Is it worth having a corporate career?

Being a fresh graduate or finding yourself at a crossroad may fill your head with numerous questions. What is the best way to build my future?

Which way should I go? What kind of a job should I pursue?

If you are confused about the job you should pick, here are some things that will help you decide if it is worth having a corporate career!

1) Your performance will be on the spot

Working in a company means that you will be one of many workers striving to stay long term. Keep in mind that for every job there are probably ten other people waiting to fill the position.

This can create a lot of pressure to perform the best way you can. You can be sure that the way you are doing your job will be constantly evaluated.

If you are not ready to be under the spotlight in equal intervals, you may need to think about something different for yourself. On the other hand, if you are a perfectionist and don’t mind doing the best you can constantly, you may be fully satisfied with the role.

Being able to perform and work under pressure means that you will bring your company money. As long as the corporation is profitable, your job will be safe.

2) It can be harsh

People in the corporate world tend to learn early in the game that their worth goes up if they know an important person in the company. That may not have a real value or influence, but keeping up appearances is of the essence.

You should be aware that you will need to attend parties and meetings with people who are nice to you as long as they have some benefit from you. If you leave, you will probably be forgotten in a heartbeat.

This may sound truly cold, but the corporate world is not the place to look for friends. It is all about results and profit. If you think you can accept it that way, then it may not be a bad idea to try.

I saw a picture recently of a card for a man who quit his job after 20 years of running a team of 500 people – it had only 3 phrases written on it:

  • Wish you well
  • Great job
  • Thank you

The poor man cried because he expected that he will be missed after all those years. The fact is, you can’t be too emotional about it.

Corporate jobs require a cool head, doing the work, and then moving on with your life. If you devote all your hours to the company and disregard your private life, you won’t like the result.

Introverts appreciate this type of work since they can blend in and simply do the work. There is no need to stand out too much.

Balancing the efforts and devotion with being able to disconnect from it and live your life to the fullest is the recipe. It is not easy to achieve it, but not impossible.

3) You have to be a go-getter if you want a promotion

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This means that not only you’ll work hard, but you will also need to make your success visible to the right people. Considering that there are hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who work in a company, in order to succeed, you must show off your results.

The fortune is on the side of the brave. If you are an extrovert and have no problem with talking to many people, showing off your results, and simply being open to opportunities, you may feel like a fish in the water.

You will need to keep your eyes on the prize and be ready to take it the moment you get the chance. It is the only way to go up the ladder.

On the other hand, if you like to work in silence and stay in the back rows without saying a word, then working on a corporate career may be truly difficult.

Be honest with yourself and evaluate what kind of job you truly need.

4) Your mistakes won’t go unnoticed

People who start enjoying the salary and the steady work may at some point start to decrease the quality of their work.  The only way that this can slide is if you’ve achieved extraordinary results for a long time.

However, don’t think that it can slide for a long time. Sometimes managers in big corporations look for mistakes so they can justify firing you.

The salary and the position play an important role here. The lower you are on the ladder, the harder it is to make a good result and progress.

You can be easily replaced, which is a blessing and a curse.

5) You will constantly need to look for a balance

When should I be quiet? When should I speak up?

There is a fine line and it is often a slippery slope. It is not easy to find the balance and you will often miss the chance in the beginning.

People who work in the corporate world in the highest positions are tough; they came to their piece of success one step at a time. This means that big egos are in play.

If you say something in a way that is not tactful enough, you may put yourself in a difficult position. On the other hand, some managers will appreciate your honesty which can help you make a progress in your career.

See what I mean now? You will truly need to improve your reading people technique to the max so you can make better decisions.

Recognizing the timing is everything. If you hit the note, you can expect a bonus, a raise, or anything else from that arsenal.

6) The salary is great

If you are looking for a good salary (and who isn’t), landing a job in a corporation may be a joyful occasion for your bank account. There are reports that show that people working in small businesses get a little more than 35k a year. Medium companies provide salaries up to 44k.

