15 differences between karmic relationships and twin flames

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There are lots of different relationship types out there and things can get a little confusing sometimes.

Do you know the differences between karmic relationships and twin flames?

If not, don’t worry, we’ll take a look at twin flames vs karmic relationships and you’ll be an expert in no time!

1) Commitment

Let’s start with commitment, which can be a big issue in many relationships.

In karmic relationships, people are looking for someone to take care of them.

They don’t have a great deal of self-confidence and they can be quite needy.

While one partner might be needy, the other can be flights and non-committed.

As a result, a lot of karmic partners will have commitment issues.

Twin flames leap into deep relationships quickly and show their partner how much they love them right away.

They may still have some issues with commitment, but it’s not as prominent in their relationship as it is in karmic relationships.

Karmic relationships are there to teach you a lesson, and commitment issues are a prime example of that.

They can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself, but they can also cause you a lot of pain.

Twin flames are there for your growth, and that’s why they’re so good for you!

2) Trust

Another thing that karmic relationships have in common is trust issues.

They may be too needy or non-committed, and that can lead to problems with trust.

You see, a lot of karmic relationships will trigger deep trust issues within the individuals, which can be an incredibly painful experience.

Sometimes, they might even breach trust completely and there are betrayals.

Why you may ask?

Well, as harsh as it is, going through something like a betrayal is a great opportunity for you to learn about yourself.

It can be painful, but when the relationship is over, it can be a great way to grow.

Lessons about:

  • boundaries
  • self-trust
  • forgiveness

…can be learned here.

Twin flames don’t have trust issues because they feel like they can trust their partner completely.

They know that the twin flame connection is there to help them learn and grow, so they don’t have any problems with trusting their partner.

You see, twin flames are also pretty trusting by nature, but they don’t need to work as hard on their trust issues as karmic partners do.

It’s a good thing that twin flames don’t have the same trust issues as karmic relationships because it makes them much easier to work with!

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4) Lack of support

The most noticeable difference between twin flames and karmic relationships is the lack of support.

Twin flames are connected with a deep spiritual bond, but it isn’t perfect.

Nevertheless, there is a sense of mutual respect and support in their relationship that isn’t always there in karmic relationships.

Sometimes it can feel like your karmic partner only wants what’s good for them, rather than what’s good for both people in the relationship.

This lack of support can lead to a lot of resentment building up over time, which often leads to breakups or divorce.

The connection between twin flames is much more solid; they are willing to do anything they can to make their partner happy because they know how powerful the connection is.

Simply put, a twin flame will always support you, no matter what, whereas a karmic partner is much more selfish in that regard.

Twin flames both have the same goal: to learn and grow together, but your karmic partner may not always be on your side.

You may have to fight for what you need, while they might not.

In some cases, it can seem like they are trying to sabotage you.

When you’re with a karmic partner, there can be a lot of conflict and distrust.

Why does that happen?

Well, a karmic partner can teach you what a loving relationship is not supposed to look like!

You can learn that loving doesn’t mean giving in to your partner’s every wish or desire or that loving doesn’t mean giving in to their demands, even if it hurts you.

Your karmic partner might not be able to give you the support and love you need.

With a karmic relationship, you will hopefully learn that love means being able to stand up for yourself and be strong for yourself when the time comes.

5) Resistant to change

Karmic relationships are stagnant and never change.

They are stuck in their old ways of thinking and acting, and you can’t really change that.

For example, if your karmic partner is very codependent, they may never learn to become more independent or self-sufficient.

Twin flames, on the other hand, are all about changing, growing, and evolving together.

They are willing to try things and make changes that other people may not be open to, which can be really exciting.

If you have a karmic partner, there’s a good chance that you’ll always be stuck in the same situation, even if it isn’t so great.

Your karmic partner will never be able to see the truth of your situation, and they may never see how much better it could be.

If you’re with a twin flame, they will always want you to grow and change in ways that are more beneficial for you.

