Men who have a foot out the door in their relationships usually display these 7 behaviors

Have you ever questioned whether your man is committed to you or not? 

Maybe some of the things he says or does have you wondering. Well, men in particular display a few different behaviors if they’re not ready to fully commit to someone and may have one foot out the door.

Read on to find out more.

1) Avoiding serious conversations 

Have you been trying for ages to get your man to sit down and talk about something important but he’s avoided it every time? 

There might be more to it than him just not liking this kind of conversation. He might be worried he will have to commit to something when he’s not ready for it yet.

I was dating a guy once and I thought we should be together. I was so into him, but every time I tried to have a conversation about us being a couple he avoided it.

It was confusing to me because I thought we were having a great time together.

As it turned out, he did enjoy the time we spent together, but he was looking for something different for a long-term relationship – someone of the same cultural background as him.

He never told me this, but after I realized he didn’t want to commit and moved away, he ended up getting engaged to someone who had the same background as him.

2) Spending less and less time together

Did you once spend all your spare time with your partner and now they are starting to spend less and less time with you?

This could be a sign that they are on their way out. 

This article explains that a man might enjoy what he has, but doesn’t want to put in the effort and commit to just one person. It goes on to say that the chase might thrill him more than anything else.

So, if a man you’ve been seeing is no longer spending as much time with you, he may have gotten bored after finally catching you. He may also, unfortunately, be looking for a new thing to chase.

3) Comparing their partner to others

Do you ever hear your partner compare you to people you know? People you’ve just met, or even his ex-girlfriend maybe? It’s weird when men do this and I never find it a very nice feeling.

Comparisons to others may also mean that this man is not fully committed or happy with what he’s got.

He may be looking for something else, thinking that perhaps the grass was greener before or that the grass is greener on the other side.

Psychologists suggest that comparisons can create low self-esteem, dissatisfaction (where there wasn’t before), and even sadness. 

When my partner compares me to his ex-girlfriend I feel like I’m not good enough, and it makes me wonder whether he’s truly happy with me.

4) Not including their partner in future plans

Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve known a lot of men who forget to communicate to their partners that they have included them in their plans for the future.

Usually, we ask if we’re invited or included and they say “Yes, of course”, like we’re mind readers.

However, if your man isn’t including you, then you might have a problem. This could be a sign that he is not ready to commit and has one foot out the door. He’s planning for himself and that’s it. 

Even the most selfish of men include their partners in their plans if they are happy in the relationship. 

My partner sometimes works away for long periods, but he always makes sure that I’m looked after and that I have someone close by or somewhere safe to be.

He tries his best to make time to see me when I come to visit. And often tries to make sure that the places he goes to work are accessible for me too when it’s a long stint.

This makes me feel confident and cared for and that he is committed to me.

5) Secretive behavior

subtle behaviors that indicate your partner is hiding something from you Men who have a foot out the door in their relationships usually display these 7 behaviors

Are you noticing your man sneaking off to use his phone? Is he going places after work that he won’t tell you about? Does he go out late with people you don’t know?

This kind of secretive behavior isn’t conducive to a healthy relationship. Your man isn’t acting like you’re a team. 

If he is sneaking around and being secretive he may have other things on his mind. He’s either not committed enough to bother to tell you what he’s up to, doesn’t think the relationship is that serious, or is looking for someone else. 

Either way, it’s this kind of behavior that might just mean he’s looking for a way out or doesn’t think what you have is particularly important.

6) Seeking attention from others

Whenever you go out with your man is he looking for attention or validation from other people rather than paying attention to you?

This could be a sign that he’s not happy with what you have together and needs more. It could also mean that he is looking for other options.

There are many reasons that men do this such as: 

  • Boredom – perhaps with you, or maybe just in life in general.
  • Low self-esteem
  • To boost his ego
  • He’s trying to make you jealous
  • He’s not getting his needs met

7) Increased arguments

You may have noticed that lately, he’s picking more arguments with you. And you might be wondering what you’ve done to deserve them. Maybe the tiniest things are setting him off.

These arguments might have nothing to do with you in particular, they might just be because he’s not happy.

I have a good friend who hates breaking up with women. But what he does instead is pick lots of little arguments with them so that eventually they get so sick of him that they break up with him instead.

It’s not healthy, but I’ve witnessed it time and time again with him.

If you find yourself having arguments with your man often and not being able to work through them, this is the kind of behavior that might mean he’s done. And usually, these are the same small fights over and over.

But it’s not really about leaving water all over the floor in the bathroom. Or the fact that you always leave the dishes in the sink. It’s just that he’s not happy where he is in this relationship. 

Try to speak to him and see if you can get communication flowing again, you don’t have to give up yet!

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