14 life decisions that you don’t owe anyone an explanation for

While you’re off living your best life, you may come across people who try to tell you how to live your life.

But when you go in another direction, people feel the need for an explanation.

While it’s ok to have an opinion about a choice you’ve made, you don’t owe them or anyone an explanation for it.

With that being said, these are 14 life decisions you don’t owe anyone an explanation for.

1) How you choose to look and dress

How we choose to look, and dress is part of what makes up our identity.

Whether you dress in t-shirts and jeans or corsets and high boots, our choice of outfits speaks to our character.

The same goes for our appearance.

You may want to go heavy on the makeup, dye your hair purple, or get multiple ear piercings all over your body. And it’s fine because it’s your body.

So, no one has the right to make you feel like they owe you an explanation for your appearance or choice of clothing.

2) Having a different opinion

Have you ever had someone make you feel bad for having a different opinion from theirs? 

Or who tried to make you change your mind about your way of thinking? Or justify it, even.

It’s ok not to have the same opinion. That’s just the way it is.

When your opinions differ, you don’t have to justify why you feel the way you do.

Don’t feel like you have to explain yourself or pressured to agree for the sake of keeping the peace.

3) What religion you believe in

Another thing you don’t have to justify or explain yourself for is your religious beliefs.

From Christianity to Buddhism and Hinduism, the religion we believe in can be influenced by various factors. Our upbringing is one of them.

It’s your right to follow a religion without feeling the need to explain why.

4) Who you choose to date or marry

Another life decision you don’t owe anyone an explanation for is who you choose to date or marry.

Now, I get that people will have opinions, especially those closest to you.

And any good friend or family member will offer their two cents about your potential or existing partner because they want what’s best for you.

But to try and control your relationship is a whole other thing entirely (and unacceptable).

Perhaps your friend thinks you’re not well suited or your partner isn’t good enough.

Whatever the reason, as long as you’re happy, who you choose to be with is no one’s business.

5) Being single

habits of people with an above average IQ 14 life decisions that you don’t owe anyone an explanation for

And much like who you choose to be with, you don’t need to explain away your choice to be single.

The single life is a fascinating topic for some, especially those who can’t comprehend why anyone would want to be or is single.

That’s why single people are often asked, ‘Why are you single?’ and ‘How come you haven’t found anyone yet?’

Perhaps you’re not ready for a relationship, or you’ve been dating, and things haven’t gone so well. Or maybe you just enjoy being single.

There are a multitude of reasons why someone may be single, and you don’t need to explain any of them.

When it comes down to it, some people are in relationships, and others aren’t. And that’s ok.

6) Cutting ties with partners and friends

Sometimes, a friendship or relationship is not worth holding onto.

And that’s because these relationships are toxic, hold us down or do way more damage than good, affecting our mental health.

Perhaps you’ve been manipulated, bullied or otherwise treated poorly by your friend or partner.

Whatever the reason, you need to do what’s best for you, even if that means cutting ties with those people.

When this happens, they may try to draw you back in, pressure you to reconcile or demand an explanation.

But the best thing to do is move on and work toward cultivating healthy relationships that are worth your time.

7) Needing time alone

It’s hard for some people to get their heads around the fact that you need some alone time.

But there’s nothing wrong with needing time to yourself.

Sometimes you need the time to recharge your batteries after spending long periods with people. This is the case for me as an introvert.

There are also other reasons, such as looking after your mental health. Or even because you enjoy time alone.

I’ve been asked quite a few times why I spend so much time alone. My answer? Because I like it!

Whether you prefer to be alone or surrounded by lots of people, there is no right or wrong way to spend your time.

8) Your hobbies and interests

Like our appearance, our hobbies and interests help make us who we are.

You might enjoy playing video games, reading books, or collecting antiques in your spare time.

And some may not fathom why you might enjoy one such interest.

But if your hobbies do you and the people around you no harm, and it makes you happy, who is anyone to say what you should be into?

9) How you raise your children

People can be so judgmental when it comes to how you raise your children.

I remember an article years ago where people criticized someone for getting their child’s ear pierced at such a young age.

I had my ears pierced when I was very young (I don’t even remember it being done), and it didn’t affect me personally.

This is a choice one set of parents might make while another won’t agree with it.

And that’s fine. It’s ok not to agree with someone’s parenting choices.

Every good parent has the same goal – to raise a happy and healthy child. As long as this is adhered to, that’s all that matters.

10) What you choose for a career

Depending on your household, you may have a family with certain expectations as to the career you pursue.

So, if you deviate from that, it’ll raise some eyebrows and perhaps some dishonour along with that.

Others may look down on you for choosing a job they feel is beneath them.

Years ago, I worked as a sales assistant at a clothes shop. I often got asked why I worked there by people who judged my choice of work.

But if a job helps pay your rent, bills and keeps a roof over your head, this is better than nothing!

So, whether you’re in the career of your dreams, or one that simply pays the bills, the job we choose to spend most of our time in is just that. Our choice.

11) Your financial situation

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When it comes to your financial situation, some may see how much you earn as a competition.

If you don’t earn a certain amount, they feel the need to question it. Or suggest finding a job that earns more money.

You might live from one paycheck to the next or have a disposable income but don’t feel the need to disclose your earnings.

This is a private matter you should only disclose if you want to.

The same can be said for how you spend your money.

You can spend it or save it. Hell, you can bathe in it if you want.

It’s ok for people to be concerned if they feel you’re overspending or going into debt.

But if you’re spending within your means and have enough to live on, go ahead. Do your thing.

12) Your living situation

We’re all on different paths, meaning every situation will be different.

You may live in a city or town. And you might live in shared accommodation, alone or at home with your parents.

No answer as to what your living situation is wrong. But they’ll always be people who feel the need to question it.

‘You’re 30. Why do you still live at home?’ ‘Why do you still live in your home town?’ ‘How come you’ve never lived anywhere else?’

We all have our reasons for how we came to live where we do. And that reason doesn’t need an explanation.

13) What you choose to eat

Another life choice that doesn’t need explaining is what food you choose to put in your body.

You could be a vegetarian or vegan or avoid certain meat for cultural reasons.

Or there may not even be a reason behind it. But our food and lifestyle choices are ours alone.

People may also question if, for example, you don’t drink alcohol.

Some may not be able to comprehend this lifestyle choice, so they feel you owe them an explanation for it.

But just because they can’t understand it doesn’t mean you need to try to make people understand.

14) Your priorities in life

There is no right way to live your life.

But this isn’t the case for some, who believe you should follow a straight and narrow path.

For example, some people may think it strange if you get to your 30s and haven’t yet settled down and started a family.

But who says you want children? Maybe you’re too busy focusing on your career. Or you’d prefer to travel and see the world.

Or you’re trying but haven’t found the right person to settle down with.

Whatever your priorities are, aim to do the things that make you the most fulfilled.

Final thoughts

This is your life. The most important thing is that you’re fulfilled and happy. That should come first, above all else.

So, don’t feel the need to explain life decisions like who you choose to date, your career, or your living situation.

Forget what anyone else thinks about it, and do you!

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