Is law of attraction and manifestation the same?

Are you ready to bring your dreams to life, but found yourself stuck in how to achieve it?

You’re not alone.

We hear so much these days about the power we hold to choose our own destiny, but is it really true?

Can we really bring good things into our life by thinking positively about our goals?

According to the laws of manifestation and attraction, we can.

But it’s easy to get confused when it comes to the law of attraction and law of manifestation.

Are they the same? Can they be used interchangeably?

Or is there some inherent difference we should know about as we go chasing those dreams…

The simple answer is yes. There’s a difference between the two.

Actually, the truth is, there’s a big difference between the two laws. Understanding this difference will help you achieve your dreams.

What is the law of attraction?

Whether you like it or not, the law of attraction is at work in your life right now.

Many people mistakenly believe this law is some ‘alternative’ way of thinking that doesn’t hold much merit.

This couldn’t be further than the truth.

The idea is simple: you will attract whatever you focus on into your life.

Whether you are intentionally focusing on something or not doesn’t matter, the law of attraction is always in place.

By transforming your thoughts and thinking about your goals and dreams, you have the power to transform your life in any direction you like.

What is the law of manifestation?

The two really do work hand in hand together.

While the law of attraction is always at work around you, the law of manifestation is the opposite.

This occurs when you actually harness the power you have to transform your life and manifest it into being. This won’t simply take place without your awareness.

The word manifest actually comes from the Latin root ‘mater’ which means ‘make or do’.

It’s something you have to go out and find on your own.

You are manifesting your dreams and bringing them to life.

Look at it this way, the law of manifestation helps you harness the law of attraction and actually bring those dreams to reality.

What’s the difference between the law of attraction and law of manifestation?

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Now that we understand what each law is, it’s clear there’s a main difference between the two.

It comes down to the power we have over them.

Whether we like it or not, the law of attraction is always at work in our lives.

If we’re focusing on the negative and allowing our fears to take over, then we’re bringing that negative energy into our lives and it will pull us down. We essentially attract the negative into our lives through the law of attraction.

The law of manifestation gives us the power to harness this energy and put it where we want it. For example, if you’re wanting to achieve at work and get a promotion, then you can manifest that by focusing the law of attraction in the direction you want.

As long as you go in with a clear mind and a clear focus on your goals, you have the ability to send your life in the direction of your choosing.

The two work together, by bringing the law of manifestation into the mix, you’re simply pulling the puppet strings.

So, how exactly does it work? Read on for some techniques to help you harness the power of manifestation in your life and make your dreams a reality.

How does the law of attraction work?

As mentioned, the law of attraction is constantly at work around you. Here are four things to keep in mind when it comes to attracting the right things into your life.

1) Have a goal in mind

With nothing to focus on, you have no way to manifest your goals. You don’t even know what these are. Instead, you leave it up to the law of attraction to bring into your life what you’re unintentionally focusing on.

The first step is to find that something to focus on.

Don’t think about what you want tomorrow.

Instead, focus on your future.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Now work backward. In order to achieve this, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Keep working backward in order to create smaller, more manageable goals for you to work towards.

Now that you have somewhere to focus your attention, you can begin to manifest those dreams and make them a reality.

Instead of leaving it up to the universe, you’re taking the power into your own hands to make it work for you.

It’s empowering.

2) Change your mindset

Your mindset affects almost everything. It changes your emotions, your choices and how you see the world, and where you want to be in it.

If you’re working with a negative mindset, then it’s safe to say the law of attraction will bring that negativity into your life.

You have the power to change this.

Start to think more positively about your goals and aspirations in life.

It might even help to take part in some meditation exercises to help you clear your mind and focus on exactly what you want to achieve in life.

Once your mind is clear, you have a better ability to really focus on what you want and all the positives it will bring into your life.

The truth is, we are busy. Our mind is constantly full of clutter and stress, stopping us from truly focusing on what we want in life.

By taking a little time each night to clear our minds and redirect our focus, we can set ourselves up for success.

As soon as you start thinking positively about your life, you will start attracting positive things into it.

That’s the law of attraction at work for you.

3) A real psychic confirms it

The signs I’m revealing in this article will give you a good idea of how the law of attraction works.

But could you get even more clarity by speaking to a real advisor?

Clearly, you have to find someone you can trust. With so many fake advisors out there, it’s important to have a pretty good BS detector. 

After going through a messy break-up, I recently tried Psychic Source. They provided me with the guidance I needed in life, including who I am meant to be with. 

I was actually blown away by how kind, caring, and knowledgeable they were.

Click here to get your own law of attraction reading.

A genuine advisor from Psychic Source can not only tell you how to use the law of attraction, but they can also reveal all your love possibilities.

4) Conceptualize what you want and ask for it

Now is the fun part. For the law of attraction to work in your favor, you have to let it know what you want.

This is where the law of manifestation comes into it.

When your mind is clear and calm, it’s now your chance to ask for exactly what you want. The path forward for you is now clear.

By conceptualizing what it is you want, you manifest it into being with the help of the law of attraction.

At the same time, you want to make sure you’re not asking for what you don’t want. For example, if you allow your fears to creep in, then you bring with it that negative energy that takes the focus away from your goals.

Now’s your chance to focus on the positive and put that positive mindset to good use.

Here’s how.

Techniques to harness the power of manifestation in your life

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We know that the law of attraction is always at work around us, what’s important is learning how to manifest what we want, using these powers.

