10 law of attraction signs someone is thinking about you

Thinking about someone can cause a ripple effect of positive energy. Whether it’s your crush, an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or a current flame—when you think of that person, the Law of Attraction is at play, and the universe will let you know

Somehow, the universe will let you know when someone has been thinking of you — even if they don’t come out and say it.

Here are 10 Law of Attraction signs someone is thinking about you.

1) You are drawn to them.

Being drawn to someone means feeling the urge to be around them and spending time together. When two people are connected on a deeper level, it’s often a sign that the Law of Attraction is in action.

This feeling can manifest in different ways.

For example, you’re finding yourself thinking about the person for a long time, feeling an inexplicable desire to be together, or feeling a magnetic force of attraction towards them. 

Ever felt a flutter in your stomach happening when meeting someone new? Some people say it could be the universe telling you they’re thinking of you, too.

2) You feel like you know them well

Have you ever had that incredible feeling of having known someone forever, despite just meeting them?

Strong connections can develop because of that powerful feeling of familiarity. 

Sometimes in life, two souls connect on a deep level and feel as though they know each other inside and out.

The Law of Attraction comes into play here.

Here’s the thing: the universe communicates in mysterious ways, sometimes revealing a deep connection between people. 

The feeling of being in sync with someone is an amazing vibe that can’t be dismissed or downplayed. It’s a powerful, cosmic energy that unites two people on a deeper, more intimate level. 

That said, it’s usually an indication that they’re thinking about you, drawing you closer together.

3) You dream about them over and over again

Dreams can often be signs that someone’s using the Law of Attraction to manifest something in your life. 

Seeing someone constantly in your dreams could mean they’re thinking about you regularly.

Now get this: dreams can also be seen as a spiritual practice, as the conscious mind is at rest and the subconscious takes over.

That’s why dream state details are important. Someone appearing happy may be thinking fondly of you, while someone appearing angry or upset may be thinking negatively.

Dream states can, of course, be both fluid and opaque.

Several factors may contribute to your dreams, including your current circumstances.

So if you need guidance on interpreting your dream, I recommend talking with an expert advisor with years of experience in dream interpretation, such as Psychic Source.

They can expound on a specific psychic sign you’ve been receiving and help you to learn more about its spiritual meaning.

Plus, you’ll gain clarity and insight into someone’s thoughts and behavior, helping you assess the situation more accurately.

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4) Your energy is different…in a good way

When someone’s thinking of you, the energy in the air around them shifts. 

You know that feeling of ease and comfort when you’re near them? It’s like a magnetic pull that draws you in.

Suddenly, they light up, and their face and body language show that they’ve been thinking of you.

The thing is, when a person’s trying to manifest you, they may be sending out signs of energy in order to influence you.

Now, these signs may be subtle.

But the positive energy you receive from them can boost your confidence and make you feel empowered.

This positive mood change you’re experiencing isn’t a coincidence.

That shift in energy may be a sign that someone’s thinking of you and sending out positive vibes.

5) There’s a manifestation of spirituality between you two

A spiritual connection transcends space, time, and physical proximity. You feel linked at a soul level, beyond the superficialities of life. 

This connection can appear in different ways. Sometimes it hits you suddenly, like a bolt of lightning, while other times, it develops gradually. 

It’s beautiful to experience and treasure.

Deep spiritual connections like these illustrate the Law of Attraction perfectly. By manifesting positivity, you radiate good energy into the universe, which often returns unexpectedly in wonderful ways. 

When two people share such intense feelings, odds are they think of each other just as much as they are thought of. 

It’s like a deep, secret connection that builds within, waiting for the perfect moment to blossom.

6) You have bodily reactions manifesting

Now, hold your horses before you jump in head first. 

We all know when we like someone and often, our body reacts before we even think.

When an individual has you on their mind, it is a similar experience.

You see, the Law of Attraction works in mysterious ways and can manifest itself through physical reactions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs of these unconscious physical reactions that happen without you even knowing.

