand that everyone deserves respect, no matter their job, social status, or any other external factor. 

A quote, often attributed to actor Tom Hardy, captures the essence of integrity, “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” 

Keep an eye out for guys who are rude and disrespectful to people they encounter in public, it really highlights their total lack of moral fiber.

5) He’s happy to manipulate others for his own gain

This is a big one. Do you know anyone who’s really good at getting their way, no matter who it affects? That’s a big sign of a lack of integrity. 

These guys are experts at manipulating situations to work in their favor. Think about someone who always seems to have a plan that benefits them more than anyone else. 

They might convince coworkers to back a project that mostly helps them or subtly turn friends against each other to gain an advantage. They’re using people as tools to climb higher.

This kind of manipulation often looks so smooth, it’s almost like they’re playing a game. But it’s a game where they’re the only winners. 

It’s unsettling to see how little they care about how their actions affect others, as long as they get what they want. Watch out for these manipulators

Spotting this behavior is important, it shows they don’t really care about being fair or the damage they do to others, which is a clear sign they lack integrity and they’re probably not the kind of guys you want to be around. 

6) He avoids taking responsibility and blames others instead

When you understand and respect the difference between right and wrong, it’s natural to own up to your mistakes and take responsibility for your actions, right?

Unfortunately, some guys just don’t get this. Instead, they dodge responsibility, even when they’re clearly at fault. What’s even worse, they’re quick to throw others under the bus.

I remember a guy from college, let’s call him Dave, who was notorious for dodging responsibility. 

We were in a group project, and he was in charge of the final presentation. On presentation day, it was obvious he hadn’t prepared; his slides were a mess. 

When our professor questioned it, Dave immediately blamed another teammate, claiming he was given the wrong data. 

It was shocking to see him deflect so easily, showing just how willing he was to sacrifice others’ reputations to cover his own failures.

If you’ve got a Dave in your life and this sounds familiar to you, it really says all you need to know about their character.

One of the clearest signs that someone is lacking integrity is their refusal to accept responsibility for their actions, always shifting the blame to others.

The bottom line

There you have it, 6 subtle behaviors you’ll see from guys who lack integrity. 

Keep your eyes peeled for these subtle but telling behaviors. If you notice them, it’s a good indicator you’re dealing with someone who lacks integrity. 

Being aware now can save you from potential disappointments and tricky situations down the line. Stay informed and choose your connections wisely!

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