Is Mindvalley a pyramid scheme?

Mindvalley is an online platform for self-development and life improvement.

It was founded by Vishen Lakhiani to teach people everything they never learned in school.

Whether you want to go on a diet, become a public speaker, learn hypnotherapy, exercise more effectively, Mindvalley has courses on that.

The list goes on: you can learn to meditate, resolve difficult relationship problems, become a better parent or optimize your memory.

Mindvalley truly has something for everyone.

The courses are taught by renowned people like bestselling author Robin Sharma, spiritual writer Neale Donald Walsch, trainer Ben Greenfield and businessman Ken Honda. These teachers break down their field of expertise in ways that lay people can understand and use to transform their lives.

Mindvalley courses are called quests. There are more than 50 of them, with additional quests being added all the time.

Having personally taken over 20 Mindvalley classes, I can promise you it is legit and it is not a pyramid scheme in any way. You’re not being roped into anything shady here, this is purely an online learning platform with amazing courses where you get access to fascinating world-class material.

The platform makes money from the memberships you buy, e-books they publish, and partnerships they make with other wellness and educational organizations to improve their services. There are no funny business behind-the-scenes or hidden costs. The company is growing rapidly and has quadrupled their revenue since 2016.

mindvalley options Is Mindvalley a pyramid scheme?

In fact, Mindvalley has had more than 500,000 students and is growing every month because of the excellence of what it offers. It earns more than $20 million per year at this point because of high enrollment and the success of its programs.

Yes, that’s some serious money, but keep in mind that getting world-class instructors doesn’t come cheap and that the marketing Mindvalley does is part of what allows it to grow as a platform and offer incredible courses each year.

The company is headquartered in Malaysia and draws talented employees from around the world who want to work in its team environment on cutting-edge courses.

As Renuka Rayasam writes for BBC:

“Today MindValley, which has revenues of more than $20 million annually, has about 200 employees from dozens of countries, with more than 150 of them working at its main office in Malaysia.”

The thing that sometimes throws people off is that Mindvalley puts a lot of effort into marketing and advertising. This can sometimes make customers hesitant or wonder if there are hidden strings that come up. After all, when you see too many glitzy ads you can start to wonder if there’s something shady under the surface.

But in fact, Mindvalley is just very into its programs and enthusiastic about what it offers you in terms of learning opportunities. Indeed, Mindvalley spends about 60% of its revenue on marketing, so they are clearly focused on advertising and catching your interest.

The important thing to emphasize here, though, is that the core offering underneath all the marketing is very much solid. These courses are real, you get what you pay for, and the stuff you learn will transform your life.

While it’s true you could find cheaper courses elsewhere, the content Mindvalley hosts is truly unique, and the teachers are world-class.

The classes are short, easy to understand and have improved my life in so many ways, both professionally and personally.

In my case, I have used the all-access membership pass. This costs me $499 per year and gives me access to all the quests on the platform on all my devices for a year. Another option is to buy a monthly pass for $99 per month.

Learn More About Mindvalley All Access Pass

I know that as soon as I saw how great one course was (A Yogi’s Guide to Joy with Sadhguru) I couldn’t wait to take more…

All memberships have a 15-day money-back guarantee which I have tested out and which I can confirm works perfectly without any hassle when you ask to cancel.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that Mindvalley offers a free weekly masterclass which will give you a taste of what the platform has to offer.

In my experience, the Mindvalley membership is absolutely worth it and I’ve seen enormous shifts in my life in all areas. One of those is in my business, where I’ve had my income increase by 23% since I started taking Mindvalley courses one year ago. Even just on a materialistic level, that’s big gains!

I strongly recommend Mindvalley. It’s an excellent platform which, in my experience, is the best out there. While I’ve tried various other options I find it to be the best for my needs.

One other alternative – or addition – to Mindvalley which is really worth mentioning as well is the Out of the Box course offered by Ideapod. This spiritual and personal development course is led by the world-renowned Brazilian shaman Rudá Iandê and has the potential to completely change your life.

I also strongly recommend checking out Rudá’s free masterclass on personal power.

This is all about moving from frustration to personal empowerment, and I can tell you that Rudá really hits the nail on the head in this one.

Wrapping up, let me just say that Mindvalley is amazing and you should check it out! The membership is worth it and you will be paid back in so many areas of your life if you take a chance and try it out.

Check Out Mindvalley’s All Access Membership

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