That’s what makes karmic relationships so unhealthy, they don’t allow you to become a better version of yourself and you and your partner will be holding each other back.

You might be holding each other back from your true potential in life, which is why you should try to break away from a karmic relationship.

You can’t really grow and change as much as you’d like if you’re stuck with the same person.

Twin flames are all about moving forward, and they will help each other get there.

6) Emotional availability

One difference between karmic relationships and twin flames is that in twin flames, the emotional availability of both people to each other is high.

In other words, in a karmic relationship, there is no emotional availability.

Maybe you’re wondering: what is emotional availability?

It is the ability to be emotionally available and open to another person, and it’s the ability to feel and experience your emotions as well as hold space for your partner.

Think about a time when you had a close relationship with someone and you felt completely comfortable with them.

Did you feel like they knew exactly what you were thinking or how you were feeling?

If that’s the case, then it means that both of you are emotionally available to each other.

If your karmic partner can’t hold space for you or how you’re feeling, then there’s no way for them to be emotionally available to you.

However, in a twin flame relationship, there is an emotional availability for both people to be able to give their love to one another.

They are open to one another and often sit down for a heart-to-heart.

This closeness is what allows them to be able to understand each other and their feelings.

They can also be there for each other when they need help, and they are able to support each other in many ways.

7) Growth

In a karmic relationship, you both have the potential to grow and change together, but something isn’t working out quite right.

You want to be able to learn from each other as you grow and develop together, but the relationship feels stagnant and you can’t seem to break out of your patterns.

In a twin flame relationship, you are dealing with two halves of the same soul.

These relationships are more intense than regular romantic relationships because your partner has had a deep spiritual connection with you for many lifetimes.

You see, the sole purpose of twin flame relationships is to grow and evolve together, so in that relationship, you will see a big transformation within yourself.

Simply put, with a karmic partner you will feel stuck in your toxic patterns and behaviors, unable to change, no matter what you try.

With your twin flame, you will feel as though you learn something new every single day.

8) Unconditional love

One of the main differences between karmic relationships and twin flames is the level of love the two types of relationships share.

A twin flame relationship will show you unconditional love, while a karmic partner will only love you if they feel like you are meeting their standards.

Twin flame relationships can also be more compassionate than a karmic partnership.

You see, twin flames are mirror souls, two halves of a whole, so they love each other with all of their quirks.

Karmic partners, on the other hand, do not feel as though you will be loved, no matter what.

In that kind of partnership you will feel that if you make a mistake or don’t meet their needs, your partner will stop loving you.

It is important to understand that when you are in a twin flame relationship, you will always feel loved and supported.

You will never be left alone, even in the worst of circumstances.

9) Judgment

Karmic relationships are often based on an attraction you share with another person that’s not just physical, it can also be emotional.

There might be aspects of your partner’s personality that you find attractive or similar to your own.

People often enter into karmic relationships because they are looking for something they can’t find in others.

A twin flame is a soulmate who has been split apart from one another by time and space, but the connection between them remains strong throughout the universe.

It’s believed that when twins come into this life, their souls had agreed before birth to reunite at some point in their lifetime.

Now: a big difference between these two relationships is that in a karmic partnership, you will be judged for certain things and even catch yourself judging your partner at times!

Twin flame relationships, on the other hand, are a judgment-free zone.

Think about it: they are your other half and mirror soul, so they really aren’t in a position to judge you!

The truth is, they are just there to love you.

They are your best friend, so why would they judge you?

And the best part?

Experiencing this kind of judgment-free zone will be the most freeing experience you’ve ever had!

You see, we as humans are so terrified of being judged by other people, that finding one person that feels “safe” will make the world of a difference.

In these relationships, you can finally be yourself.

And that’s what makes them so amazing!

10) The phase of your life you meet them

Twin flames are with you for your entire life. They are the perfect match for you and they never change.

Sure, there are breakups and twin flame separation, but in your heart, they will always be there.

You will meet your twin flame whenever the stars align, which can be at virtually any time in your life.