Manifestation isn’t something that happens overnight. Instead, it’s something you work at each and every day as you focus on your goals and what you want out of life. The key is heading in with an open heart and an open mind, so you are receptive to the transformation.

Here are some key techniques you can use to manifest your goals and attract positive things into your life.

1) Sensory visualization

This method requires using all your five senses to truly manifest something into being.

For example, if your goal is to get fitter and stronger, then you need to picture exactly what you’ll look like when you achieve that goal weight.

Feel how much light you will be.

Taste the success on your lips.

Smell the good foods that you now have a much better relationship with.

If you can’t ever see yourself reaching your goal and being happy in your life, then you can guarantee this isn’t going to happen for you.

You have to believe in your goal.

By employing all five of your senses, you are bringing that dream of yours to live in the most vivid way possible.

One that will be hard for the law of attraction to ignore.

You’re manifesting it into being.

2) Create vision boards

Who doesn’t love a vision board?

It’s time to get creating!

This is such a simple and easy way to manifest your dreams into reality.

Browse through old magazines.

Print things off your computer.

Find some of your favourite inspirational quotes.

Flick through old photos of you.

Think of exactly what you want, focus on those goals and dreams, and create a board to reflect that.

If you’re vying for that promotion at work, keep all your quotes focused on that:

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

— Confucius

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.”

— Carlton Fisk

“Work to become, not to acquire.”

— Elbert Hubbard

According to one survey,  one in five business owners used a vision board to create their business plans. In addition to this, 76 percent of those had already achieved what they had envisioned using the dream board they originally created.

Keep that board in a prominent place in your home that you’re going to see frequently.

This will keep your goals at the forefront of your mind as you go about your daily life. It makes sure you’re always manifesting that dream and focusing on what’s important.

Once again, this allows the law of attraction to work its magic and give you that helping hand.

3) Keep a journal

Have you ever heard of gratitude journaling?

The concept is simple. At the end of each day or week, however often you’re willing to commit, you sit down and reflect on things you’re thankful for.

It’s not a place to bitch about work colleagues.

Or to reflect on any negativity in your life.

It’s simply a place to say what you’re thankful for.

This is something that is used often in positive psychology. It has been shown to increase your overall feelings of happiness, which will then bring more positive experiences into your life.

And the way you do it is up to you.

You can write out essays.

You can take dot points.

You can even draw or write poetry.

The sky is your limit.

By taking the time to reflect on these positive experiences in your life, you have the power to change your mindset and become a happier person.

As a result, the law of attraction will bring more happiness into your life.

It’s a great tool when it comes to the law of manifestation and making those dreams a reality.

4) Positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are becoming much more mainstream, with more and more people harnessing the power that comes with them.

These positive affirmations can start with young children, and help change their outlook on themselves and, in turn, life.

You are strong enough.

You are beautiful.

You are courageous.

The idea is that by saying these positive affirmations and having them up around your home to see every day, you will manifest them into being.

If you tell yourself enough that you are fit and strong, it stands to reason that with the help of the law of attraction, you will bring that to life.

One powerful thing this does is get rid of all that negativity in your life.

Instead of standing in front of the mirror and seeing that fat, unfit version of yourself that you long to change, you instead tell yourself you are fit, you are strong and you begin to see yourself differently.

This creates a positive outlook on life which will only attract more positive things into it.

5) Focus wheel

pexels michael burrows 7147482 1 Is law of attraction and manifestation the same?

A focus wheel is a great way to set your intentions so you can begin to manifest them into being.

Here’s how to create one:

Draw a large circle on a piece of paper.

Inside it, draw a second, smaller circle.

Now, in the space between the two circles, draw lines to divide it into 12 equal parts.

In each of these write: “I love…” and finish each of those sentences.

For example:

  • I love my family
  • I love my job
  • I love my friends

Make sure you focus on the positive things in your life. When you’re done with all 12 of these, write your greatest intention in the middle circle: “I love how I confidently behave in ways that cause me to be a better version of myself, both physically and emotionally.”

Now you want to approach your focus circle three times a day. Read each of the 12 intentions and focus on them.

Workaround the circle and say each one out loud. Do it three times and really listen to yourself.

Once again, this has to goal of helping to manifest those goals and use the power of the law of attraction to bring them into being.

6) Act as if it’s already true

There’s no better way to use the law of manifestation than by acting as if your dream has already come true. The fact is, manifestation embodies your desires. If you don’t believe in those desires, then the law of attraction won’t bring them to you.

If we’re constantly sitting back and waiting for something to come true, it can wear us down and enable those negative thoughts to seep in. Your fears take over, attracting the wrong desires into your life.

That’s why it helps to act as if it has already happened. Life your life believing your desire is already yours. You don’t want to hide your intention with thoughts of tomorrow, next week and net year. You want to act now to really and truly fulfil those desires.

Step away from the constant planning, thinking, and making it happen, and enjoy your goal as if it has already been achieved.

This will bring nothing but happiness into your life and allow you to truly enjoy your dreams and help make them a reality.

Achieving your dreams

We’ve covered the differences between the law of attraction and manifestation, but if you want to get a completely personalized explanation of this and where it’ll lead you in the future, I recommend speaking to the folks over at Psychic Source

I mentioned them earlier on; I was blown away by how professional yet reassuring they were. 

Not only can they give you more direction on attracting and manifesting the things you want, but they can advise you on what’s in store for your future. 

Whether you prefer to have your reading over a call or chat, these advisors are the real deal. 

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