Your eyes are twitching and itching

One of the natural reasons for strange movements such as eye twitching or itching can be a sign that someone is thinking of you.

You may be thinking “What? That’s crazy, an eye twitch can’t possibly be a sign that someone is thinking of me”.

But in some cases, this type of bodily reaction can happen because of a built-up energy inside your body that’s being directed towards you.

However, it’s important to note that if you have existing conditions or allergies on your left eye or right eye, these signs can’t always be trusted.

Additionally, the twitches or itches can’t always be used to determine the exact sentiment the person holds toward you.

So try to take them with a grain of salt and be more thoughtful about interpreting them.

You get goosebumps

Have you ever felt like someone’s watching you or suddenly got goosebumps?

These unexplainable sensations could mean that someone’s thinking about you in a positive way. It’s the Law of Attraction at work, where our thoughts and energy attract what we focus on. 

So when someone sends out good vibes, it could cause this wave of positivity in your subconscious that results in those spine-tingling moments. 

Remember, goosebumps can come from physical touch, but they’re also a reflection of the positive energy someone’s sending your way.

Why not embrace the power of positive thinking and spread good vibes back?

You keep on sneezing

There are various reasons that could trigger a sneeze. Dust and perfume are common. 

In olden times, sneezing was believed to be one’s defense against negative energy and evil spirits, preserving the soul. During the bubonic plague, a sneeze was thought to release one’s soul into the world. To avoid this, people would say “bless you” to prevent the soul from escaping.

You see, in ancient cultures, a sneeze was considered a way to clear stagnant energy around the throat chakra area. 

Now, when it comes to the Law of Attraction, sneezing can be indicative of a person sending their positive energy your way. 

As they send out their thoughts in your direction, it can be a physical reaction like sneezing.

This could be their way of saying “Hey! I’m still thinking about you”.

So if sneezing happens out of nowhere, it’s a definite good sign that someone is sending positive energy your way. 

You get hiccups

Who knew that hiccups could be so mysterious? Although commonly triggered by overeating or drinking, sudden stomach issues could occur with no warning. 

Like sneezes, random hiccups for no reason may indicate someone’s thinking of you.

It’s a physical reaction triggered by the energy of their thoughts and messages directed toward you. 

Positive thoughts and energy can stimulate the hiccup reflex which causes an involuntary contraction of your diaphragm.

Good vibes can come from a loved one or a long-lost acquaintance.

But let’s suppose it was your soulmate. That sounds intriguing!

Here’s the thing: it’s easy to know who’s thinking of you. A psychic artist can sketch your soulmate’s looks and ease the guesswork. 

I took a chance in the past and found out the truth about who is thinking of me. Trust me, it was a nice surprise.

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7) You feel happy around them

Do you know anyone who brings you joy just by being around them? The Law of Attraction can be at work in this type of situation too. 

You see, positive energy and good vibes from the other person could be causing these emotions inside of you.

How is that?

Our thoughts and intentions can manifest in the physical realm by traveling through the universe.

So if someone is sending positive vibes your way, you could feel them as a form of joy within yourself.

Remember, positive vibes attract positivity and aid in our growth. Negative energy harms our mental and physical health.

So be aware of how you feel around certain people. 

When someone brings you joy without even trying, it’s a sign their positive energy is resonating with you—maybe they’re thinking of you too. Cultivating these relationships that mutually support each other is a testament to their value.

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8) Your subconscious makes you see angel numbers

Another Law of Attraction sign that someone’s thinking of you is seeing angel numbers. They could come to random places like a grocery store, or coffee shop, and even on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media feed.

You see, angel numbers are sequences of numbers that have psychic power and divine meaning. They often show up when we need guidance from our angels.

They’re also a way for the universe to communicate with us, and they can be used to indicate when someone’s thinking of us or to manifest a desired outcome even in our love life.

