Incredibly Rare Video Footage Of Buddhist Master Revealing the Secret of Love

We’ve been sharing a lot of the teachings of Osho lately, because we believe he has incredible wisdom about the self and mindfulness for many people all over the world. Now, we’re excited to share this incredibly rare video footage of Osho talking about love.

In the video at the bottom of this article, Osho implores people to be selfish with their love. The word “selfishness” has been condemned so much. Yet the word “selfishness” is really beautiful. To be selfish simply means to be yourself.

When it comes to matters of love, don’t consider anybody else in the world. Just consider yourself. In the very consideration of self, you will have considered the whole world. You’ll find all of the altruism that you have been seeking and not finding.

You are told to love your neighbor without ever having loved yourself. Yet the person who has not learned to love themselves cannot love another. People are loving each other constantly who know nothing of love.

This is like beggars always begging of each other. Only misery and suffering can follow from this situation. You end up thinking you have been cheated by trying to love people who don’t know what love is, and visa versa.

To know anything in life, you always have to begin with yourself. You have to simply be selfish. You will be surprised at what you will discover when you are selfish. Soon you’ll start discovering treasures within yourself, and you’ll start selling these treasures.

In ordinary economics, if you give something to someone else you now have less. If you go on giving, soon you will be a beggar. In this reality, you have to snatch as much as possible from everybody around you. That’s how you gain more.

The treasures Osho is talking about follows a different direction. If you cling to your treasures or someone else’s, they shrink. If you cling too much, you can kill your treasures. You can destroy them by closing up the doors and windows to yourself. Your truth, your freedom, your love and your joy will all die within you.

It’s much better to share your treasures with all. It doesn’t even matter who you share it with. Simple give. Don’t be concerned with the address of where you’re giving to. Simply go on sending love letters. Somebody will receive it somewhere.

The more you go on sharing, the more that goes on entering you from unknown sources.

Here’s the rare footage of Osho talking about love. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. If you do, come on over to Ideapod and share your ideas on #love. We look forward to seeing you there.

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