10 things you probably don’t know about Jeff Brown from Soulshaping Institute

Starting a journey to your authentic self brings a lot of people to your path that can clear your mind and show you the way. One of the people I found is Jeff Brown.

If you are intrigued by this man as much as I am, here are some things you probably didn’t know about him!

1) He used to be a lawyer

Before dedicating his life to soul shaping and exploring the unknown roads of his inner being, he used to be a lawyer. He was given a chance to work with a reputable criminal lawyer and turned it down.

He was a model example of success – his name could be seen on the Honor list at the University and his life path seemed pretty clear. He could have been brilliant in it.

His qualifications were stating the obvious. However, his calling was stronger.

2) He gave up opening his law practice after listening to his inner voice

Graduating law is the dream of thousands of people around the world. It is the ticket to wealth and the elite circles of people.

Even though attending law school is out of reach for many, it becomes very strange to realize that someone is simply throwing it away.

However, Jeff Brown decided to listen to his inner voice telling him to stop. The fact that he was able to respect the wants of his soul is magnificent and leads you towards his learning that he shares selflessly with all of us.

He decided to act according to his inner desires leading him to a path of healing. He didn’t even fully understand his call yet, but it is great that he did.

Thanks to his brave journey, thousands of people around the world can relate and trust their gut when it tells them to pursue their passion and hear the cries of their soul.

3) He believes patience is important for the spiritual path

People are generally not very patient beings, I can relate to that completely. We all want results immediately.

Contrary to what we all want, Jeff Brown teaches us patience. He believes that spiritual growth takes time.

Listening to him talk about his journey gives us the motivation we need to stay grounded and wait for our moment of growth. By honestly talking about his struggles, he helps all of the people who mistakenly believe that it is a faster route.

He reminds us that our expectations should be realistic, but he does it in a very inspiring way. Growth takes time.

It also involves growing pains. It cannot and should not happen overnight.

The journey to the soul is not easy and takes a lot of work through the struggles and emotions we didn’t get closure on.

However, it is rewarding on many different levels for the people who are determined to endure and follow their inner voice.

4) He has dealt with the same issues as we do

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The reason why Jeff’s podcasts and the books feel so true to us is that he was dealing with the things such as isolation, abandonment issues, and the feeling of being lost the way many of us struggle with for years.

His journey is honest and the reason why we can completely relate to him. After reading about the period when he was leaving his career, you will recognize the feeling of fear we all face during difficult and confusing times.

This is exactly the reason why we can understand him and want to know more. It is always better to learn from other people’s experiences, no doubt about it.

The fact that he didn’t have anyone to rely on during his struggles may be the main motivator behind his desire to help others.

The greatest thing is that he openly talks about it making it easier for the rest of us to survive our struggles in the best way possible.

5) He is one of the Open Heart Gang founders

Together with two of his friends, Jeff started a non-profit organization directed towards spreading love in all shapes and forms. They dedicated their time and resources towards random acts of kindness.

There are some days when the only thing we need is a hug and support from another human being. These extraordinary people recognized this need and simply started sharing hugs with people who needed them.

Besides, they were also investing money in ways no one else would probably think of – by putting their cash into the meters that are about to expire. Helping someone not get a ticket may be a small act, but the gratitude is enormous.

We all need support sometimes. It can come from an unexpected source.

This organization works towards embracing the uniqueness of each and every person, the right to be supported, heard, and nourished spiritually. The teaching that men and women are whole beings with a sacred purpose that can be actualized is liberating.

They strive to help people accept vulnerability and become ready to face all the emotions getting in the way of prosperity.

6) He started doing biomechanics

His path wasn’t a straight line. By reading about his life, you will soon realize that he was open to trying many things.

One of those things is biomechanics. It is the study that goes deeper into the way we move and the ways it can be improved.

It seems like he was building up his knowledge about the overall human experience in this world. Looking at his timeline can give us an idea of his soul-searching.

Every step of the way helped him get close to his calling. Body and mind are closely connected and by helping the body cope, our mind will follow.

7) He shed the light on the source of anxiety

His MA in Psychology enabled him to open the door of the human soul. The struggles he faced helped him get to the bottom of the issues caused by the restless mind and soul.