Karmic relationships, on the other hand, can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of years.

And the big difference?

You usually meet a karmic partner during a very confusing transitional time in your life.

Maybe you just moved or quit your job and life feels out of control.

Or maybe you’ve had an emotional crisis and need someone to talk to.

Whatever the case, when you meet your karmic partner, it will be a chaotic time in your life, and that relationship will most likely not help a lot.

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11) Jealousy

One of the key differences between karmic relationships and twin flames is jealousy.

People who are in karmic relationships might feel jealous when their partner interacts with other people.

This is because we often want to be the only one for someone else, but as a part of a karmic relationship, we’re not always going to be the only person for each other.

In contrast, you won’t experience any jealousy in a twin flame relationship because you just know your partner is 100% devoted to you.

You are the only person for them and they are the only person for you.

You don’t need to fear that your partner will look at another person or that they’ll start talking to other people.

The trust issues and jealousy in karmic relationships are often what break them apart in the end.

In twin flame relationships, trust is the key.

When you trust your partner, you can focus on your relationship and not worry about things outside of it.

12) Respect

There are many differences between a karmic relationship and twin flames, but an important one is that in a karmic relationship the two partners don’t always respect each other.

Twin flames, on the other hand, share a deep respect for one another that can’t be severed.

This is because, with twin flames, there is not just physical attraction but spiritual attraction as well.

They have an intense connection, which makes them feel alive and whole.

In karmic relationships, partners may still find each other attractive but they don’t have that deep of a bond or connection.

Without a strong connection to someone, you’re less inclined to respect them deeply!

13) High-level intensity

Another difference is that in twin flame relationships there is always high-level intensity involved.

This means that the couple will focus on each other and often can’t think about anyone else.

They can’t get enough of their partner and want to spend all their time with them.

In karmic relationships, this isn’t always present and if it does exist, it won’t be for very long like it would be in a twin flame relationship.

You see, especially in the beginning, karmic relationships look a lot like twin flame relationships.

The attraction feels magnetic, you are obsessed with one another.

However, as time goes by, the spark of karmic relationships will quickly fade and you’ll find yourself getting bored and wanting to find someone else.

All that you’re left with after that is the toxic habits of obsession and neediness, without the deep love.

Karmic relationships are not always high-level intense like twin flame relationships.

Although it’s not always easy to tell whether you’re in a twin flame or a karmic relationship, it’s important that you know the difference so you can recognize which type of relationship you’re in.

14) Communication

Communication is also vastly different in these two types of relationships.

Twin flames typically have an open line of communication and enjoy talking about anything.

For them, they’re talking to their mirror soul, so they feel deeply understood and don’t shy away from communicating anything and everything.

As you can probably imagine, that’s pretty healthy for a relationship!

Karmic relationships, on the other hand, are often lacking in communication.

The couple may not be speaking to each other about important issues and may not even know each other’s thoughts.

They’re disconnected from one another and are only communicating with their inner selves.

It doesn’t take long for this kind of connection to combust.

15) Boundaries

In terms of boundaries, there is less privacy with a karmic relationship because they tend to know almost everything about you and vice versa.

But not just that, karmic partners also disregard each other’s boundaries and cross the line more than once.

With a twin flame, there are boundaries because the two people try not to give the other person space.

Boundaries are important in a healthy relationship because, without them, you end up disregarding your own needs and giving way more than you should.

Now: karmic relationships can be a valuable lesson, they teach you why you need boundaries so badly!

Which relationship are you in?

While twin flames and karmic partnerships look almost identical at first glance, overall, these two types of relationships couldn’t be more different from each other!

At least a few weeks in you will already notice the differences in these two types of relationships.

While karmic relationships are not destined to last and might sound toxic and unhealthy to you, they aren’t unnecessary or a waste of time.

You see, as bad as your experience might be with a karmic partner, they definitely teach you something very valuable that you needed to know for the future!

Remember, always listen to your heart and know when it’s time to end a relationship!

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