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The place for ideas and inspiration

Our core mission is to provide education and learning platforms where ideas are explored through dialogue and turned into action. In an age of echo chambers and filter bubbles, we encourage the pursuit of truth by raising provocative questions and eschewing groupthink. We value open mindedness, critical analysis and people thinking for themselves.

Our main site is a digital media platform where we provide commentary on the ideas shaping our lives – and our future. We publish creative and intelligent journalism, helping our readers to understand the ideas that shape their worldview — and where we’re headed. Our articles are quite provocative and thoughtful, and now have an audience of between 3 and 5 million monthly readers.

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Opinions and analysis on the most important issues in science, politics and culture

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Meet the Ideapod team members and regular contributors

[team_member image_url=”16358″ bio_image_url=”16358″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Justin Brown” job_position=”CEO and Co-Founder” team_member_bio=”Justin is the CEO and co-founder of Ideapod, a platform for people to connect around ideas. He created the first version of Ideapod as a social network while doing a PhD in international political economy. Since then, he has quit the PhD and Ideapod has evolved into an independent digital media company.

Justin is passionate about people thinking for themselves, especially in an age of information overload.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-twitter” social_link_1=”https://www.twitter.com/jusbr” social_icon_2=”fa fa-facebook” social_link_2=”https://www.facebook.com/justinb3″]

[team_member image_url=”16361″ bio_image_url=”16361″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Lachlan Brown” job_position=”Editor-in-Chief” team_member_bio=”Lachlan is Ideapod’s editor-in-chief and was pivotal to our transition into a digital media company. He runs our content strategy and has a passion for making things practical and accessible.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-twitter” social_link_1=”https://www.twitter.com/lachybe” social_icon_2=”fa fa-facebook” social_link_2=”https://www.facebook.com/lachlanb2″]
[team_member image_url=”16359″ bio_image_url=”16359″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Rudá Iandé” job_position=”Inspiration Adviser” team_member_bio=”Rudá is a shaman and business coach. He works with Ideapod as our inspiration adviser and is the co-creator of Out of the Box, a worldwide movement helping people to break free from societal and educational conditioning.

Rudá is the founder of Primal Source and works as a personal development coach for private clients and corporate teams to overcome self-limiting beliefs and harness creativity, personal power and mindfulness.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-facebook” social_link_1=”https://www.facebook.com/rudaiande”]

[team_member image_url=”16364″ bio_image_url=”16364″ team_memeber_style=”bio_fullscreen” name=”Gosia Kurowska” job_position=”Writer” team_member_bio=”Gosia Kurowska was born in Poland and has lived in Belgium before moving to Thailand recently. She has worked for the EU institutions as a speechwriter and press officer for several years. She now launched her own blog on handmade fashion and jewelry from Thailand/Asia, treasurista.com.” social_icon_1=”fa fa-facebook” social_link_1=”https://www.facebook.com/gosia.kurowska.9440″ social_icon_2=”fa fa-instagram” social_link_2=”https://www.instagram.com/treasurista_”]