Learning to love: A personal story from Tina Fey

I find this time of year hard.

The beginning of spring reminds me of a difficult breakup I faced last year.

A week after I moved to be closer to my boyfriend, he dumped me. He told me he wanted to be alone. But I found out he was with someone else, while we were together.

It felt like the world was pulled from beneath me. I was in a dark underground. And didn’t trust anything we shared.

I couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t write. It started to impact my work. I didn’t want to leave my house.

I didn’t want to go see any of my friends. I didn’t want to go out and have any fun.

And I was concerned because it quickly began to affect my self-confidence.

I had no ambition or motivation.

I felt stuck, and unhappy, and everything seemed hard.

I was tired of crying. Tired of complaining about him to my friends. I was tired of hating him.

I knew I had to find a solution.

Now, this was around the same time I first came across some videos by the shaman Rudá landê.

I was browsing online, looking for any time of help, and I came across a very uplifting man.

His smile got me. He seemed warm and had contagious laughter. It made me feel ike I don’t have to take it so seriously.

In his short, yet powerful, video on love and intimacy, he quickly reminded me of a key message I needed to hear.

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

So later that afternoon, I spent some time thinking more about what was important to me and where I self-sabotage my relationships.

I’ll be honest. When I looked at the people I engaged with, the men I wanted so badly, I started to see what he was talking about.

The very next day…

I woke up feeling refreshed.

My anxiety about love and finding the perfect partner vanished.

I felt like I was ready to take on my day.

I felt inspired to write again and go out into the world.

I just walk into my day confidently and feel like I can take anything on.

Is this all because of Rudá’s reminder?

There’s no other reason I can think of why my mindset completely shifted. He helped me to see relationships in a new light.

If you want to give it a try, the link can be found here:

Click here to watch the free video.

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