Marianne Williamson announces she aims to run for president in 2020

New age author Marianne Williamson just announced she has formed an exploratory committee for a presidential run in 2020.

She shared the news on Twitter. See her tweet below.

Williamson is an American spiritual teacher, author, lecturer, and activist. She has published 12 books, with her most popular being Healing the Soul of AmericaIt’s probably a good time to check out this book if you haven’t already.

Williamson is interested for running for president as part of a Democratic bid. It shows how broad the range of candidates may be with regards to who will run against incumbent Donald Trump.

Dozens of Democrats have already been mooted as potential candidates, and already Williamson has competition amongst other “new agers”. For example, Ohio congressman Tim Ryan has reportedly said he is interesting in running a bid. Ryan, a Rust Belt Democrat who mounted an unsuccessful challenge to Nancy Pelosi for minority leader, has long practised and advocated for meditation.

Marianne Williamson’s video announcement shows she’ll make the next election about ideas

Here’s where it gets really interesting.

Williamson created a video to announce the formation of an exploratory committee to become president. There were a number of themes to emerge (watch it in full below):

  • Williamson’s speciality is in helping people to find answers in their lives by looking within. She mentioned in the video she thinks mindset is key.
  • She believes the United States is about “government of the people, by the people and for the people”, yet it has lost its way. She aims to bring it back to its founding ideals.
  • Williamson says that the US has somehow sub-consciously reverted to autocratic principles in recent years. What’s more, it has always done this in history.
  • She says the US needs to find its ethical center.
  • Citizenship, according to Williamson, is about being a conscious and mature person.
  • Democracy is not just a right. It’s also a responsibility.
  • We need to make some kind of qualitative change in our souls, according to Williamson.
  • Finally, this needs to be a co-creative effort.

Here’s her video:

If you’re interested in finding out more about Marianne Williamson’s campaign, check out her website.


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