Listening to Jeff talk about the monkey mind we all struggle with gives us a clearer picture of the direction our development should go to. The source of our anxiety lies in unresolved emotions.

When our mind is filled with so many different thoughts, it is hard to focus only on one thing at a time. He introduces us to a new term “monkey heart” in his book Grounded Spirituality.

He explains in plain words such powerful truths – we can become calmer if we release all the emotions that are stuck in our bodies. Seeing his composure certainly proves that he has done his inner work.

The process might not be easy, but relying on the experience that he shares so openly can be our guide towards the light on our path.

His intentions are clear and he is determined to help others to reach the level of consciousness he reached in his work so far.

8) His work helped his grandma face her baggage

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Every family has some things that are hidden from other people. It can be anything – from illnesses to bad relations among family members.

We can all relate to that. Reading about Jeff Brown led to interesting information that all the work he did helped his grandma face her issues too. This is so fascinating for many reasons.

One reason is the fact that his teaching truly helps people. The other one is the message that it is never too late to deal with the problems we have been running away from all of our lives.

Facing the issues takes courage. There is no doubt about that.

It is something that all of us should do and use our time to bring some closure. Understanding the past is a great step toward the future.

The energy we give to future generations should be purified.

9) He is a magnificent writer

His books are truly inspiring and are very insightful guides for people who are determined to go beyond the surface. Reading his books is comforting and uplifting.

No matter which one you pick, you can be sure that you will be inspired! Here is a little insight into the top 4 books, but once you start reading you will probably want to have the entire collection!

“Grounded spirituality” offers us the advice to listen to our bodies and unlock all the emotions bubbling up inside. It guides us to the basic needs that we all have deep down and helps us connect to the spirituality we all want to find.

If your past relationships and interactions with manipulative people left you dealing with traumas, you will find this book to be a true gem. It will guide you through the healing process and surely direct you towards the ways for a deep dive through your inner world.

“Hearticulations” is a book of quotes that he poured directly from his heart. He talks about the family bonds, relationships of all sorts, and the healing all of us must commit to in order to live a fulfilled life.

While reading it, you will feel like you are reading Jeff’s journal. It offers insights that can have a profound impact on your journey.

He offers some real information in it and the insights he discovered over the years. There are definitely many pages of the book you will want to read again.

“Love it forward” is a perfect choice if you want to read a book that will open your heart so it can give and receive love. His style is unique, simple, and heartwarming.

It is uplifting and it is the perfect choice for the days when you are feeling blue and having difficulties finding your way in this confusing world.

Reading it will help you remember that you are perfect the way you are and that everything you need is already inside. Reading it feels personal and honest, just like he is talking to each reader who has opened his book.

“Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground” is a collection of thoughts and quotes that can inspire all of us. It is a breath of positive energy and inspiration.

The reason why it’s so popular is the fact that it is relatable, but it gives an eye-opening twist that every person determined to do some soul-searching will appreciate.

10) His teaching is groundbreaking

We all have something that we struggle with on a daily basis. The initial reaction is to simply shove it under the carpet because facing the issues can be painful.

However, his teaching is so comforting that it feels like support saying all the time that we can do it. It is so meaningful because it takes us back to our core, so we can actually understand how we should live our lives.

Those are lessons he learned that show us that there is still hope for the workaholics and all of the other people who want to numb the pain through various activities without success.

He is a warrior in this time of superficial things. He speaks from the heart for all of us who are ready to listen. It is like a primal call to commit our time and energy towards discovering our authentic personality.

The best part about his teaching is that you can get in all shapes and forms. People who are more open to listening will surely appreciate his podcasts.

On the other hand, his book is available in audio, kindle, or paper form. This gives more opportunities for every individual open towards self-development.

Final thoughts

Jeff Brown is a very inspiring person striving to help humankind. It is almost like he was sent from heaven to give us some of the magic dust.

His teachings sound true since they come from the heart. Listening to his voice will send you to another dimension and wake up your inner strength.

It is like a calling to go back to basics and use all of our potentials to make the world a better place.

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