8 life lessons you can learn from getting out of your comfort zone

Getting out of your comfort zone is scary – it’s not intended to be an easy walk in the park.

But my god it’s worth doing!

I’ve been on a mission to push myself because (as a sleepy girl who is prone to spending weeks at a time curled up at home) I felt it necessary for my personal development.

And since trying new things and getting out into the world, I can see what a difference it has made to my mental health, resilience levels, and much more.

So, in this article, I’ll be covering 8 life lessons you can learn from getting out of your comfort zone. Ready?

Let’s dive in!

1) You’re more capable than you realize

I’m going to kick off with a personal example – last week, I climbed a mountain (15 km uphill, 11 hours walking in total). I’m by no means a “fit” person, as someone who works from home, I can say I’m pretty sedentary!

So of course, I was crapping the hike.

I didn’t feel prepared at all. But you know what?

I did it. I was in intense pain by the end, but I conquered the mountain.

There were tears, laughter, despair, and everything in between during those 11 hours, but pushing myself out of my comfort zone showed me that my body (and mind) are way more capable than I realized.

And the same will be for you – as you stretch your limits and try new things, you’ll see just how far you can go.

Each time you conquer your own quests, no matter how big or small, you’ll also build a very essential mindset…which I’ll cover in the next point:

2) The importance of a resilient mindset

Resilience. It’s what keeps us going when life knocks us down. It’s the difference between pushing through or staying stuck in an unhappy situation.

When I was coming down from the mountain, I truly felt like giving up. My legs were trembling, it was dark, and I kept falling over.

But since the hike, every time I drive past that mountain, I think to myself, “I did that. If I can survive that, I can survive whatever else life throws at me.”

You see, the more you challenge yourself, the more you overcome hurdles, the stronger your resilience levels will be.

Sometimes you’ll fail. That’s just part of life.

But when you’ve got enough “wins” under your belt, you won’t sweat the failures so much. You’ll feel strong enough to keep trying until you succeed.

3) Change isn’t something to fear

Another important life lesson you can learn from getting out of your comfort zone is how to embrace change.

When I was in my early 20’s, I accepted a job in Italy. I had never been there before, didn’t speak the language, and didn’t know a soul.

It was the definition of getting out of my comfort zone!

And yes, I was very afraid. But the experience taught me how to handle change.

Now, when I travel somewhere alone, relocate to a different country, or work for a new company, I feel confident enough to adapt and get on.

Ultimately, it teaches you that change can be an incredible thing, and you shouldn’t let fear hold you back from embracing it.

4) The value of hard work

at work 8 life lessons you can learn from getting out of your comfort zone

The comfort zone is a cozy place. We know how everything works, what to do, and what not to do.

That’s why so many people stay in it. They never leave their hometown, never change careers, never make new friends.

But when you push yourself to try new things, you realize just how much work it takes to build a new life or even a new hobby or circle of friends.

It requires patience, effort, and something most people don’t consider – vulnerability.

Let’s say you decide to quit your comfortable job tomorrow and start a career in something you love.

Sure, it’s going to take a shit ton of dedication and perseverance. But one day, you’ll look back and feel so proud of your hard work and the life you’ve built for yourself.

That makes it all worth it!

5) The world is a big place

One thing I’ve learned since getting out of my comfort zone is that the world is a huge place, full of incredible opportunities.

But if you stay in your comfort zone, you limit yourself from everything on offer.

From meeting different types of people to exploring new cultures, music, and food, there’s just so much to explore!

And if anything, when you start opening yourself up to new experiences, you begin to realize that the world isn’t such a scary place after all.

Most people are inherently kind, no matter where they’re from. There are jobs out there that exceed our imaginations. There are beautiful places in the world to live in, outside of the country you’ve grown up in.

This realization can help you immensely – when you’re sick and tired of a relationship, job, or lifestyle, you’ll know that there’s more out there.

You’ll be willing to make those changes to your life because you’re not stuck in a closed mindset.

6) New passions and interests

Another thing you can learn from getting out of your comfort zone is new passions and interests.

I’ve been encouraging my mom to challenge herself more, and she’s gone from a woman who feared technology to someone who now uses it to teach online, something she really enjoys.

I took a cousin on her first holiday abroad – she fell in love with snorkeling and Mediterranean cuisine, two things she’d never experienced at home.

The truth is, until you try something, you’ll never know if you like it or not.

So the next time something catches your attention – from volunteering, a new class, or joining a local walking group – go for it.

You never know what might be your next big passion in life!

7) Confidence is built over time

It’s only natural that if you’re pushing yourself to try new things, building a resilient mindset, and discovering your strengths, your confidence will increase as a result.

I’ve witnessed this firsthand.

People who try new experiences and meet new people find their voice. They learn how to navigate social situations and each setback they face allows them to learn from their mistakes and come back stronger.

You can physically see them blossom as they expose themselves to new challenges.

And this is very important – it’s easy to think people are born confident. But most of the time, they’ve actually built their confidence over time.

Keep this in mind the next time you think you can’t do something. Confidence doesn’t come overnight, so you’ve got to work at it, bit by bit, and getting out of your comfort zone is one way to do that.

8) Trust in your problem-solving skills

And finally, one of the biggest lessons to be learned is the ability to solve problems.

Because let’s face it, it’s easy to rely on others when life gets tough.

But put yourself into enough challenging situations, and you’ll have no problem sorting your own issues out whenever they pop up.

For example, whenever I travel solo, I’m reliant only on myself. I have to make decisions such as how to get from A to B when all transport has ceased for the night and the WiFi isn’t working, and I don’t speak the lingo (true story).

It’s not always easy, but each time I get myself out of a situation, I feel good. I feel my confidence has improved, and this translates into everyday life.

Now, at work or when my car breaks down, I’m sure of myself and I don’t doubt my ability to find solutions.

So, I hope this article has given you some food for thought. Getting out of your comfort zone is a beautiful thing, and very necessary if you want to live a fulfilling, rich (in experiences) life.

Take that first step and try something new – you may surprise yourself!

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Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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