I’m convinced my twin flame is a celebrity – who I’ve never met!

I’m 36 and I’m an artist and musician. I just finished my fine art degree in Portland and just moved to LA to try to pursue my creative dreams.
Two years ago I heard my twin flame on a podcast. He is a celebrity and I have never met him before. I was so confused about what was happening because I recognized him solely through his voice. By the end of the podcast I was having an intense spiritual vision of a life with him where we had a child and in this vision I felt a profound love and contentment that I have never experienced before. After the initial vision, I continued to have powerful visions and dreams of him and they have not stopped. I knew nothing of this man except for his voice and then I looked up pictures of him afterward. I was so confused because I am absolutely not a fangirl type. I hated what was happening and felt absolutely crazy and tried everything possible to stop the spiritual connection but nothing worked. I soon went into an awakening and dark night of the soul after I encountered him and it has been the worst experience of my life. Two years of torture..the longing for my twin flame never leaves and is so painful but we have never met. There have been signs and synchronicities everywhere which freaked me out because I never experienced that before. This is so hard because this person is a celebrity and it makes no sense. I can’t contact him but he makes posts on his Instagram where he talks about personal things about me (without using my name obviously) and my visions that no one would know except me. He is psychic or something. I think he is a very spiritual person with extraordinary spiritual gifts. Obviously, he is staying away from me physically because I think he knows more than me and we are not in union.
I don’t know how any of this works and I have been so confused by what this man has been doing to me along with my intense spiritual awakening that is obviously connected with coming into contact with him. I feel tested to my limits and no one believes he is my twin flame because he is a celebrity…not a huge celebrity just a small one, but still a celebrity. I can’t move on with my life or date other people because of this profound connection…I’ve had to do intense self work alone for two years and it’s such a slow process. I don’t know how to deal with all of this.


Dear Liz,

This sounds like an incredibly intense and disorienting experience, and I can understand why you’re reaching out for guidance. Here’s what I want you to hear: your feelings and experiences are valid, even if they don’t fit conventional expectations. However, I also want to gently guide you towards a healthier perspective.

Firstly, the past two years sound incredibly draining for you. I am really happy to hear that you’re taking this as an opportunity to commit to self-work and reflection, as tiring as it may be. The concept of a twin flame who you haven’t even met, and the intense longing you’re describing can become all-consuming. However, through this process, it’s important to remember self-care and self-nurturing, regardless of any spiritual connection you might feel.

Are you eating well, sleeping enough, getting fresh air, and spending quality time with supportive friends or family? If not, please do try and prioritize those basics.

It’s also important to be mindful of how we perceive celebrities. They often present a heavily curated and edited image of their lives, one that may not fully reflect their private reality.
It’s easy, especially during vulnerable times, to project idealized qualities onto them. What you see in their social media posts may be a deliberate choice to fit a narrative, not necessarily an authentic glimpse into their inner world.

The intense visions, overwhelming emotions, and feeling ‘tested to your limits’ you describe sound incredibly draining. In this situation, seeking the guidance of a licensed mental health professional could be incredibly beneficial. A therapist can help you unpack these experiences, develop coping mechanisms, and guide you toward healthier ways to process the signs and synchronicities you’re seeing.

I encourage you to try and ground yourself outside of this connection you feel towards a celebrity. Think back to what gave you joy and fulfillment before all of this began. Did your art and music bring you a sense of purpose? Is there a way to gently reconnect with those passions and try to refocus your energies on your creative dreams?
Grounding techniques can be helpful too – meditation, spending time in nature, your art and music, anything that brings focus and a feeling of control.

Most importantly, please be kind to yourself. You’re going through something deeply confusing, and there’s no need to rush yourself into finding all the answers. Prioritize your emotional well-being, consider seeking professional support, and slowly try to find your footing again.

Wishing you strength, clarity, and a sense of peace as you navigate this.

With love,

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