10 little phrases that will make you sound more intelligent

Are you trying to improve the way you speak?

That must be why you’re here!

Maybe you’re about to run an important meeting or go on an important date.

Or, there’s someone you’re trying to emulate. Someone who’s intelligent and shows it in the way they speak…

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are some phrases to help you sound more intelligent, no matter what you’re dealing with.

Let’s get started!

1) “Let me explain.”

So…you’re about to give a presentation in front of your entire company. And you’re nervous, for good reason!

A phrase you want to use is “let me explain”. This will come in handy when someone’s asked you a question. 

Why is that?

You may think you can just answer the question directly. That there’s no need for these phrases; after all, you just want to get the presentation over and done with, don’t you?

Let me tell you a secret.

Presentations aren’t just about putting a message across. They’re also about making an impression…and you want to make a lasting one.

This is what happens when you say “let me explain”: one, you’re projecting confidence – you know your stuff! – and two, you show that you’ve prepared yourself to answer these questions.

Now what boss wouldn’t love that?

2) “Put simply…”

Here’s another phrase to use at your next meeting: “put simply”. We all know what it means and when to use it. 

But few of us know how to use it well!

Say you’re in the middle of explaining a point to someone, and they still don’t quite get what you mean.

Well, it doesn’t mean you’re bad at explaining!

Maybe what you’re talking about is too complicated and you need to put it in layman’s terms.

That’s when you say “put simply” as you go into your next point. Try to break down what you’re saying into a one-liner or two!

3) “I have an idea, let’s…”

If you’ve got a date coming up and want to sound well-informed, here’s a trick. Say “I have an idea” whenever you’re stumped!

Of course, don’t overdo it…you’ve got to strike a balance. But instead of being hesitant (or worse, leaving your date to decide!) you can always make a suggestion about what to do next.

For example, your date wants a cozy restaurant to have dinner at. And they aren’t very familiar with the location. 

You are, though, because you’ve done your research!

Many people will shrug or make a lazy attempt at picking a place to eat. Why don’t you show your date that you’re different?

Consider this:

“I have an idea, let’s check out that street! I heard there’s an Italian restaurant serving up good pizza.”

Here’s another example:

“I have an idea. Why don’t you tell me what you like to eat, and we’ll figure something out?’

4) “You know, I’ve been curious about…”

Again, if you’re on a date with someone special, you want them to know just how intelligent you are!

Conversations can make or break a date, and intelligent people know this. Don’t give yourself an opportunity to blow it because you’re nervous or overexcited.

That’s why it’s important to pace yourself when you’re having a chat!

A way to do this is to use the phrase “you know, I’ve been curious about something”. It could be anything about what your date’s hobbies are or what they enjoyed doing at school.

There are so many ways to keep a conversation going.

Now you may be wondering, how does this make you sound intelligent?

It’s simple.

When you show curiosity about other people, they’ll see that you’re someone who’s into more than just superficial things…

5) “I completely understand.”

highly intelligent people maximize potential 10 little phrases that will make you sound more intelligent

Another phrase that will make you sound more intelligent is “I completely understand”.

Let me explain why.

Perhaps, we have asked someone special to hang out with us or spend time together. But they’re not available for various reasons, which they may or may not share with us.

Of course, the first thing you should do is show understanding! After all, they could be caught up in other matters and would have accepted your request otherwise.

At least, that’s how it should be…

Don’t read into these statements, though, especially if this is someone you’re currently dating! Accept them at face-value first. 

This helps you sound more intelligent; the disappointment can come later, if it’s truly appropriate…

6) “I get your point, but…”

Conversations can be tricky to navigate at times. Have you ever found yourself disagreeing with someone, but only in your head?

I’m sure you have.

When we find ourselves in this situation, we often shy away from putting our point forward. And that’s because we don’t want to rock the boat, or offend the person we’re talking to.

That’s not the way!

Intelligent people never back down in an argument: instead, they show that they’re open to the opinions of others

A way to do that is to assure the other person that you “got their point”. Then, explain yourself and why you think your understanding of the subject might be more useful.

Then again, what if the other person isn’t convinced?

Trust me. It doesn’t matter.

What’s important is to be sure of yourself, and be confident about your own thoughts!

7) “I know just the thing.”

Like I mentioned, being confident about your own thoughts is important when it comes to sounding more intelligent

But how do you do it?

Well, when someone asks for your opinion, you do your best to give a good one! This comes easy when you’re someone who’s well-informed and always looking to upgrade yourself

Here’s what I mean.

You could be someone who’s always updated with the news or enjoys a wide range of hobbies. Or maybe, you’re someone who knows a lot of people from all walks of life!

This is an advantage. It’s also a secret that many people won’t tell you about.

And when the time comes, this allows you to say “I know just the thing!”

Rest assured the person you’re talking to will be impressed, if you’ve just managed to solve one of their problems!

8) “…that’s a conversation for another time.”

Indeed, the best way to sound more intelligent is to show that you know what you’re talking about.

As I’ve said, being proactive in learning about the world around you and taking up hobbies can do just the trick.  

It not only makes you sound more intelligent, but you’ll also become a well-rounded and interesting person. 

After all, that’s what makes people want to get to know you and talk to you! 

Here’s something you can say to show off this trait of yours: “…that’s a conversation for another time.”

When can you use it?

Say you’re deep in a conversation with someone and there’s not enough time to go into detail about something you’re passionate about. 

That’s when you let them know you DO have a lot to say about it, just that time isn’t on your side!

And maybe they’ll extend an invitation to hang out again so you can tell them more about it…knowing you’re an intelligent person with lots to share!

9) “Here’s what I think.”

Here’s another thing you can say to sound more intelligent: “Here’s what I think”.

Maybe you have set up another time to continue that conversation, and you’re ready to dive into this topic you know so much about!

Of course, this person you’re talking to may have doubts and questions. After all, they aren’t so familiar with what you’re an expert at.

That’s when you say “here’s what I think” before giving your response! It’s an easy way to improve your conversation style.

It’s also an add-on to what you already have: knowledge and experience…

10) “Now that you mention it…”

Speaking of knowledge and experience brings me to this last point…

How do you bounce ideas off of someone in conversation and still manage to show off your intelligence?

Here’s how.

Say “now that you mention it” whenever the other person brings up an interesting point that excites you!

Maybe it’s related to what you were talking about earlier or diverges from it completely.

It doesn’t matter.

Do it to reassure this person that their company is appreciated, because they’ve just given you something to think about! 

You can also say this when making recommendations, such as:

“Now that you mention it…I know someone who can fix your problem. I just remembered that my neighbour’s a plumber!”


Now that you have an idea of how to sound more intelligent, how will you make your next conversation better?

Remember that it’s all about confidence and being able to show it!

People gravitate to those who know their stuff, so why not be that person today?


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