Large corporations give a salary to their employees that go around 52k and more. This is clearly the reason why so many people choose to join a strong company that is stable on the market.

This means that you will be able to afford a good house, proper education for your kids, and peaceful retirement. It is certainly very inspiring for the people who are starting a family and want to ensure all the best conditions are met.

7) The hours are set

If you are a person who likes routine and enjoys being familiar with the schedule, a corporate job can be right for you. There is a familiar structure and all the new people that join are expected to follow the rules set by the management.

You know in advance when to take a lunch break and which days you can take your vacation. The holidays are planned months in advance.

It is pretty straightforward. This can be good or bad, depending on your personal preferences and the type of job you need.

8) You won’t have to multitask

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As mentioned before, the work in corporate companies is pretty much structured. Each employee is supposed to do one task or very few.

Jobs are usually very narrowly oriented. This means that you will learn how to do one job and you will perfect it completely.

You won’t have to finish a course each month just to barely manage to keep up with the changes. People who are involved in startups know just how many tasks, courses, and new information has to be processed on a daily basis.

This can also have another consequence – your skills will stagnate. Being safely tucked in the corporate world will feel like you are home and nothing else needs to be done.

Depending on your goals, this can be looked at from all kinds of different perspectives.

9) Your influence will be limited

If you are used to making decisions in your work, you may be surprised by just how little space for making decisions you will have. This can get pretty frustrating if you would like to have a final say.

On the other hand, for individuals who are simply too tired of having too many responsibilities in life this kind of work will be welcomed with both hands.

10) You can expect perks

Working in a large-scale company can bring lots of benefits, such as bonuses or good health insurance. Some companies even have a gym included, a dry cleaner, or even a restaurant.

If you value these things and simply want to enjoy them more, then choosing a corporate job may be a way to go. Meaning that someone will negotiate a good deal for you is quite reassuring and can mean that you will have more money in your pocket.

Will a corporate job be good for you?

There is no easy way to make a decision about this. What you can do is to write down the pros and cons for you personally and weigh your options.

Write down your personal traits that will help you decide if you could fit into this structure better:

  • Are you an ambitious person?
  • Do you like to make decisions by yourself?
  • What do you value in life?
  • What are your goals for the future?
  • Do you like working on your own or in a team?

All of these things will give you a better impression if working in a corporation is a good choice. If you consider getting perks and investing your time in a methodical kind of work, then working in a corporation is definitely worth it.

On the other hand, if you believe that your creativity would be restricted and you want to develop your own ideas, then working in a corporation may not be a good idea. Depending on your personal preferences, you will be able to determine what kind of decision is the best for you.

The advantages of investing in your business are:

  • Flexibility
  • More responsibility
  • Bigger profit
  • A relaxed environment

Each type of work has its benefits and flaws. If you are able to test both options, that could give you a better insight.

There are people who work for years in a corporation and then decide to invest in a startup. The reason why it is so appealing for some people is the fact that there is a lot more flexibility.

This doesn’t mean that you will get the money for nothing. Some people believe that being your own boss means that you don’t have to work.

That is not true at all. People, who start their company, actually work more than ever before.

The only difference is that because you are your own boss, you tend to get pushed by your ambitions to succeed. Giving up is not an option, so using all the available resources is the way to go.

If you have been thinking about it, but you are not quite sure, you must be also aware of the risks. There is a risk of not being able to make a profit as fast as you would by having a corporate job.

One thing that everyone cannot deny about corporations is stability. You know when your salary is coming, your future is predictable and there are no big oscillations over the years.

Final thoughts

There is no easy way to make a decision like this easily. Take your time to make an informed decision.

No matter what your decision is, make sure you have a plan b. Things hardly ever go as planned.

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket. Every form of work has its advantages and disadvantages, weigh all of them.

Think about each one and do your best to do your part as well as possible. Good luck in your decision-making process!

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