10 lovely signs your partner’s love is unconditional

Unconditional love means loving someone so much that it doesn’t matter if that person deserves it or not.

Even in today’s day and age, it still exists. That’s despite what you believe because you feel the world is going in the wrong direction and people are more and more estranged.

But it’s here, and it’s a rock-solid foundation we should aim for. It’s not just caring about someone. It means truly loving someone and also proving it.

But what exactly should we aim for? How will we recognize it?

After all these years, do we live a life full of compromises with our partners, or is there actual unconditional love in our relationship?

Here are some unshakable signs that your partner loves you unconditionally.

1) Your happiness brings them joy, and they actively contribute to it

Spinach and feta omelet!

These words might not mean a lot to you, but they mean the world to me. You see, that’s my favorite brekkie, and the funny thing is, my wife doesn’t even like spinach. 

Somehow, after so many years, she still prepares what makes me happy in the morning, and that my folks is spinach and feta omelet, or as I call it, our special taste of love.

She loves to see me happy, and by making my favorite breakfast, she’s constantly showing she cares.

If you have someone who does things just to make you happy and bring small moments of joy to your life, then you’re in it for the long run.

That must be unconditional love.

2) They remember the little things

We always say it’s about the little things, don’t we? But truth be told, they are big things to us.

Things that our partners remember about us are priceless, and they seem to be everything when returned to us in an act of love.

Remembering those things is an expression of how thoughtful your partner is.

To be able to notice and recall small details means the world sometimes.

I’m not talking about an anniversary scavenger hunt for the perfect present that represents our whole relationship because we think it’s the day we have to bring out the best of us.

No, I’m talking about everyday things.

This always reminds me of a conversation my wife has with her father now and then.

She would always ask why he doesn’t say more often to her mum that he loves her. She rarely hears those words between them.

What he always says to her is that he loves chocolate, too, but you don’t see him saying this to the chocolate either.

That one always makes me laugh because he genuinely loves that woman, and you can see by all the small things he does: favorite coffee, favorite flower, favorite song, dance, you name it.

And she knows it.

3) They prioritize quality time together

Spending quality time with someone today isn’t easy. Everyone has so many commitments and projects to finish, and time flies in front of our eyes.

A partner whose love is unconditional, despite having a busy schedule at work, will always find some time to spend with you.

Even if that’s a routine of having afternoon coffee and cake to talk about life or a monthly date night. Your partner understands the importance of quality time.

Sometimes, even a small act of putting the phone on silent for an hour or two does wonders:

Focus is solely on each other, and this helps you engage more deeply and learn more about each other.

4) They’re interested in your passions, even if they don’t share the same interests

Your partner loves you unconditionally if they show interest in what you love to do, even if that’s not something that rocks their boat.

Maybe your passion is a hunt for vintage items on the flea market, but your partner doesn’t share the same passion or enthusiasm about such a thing.

But you know what, he goes with you anyway. He recognizes how important this passion is in your life, and he learns a thing or two as well.

5) They support you through good, bad, and the worst

Going through the good, bad, and the worst, your relationship gets stronger and more resilient.

If your partner was there supporting you and cheering you on when you learned how to cook or when you shrunk their favorite sweater in the laundry, they’re a keeper.

If they were supporting you when you lost your job and trying to make you feel good by joking about how they’re getting tired of your “working from home” wardrobe anyway, they’re showing unconditional love.

Even on your worst day, they’re trying to make you laugh.

6) They listen to you without judgment, accepting your thoughts and feelings

Couple talking and listening to each other 1 10 lovely signs your partner's love is unconditional

If you have a relationship where your partner listens to you without judgment, he’s creating a safe space where you can express your feelings.

They’re trying to understand you no matter the differences you might have.

This means you can truly be genuine, and you’re not afraid to be criticized, which is important for overall trust between both of you.

7) They encourage you to pursue your dreams

We all want to accomplish something big, right? Are we going to be the ones to change the world, or will we let the world change us? Maybe both.

But whatever it is, we are not alone in it. Our partners who love us unconditionally are with us every step of the way, cheering us and encouraging us to go for it.

They want to see your goals and dreams through your eyes, even if you’re not so sure about it anymore.

Every journey comes with challenges, and when we face setbacks, our partners become our strengths because they encourage us to continue. 

8) They celebrate your successes genuinely, without any jealousy

A partner who loves you is there to encourage you to do better and bigger, but they’re also there to celebrate when you accomplish what you want to do as well.

They celebrate the results of your hard work and participate in the whole journey that led to it.

Your partner will celebrate all of it, small and big, because everything matters, even if we don’t see it that way.

If you recognize your partner in any of these, you have one of the good ones.

9) They forgive and forget

A partner who loves you unconditionally will most likely forgive and forget mistakes you might have made.

The most important thing is to communicate it with your partner instead of letting them resent you for it. We all make mistakes, but how we act afterward says everything.

You might forget a birthday or anniversary, and feelings get hurt. Still, if your partner shows the power of forgiveness and they’re ready to move forward, then the love they have for you is unconditional.

That doesn’t mean we should take advantage of it. We should commit to being more attentive to each other’s needs.

10) Instead of keeping score, they believe in mutual give-and-take

Partners share household responsibilities, and those responsibilities aren’t equal at times.

My wife and I don’t divide specific tasks in our house; instead, we communicate openly what we like to do and what our strengths and preferences are.

We like to keep it balanced, but it’s not always like that.

There might be a bigger project coming our way, and that’s the time when we recognize the importance of each other’s professional goals or what suits our family better.

Working, taking care of the house, and having a three-year-old isn’t easy, but what is worse is keeping scores over each other, and that’s not the way to go.

Taking additional responsibilities and recognizing what is important at the given moment is important, and instead of keeping a score of who did what, we should believe in mutual give and take.

Final thoughts

Finding something remarkable in a great relationship filled with unconditional love is worth it.

In the end, it’s all about small things that mean the world to us, being involved in happy or difficult decisions and situations, accepting our flaws, and celebrating success, all of it. 

You should cherish every single moment of it.

Still, remember that in all of that, you shouldn’t sacrifice your or your partner’s identity and see that as unconditional love.

Adrian Volenik

Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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