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I’ve never felt like I’ve made the most of manifesting. This is because I haven’t taken the time to fully understand how it works.

But I decided to change this by signing up to that promises to increase more happiness, abundance, and love, because who doesn’t want that in their lives?

Their approach is backed by since and “not made-up nonsense”, so I thought I’d try it out.

Did it work? It opened my mind in lots of ways and taught me a new goal-setting framework.

But it’s different to the philosophy taught by shaman Rudá Iandê’s workshop Out of the box, which I completed recently and got a lot out of.

With this in mind, I thought I’d unpack both and Out of the Box, and compare the programs, so you can make an informed decision about which is best suited to you.

Is worth it? seeks to teach you how to manifest everything from wealth and happiness to success – all on autopilot. It sounds pretty good, right?

I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want to attract everything they want in life without having to actively do something? This is what attracted me to signing up for its course.

I have friends around me who claim to have co-created their lives through manifestation and I’ve seen how they’ve made their dreams happen, so I decided to get up to speed with the concept. claims to teach the real law behind the law of attraction – something Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling self-help book “The Secret” supposedly failed to pick up on.

They developed their programs to teach us how we can take an abstract idea or vision and turn it into a reality through our innate power. It’s a scientifically proven technique, they say, aimed at helping people get somewhere with their manifesting.

And was it worth the investment?

If you’re totally new to manifesting and want to understand the science behind it, or if you’ve had little success with manifesting in the past, this crash course is effective in teaching the basic principles. It gives you a tangible framework.

It’s different to other courses out there because it’s not about just harnessing faith, but about you taking action. It requires you to spend five-to-ten minutes of your time every day practicing the framework.

On the other hand, Rudá Iandê’s course Out of the Box is a much more well-rounded and in-depth program that facilitates you getting to the core of your being and seeing life through an empowered lens.

Out of the Box doesn’t encourage a process of manifestation, as it’s centered on being grounded in the present moment.

“We’ve developed this weird habit of valuing our dreams more than our reality,” explains Rudá in his workshop.

He calls escaping to an imagining world – and pondering how marvelous it could be – “mental masturbation” and believes it’s one of our worst addictions.

This escapism, he says, causes us to lose connection to our body and instinct, becoming ungrounded.

“Of course, you will believe and invest in a better future,” he says. “But instead of escaping into the future, you’ll be here, acting in the present moment with the full force of your consciousness and passion.”

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What are the steps to manifesting? has designed a simple five-step manifesting technique. It is designed to flip the brain’s manifesting switches on, based on psychology and neuroscience.

The five steps are: focus, boost, release, gratitude, and go.

So what does this mean in practice?

Step 1: Focus

First of all, focus on what’s most important to you. Guide your brain to zoom in on these things.

Decide what you wish to achieve and really focus on it. Think about what is important to you, what you’d like to spend more time doing and what kind of person you’d like to be. explains that you can only work towards something if you know exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve, so get clear with your visions.

Start by listing all of your goals within the next six months, six months to five years, and five years and over. Specify what you’re looking to achieve and remove any ambiguity.

Step 2: Boost

Energize your goals through the power of emotion. The simple formula note is energy plus emotion equals boost.

They explain: if you generate positive emotions, you activate natural circuits which, in turn, empowers your new decisions. These emotions could be freedom, excitement or confidence.

This step also includes visualization. When you give your brain a precise image of what your goal is, they say, your brain looks for ways to make this vision match your reality.

As you focus, you’ll want to engage as many senses as possible and imagine what it will feel like when you succeed.

Step 3: Release

Next is unblocking yourself from mental obstacles, followed by appreciating your life and renewing your enthusiasm.

You’re encouraged to ditch limiting beliefs and thought patterns, so you can be present with full clarity and free of emotional baggage.

It’s a two-part process of releasing blockages and attachments: letting go of things that hold you back and the wanting of what you’re trying to manifest.

Step 4: Gratitude

Gratitude is the next step. Being grateful releases feel-good chemicals, and makes you feel happier and more content. It helps shift the focus away from lack.

Step 5: Go

Finally: go. Establish new neural pathways in your brain that will propel you to success.

It’s all about taking actions to manifest your goals into a reality – committing to moving forward.

Without action, explains, you’re only daydreaming and your goals are unlikely to manifest.

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What do you get in the program?

The program is a combination of downloadable theory, audio, and video tools.

You’ll start by downloading a 90-page PDF, which explains the step-by-step guide, along with expert commentary and examples of people who have made manifesting work for them.

Plus, there’s a manifesting cheatsheet PDF, which is a quick recap of the five-step process.

The audio includes a listen-along explanation to the five-step process, a hypnosis to set your mind on manifesting autopilot, plus’s founder Karl Moore discussing the process in a 50-minute audio.

There’s also a 40-minute movie with a selection of experts, discussing the benefits of manifesting.

Bonus tools include additional audio, video, and PDF downloads, such as a manifesting song and a PDF that explains how to let go of blockages.

Does manifesting work?

Simply put, in order for manifestation to work, you need to take action. To manifest anything requires commitment.

You need to dedicate time to a daily ritual of focusing, feeling, releasing, feeling grateful and committing to moving forward to allow for manifestation to take place. suggests you stick with their manifestation framework for at least 66 days to create the new habit and allow it to become automatic.

They believe that after this timeframe you’ll have experienced massive manifestation benefits and won’t consider dropping it.

Is manifesting the same as the Law of Attraction?

The short answer is: no. explains that there’s a big difference between believing in the law of attraction and manifesting.

The law of attraction is all about being in a state of asking, believing, and receiving. Meanwhile, manifesting, they explain, is about moving into action.