Now you may think that they’re a coincidence, but seeing an angel number is a powerful sign of positive energy being sent in your direction.

Take a moment and reflect on what messages the universe is trying to communicate with you.

Remember, angel numbers often come when we need guidance, so be mindful of their significance.

9) You have sudden emotional changes

One possible sign that someone’s thinking of you is experiencing unexpected emotional shifts without any clear cause or apparent reason.

This can happen when you feel a deep and strong emotional connection with someone, and your energies merge on a subconscious level.

Alternatively, having random bouts of strange feelings and emotions may be the new beginnings of a relationship. It could be the universe sending you a sign of new love.

Trust your intuition and focus on your emotions to navigate such situations!

Who knows, this person who’s thinking of you is fondly sending out positive vibes your way. 

Remaining open to the possibility, but also being mindful and cautious can help you understand how best to handle these emotions.

10) Intuition says you have a psychic connection

Our subconscious mind perceives and understands the world through intuition. It goes beyond logical reasoning and gives a clear sense of purpose.

It’s akin to a sixth sense, guiding us in the right direction and helping us navigate life’s most trying circumstances.

You may be wondering how this is related to the Law of Attraction.

Your intuition may be signaling that someone’s thinking of you. It’s an innate feeling of this strong connection, allowing you to connect with those who have romantic interests by tapping into the collective consciousness.

So if you feel like your intuition’s sending you signals, take note and trust it. 

It may just be a strong sign that someone’s thinking of you from far away and sending out love.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is the belief that like attracts like.

The energy you put into the universe will be reciprocated – whether it’s positive or negative. Focusing your energy on something or someone will attract them to you in some way.

How does it work?

First, we must understand that we’re constantly manifesting our realities, even if we don’t fully realize them. 

We attract what we give out.

To receive positivity we must put it out into the world by maintaining a positive outlook on life and radiating good vibes to those we want to receive them.

Second, when we have positive or negative thoughts about someone, those thoughts emit energies that the other person can feel. If we hold positive thoughts of others, they’re likely to sense it and reciprocate the same towards us.

Thirdly, this law operates in enigmatic ways that keep us all on our toes!

It can give us signs that we are unaware of, such as how someone else feels about us even when we aren’t thinking about them. 

Although not always apparent, being attentive to these signs and interpreting their meanings is critical.

Finally, it’s a powerful tool for understanding how people’s thoughts and emotions can influence their physical surroundings. 

By using the Law of Attraction, we can deepen relationships. We’ll reap positive results by directing good vibrations to the universe.

Stay positive and trust the process!

Is it possible to manifest your soulmate?

Honestly, yes and no.

The Law of Attraction can help you understand compatibility and build healthy relationships, but it’s not a magic wand for finding soulmates.

Sure, you can put positive energy out into the universe and magnetize someone with similar vibes.

But what about their free will? 

You can’t force someone to reciprocate feelings as people are responsible for their own actions and thoughts.

But finding love with the Law of Attraction is still possible!

Align your intentions with the universe, set clear goals, and stay open to the possibility to unlock the key to success.

To help you with this, consider consulting a professional psychic from Psychic Source.

I mentioned them earlier.

Psychic Source connects you with expert psychics online. They help explore your inner self, uncover true feelings, and guide you on how to manifest love.

Believe me, I have tried their services and the advice was spot on. I manifested my soulmate and gained other valuable life advice too!

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Final thoughts

The above signs relating to the Law of Attraction are just some of the ways to know if someone has you on their mind.

Ultimately, success hinges on one’s faith in oneself and willingness to trust their instincts.

Next time, if you feel like something isn’t right or that a specific person’s sending you a certain energy, believe it and take action.

The universe has an uncanny way of speaking to us through signs and it’s up to you to interpret them and manifest your deepest desires.

When you feel someone’s thinking of you, pay attention to your hunch! This could be your chance to put the powerful Law of Attraction into play.

Who knows, the right person may be closer than you think!

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