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It is a combination of asking, believing, and motivation, which equals inspired action. likens the Law of Attraction to sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for the universe to deliver your wishes, which doesn’t get you anywhere.

They explain that over 94% of people using the Law of Attraction don’t get the result they expect.

Manifesting, on the other hand, is all to do with the power of our brains and transforming our lives ourselves. explains that it’s about harnessing the full, creative genius of the brain.

Instead of surrendering to inaction, it’s about grabbing life by its horns, says.

Manifesting is based on the science of psychology, while the Law of Attraction is centred around the idea that if you think positive thoughts then good things happen, and so on.

A third alternative perspective is via Rudá Iandê, who encourages you to claim your present reality. Before going after any goal, he advocates creating a commitment with yourself to be present in your life.

He suggests setting a first goal of: I want to be grounded in my life exactly the way it is.

And when you start the journey towards your goal with a first step, he encourages you to enjoy every step of the process and not just keep your mind focused on the end point.

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Law of Attraction critique


As I’ve explained, Rudá Iandê presents an anti-Law of Attraction stance. This is because just thinking about what you want and waiting to receive it doesn’t get you anywhere.

“If only the mythical “law of attraction” worked for even half the people who tried it!”, he says in an Ideapod article.

The ideas presented in The Secret around positive thinking, he says, are exhausting and ineffective.

He goes as far as claiming there is a dark side to thinking because, at its core, it teaches you to ignore your true feelings.

“Life is full of challenges, and facing these challenges every day triggers all kinds of thoughts and emotions, including anger, sadness and fear,” he writes.“Trying to avoid what you consider negative and sticking only with the positive is a huge mistake.”

This causes us to be at war with ourselves and in misalignment with our true nature.

Rudá disagrees with bucketing our emotions into positive and negative camps. “Who decides what’s positive and negative, anyway? Where do you draw the line between good and bad within yourself?” he says.

Instead, in his workshop Out of the Box, he asks us to: “Wake up and taste the sweet bitterness of your present, real life.”

In contrast to positive thinking, Rudá encourages people to imagine worst-case scenarios where you explore what would happen if your deepest fears came true.

This, he says, stops fear being a monster.

It couldn’t be further from what Ester Hicks promotes. She is a well-known advocate for the Law of Attraction, who is said to connect with and channel wisdom from Abraham, a group of 100 entities, including Buddha and Jesus.

Her philosophy is that: “Whatever people can imagine clearly with emotion, by creating a perfect vibrational match, is theirs to be, or do, or have.”

Negative thinking doesn’t come into it.

In a recent Ideapod article, originally published in the Tribe issue Cults and Gurus, we explained:

“Her teachings are beautiful, but we must recognize their limitations. The human mind is just the tip of an iceberg and is mostly made of subjectivity. It’s naive to think we can control our mind, given that our mind is triggered by powers beyond our control that reside in our guts.”

Essentially, happiness and fulfillment aren’t going to follow if you just think positively all of the time.

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What if I’m looking for something deeper?

Are you looking to discover a goal-oriented framework or discover who you are at your core?

If you’re looking to establish how to goal-set, you’ll get that with It provides a step-by-step guide to focusing, visualizing, and taking action.

But if you’re looking for wisdom that goes much deeper, you’ll get that with Out of the Box.

Rudá will get you thinking about what’s important to you and what your life purpose is, all while encouraging you to make peace with your present moment.

“We can easily spend our lives in a state of chronic dissatisfaction,” he explains.

“After every dream you accomplish, you can end up feeling frustrated, and it leads to the same recurrent question: “What do I want from life?” Over time those accumulated frustrations can turn into depression and a lack of fulfillment.”

He acknowledges that we are all factories of dreams and we’ll never stop dreaming – but that real fulfilment comes from inside.

“Living your purpose means forgetting what you’ve achieved in the past and what you want to achieve in the future, and simply embracing your life right now.”

Through written word, exclusive videos, and unique self-inquiry tests, you’ll be equipped with the tools to embrace his philosophies.

You’ll finish Rudá’s course with the desire to not escape to mental masturbation, but to live a more fulfilled, present life.

Instead of taking five-to-ten minutes a day to think about your goal framework, he says:

“Take a moment each day to catch up with your feelings. Be brave and stay fully present in the situations you most want to avoid. Take all the pleasure and also all the pain that life has for you today. Face your present with your heart open.”

Is legit?

As I say, it’s a great tool for mastering a how-to framework.

Could it help you establish your short- and long-term goals? Sure. It succeeds in helping you get clarity and move towards achieving goals with a formula.

You can see if is for you by taking their quiz.

But does it help you move closer to achieving your life purpose and genuinely finding fulfilment? Unfortunately not. You’ll need to go a lot deeper than working with a goal-oriented framework.

So, if you’re ready to open your mind to shamanic wisdom, the world-renowned shaman Rudá Iandê offers a deeper journey of life transformation in Out of the box.

He doesn’t want to stop you from evolving – it’s impossible to stop your nature, he says.

Instead, he explains:

“You can play the evolutionary game unconsciously, chasing one dream after another while feeling empty and frustrated, or you can play it from a place of power. You can be grounded in the evolutionary movement of life within your guts. There, in the challenge, in the struggle, in the moments when you must stretch your limits to the utmost and overcome yourself to find solutions, is where life’s alchemy is happening.”

His approach is also one that’s rooted in practicality.

For example, he says that one of the most common reasons people are not able to accomplish what they want is because their dreams are set too far away from reality.

He advocates getting realistic and asks you to recognize that there will be a price to pay for your dream. So you need to take the first step and turn it into an act – otherwise, it’s just an illusion.

His work, I’ve learned from my personal experience, facilitates you in finding your true power.

Get acquainted with his teachings in his free masterclass on turning life frustrations into personal power.

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