20 pros and cons of ignoring an ex that dumped you

If you have ever been dumped by an ex, you might have found yourself wondering if ignoring your ex is right for you.

Some people may advocate for staying away from their old flames while others recommend going head to head.

This blog post will examine the pros and cons of both opinions and hopefully help you figure out which is best for your situation.

Let’s get started!

The pros of ignoring your ex:

1) Less drama

By ignoring your ex, you will not run into any awkward arguments or hurt feelings. You don’t have to deal with their bad attitude.

Having a great life is the best revenge. Don’t argue with your ex, it just prolongs the process of moving on and finding someone else.

The less you argue, the quicker you can get back on your feet and eliminate any doubt of having made a good decision in moving on.

2) You become independent and self-sufficient again

Not talking to your ex gives you time to become yourself again.

It’s essential to be on your own and make the right decisions so that you can create a happier life for yourself.

By ignoring them, you will be able to spend time with new people that are more of a benefit than they are a hindrance.

3) Give both of you time to think things over

Ignoring your ex gives both of you peace to think things over, and see if they end up coming back because they miss you?

While the pros and cons of ignoring an ex in this article will help you deal with the ex that dumped you, it can be helpful to speak to a relationship coach about your situation.

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When I was at the worst point in my relationship I reached out to a relationship coach to see if they could give me any answers or insights.

I expected some vague advice about cheering up or being strong.

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Relationship Hero is a hugely popular relationship coaching site because they provide solutions, not just talk.

In just a few minutes you can connect with a certified relationship coach and get tailor-made advice specific to your situation.

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4) Someone else is out there for you

Put your ex behind you because there is someone else out there for you, it’s just a matter of time before you find them.

After some time, you’ll forget all about the person that got away and be thankful for the pain they caused.

From this point on, you will realize that all the other opportunities that slipped by were blessings in disguise and better things are still ahead.

5) You tell them your boundaries

Ignoring them will allow you to set healthy boundaries and make positive changes in your life.

Once you’ve ignored them for a while, it’s going to become such an easy decision for you whether or not you want to contact them again.

You will no longer feel obligated to their presence in your life because you can finally see that they’re not worth it.

6) It will be much easier to move on

It’s never going to work out for the best.

With time and the right mindset, you’ll see that ignoring your ex is the best way to end things on your terms.

You will be able to spend less time worrying about them and more time moving on with your life.

You will find yourself avoiding them and their drama altogether, so you’ll be able to spend more time with new people that are more beneficial than they are a hindrance.

7) To cut ties and begin the healing process

When you put your mental energy into trying to contact your ex, and all you are doing is obsessing over them and getting pulled into their drama, then this is a sign that you’re not ready to deal with the situation with your ex or move on.

You need to learn how to move on with your life because you don’t want to be constantly pulled back into their situation no matter how much you want to get over them.

8) You will remember who you are

When you first met your ex, you spent all the time worrying about what they thought of you.

Now you will finally have your freedom back as you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

You will remember who you are and find that you don’t need anyone else to feel complete. You can be yourself again.

You can become the person you were meant to be. You will learn to love yourself unconditionally, respect others and realize that you can do anything you put your mind to.

9) You will be happier without them

When you have a relationship that is filled with drama and so much unspoken anger, it can make your life very difficult.

At the end of the day, you are usually sucked up inside all that negativity.

By ignoring your ex, you will be happy that now you have no one else to make you feel worse about yourself, and your happiness will become a priority again.

10) You are more liked now

You will find people constantly telling you how much they like you now that you are free of your ex.

You will get compliments on your outfit, hair, shoes, make-up, etc.

You will notice that people openly start conversations with you and are nice to you. You will end up meeting new friends that you wouldn’t have met before.

When everyone wants to be friends with the cool, independent girl they can easily see past all of the drama in your life when they meet you.

The cons of ignoring your ex:

1) They will never know how much you cared about them

As time goes on, your ex is going to realize that you don’t care about them anymore.

Your ex might be thinking to themselves, “Maybe if I give them some time and space, they’ll get over me. Maybe our relationship wasn’t as good as I thought it was.”

Once they have realized this, chances are they will move on to someone else.

2) You are playing a game you can’t win

If you ignore your ex and they forget about you, then all is well, right?


The person who wants to keep the ex will eventually find a way to come back and make things right.

You want them back and they want to come back. If you keep your mouth shut and pretend that nothing matters, then they’ll get tired of waiting and finding someone else.

You are both playing a game you can’t win.

3) It will make them angry

If you ignore your ex, then they’ll feel angry because they want an answer to their question.

Knowing that you’re out there and ignoring them is insulting and makes them uncomfortable.

They want to know why they’re not good enough to be with anymore, so they’ll stir the pot until you break down and tell them what’s wrong with them (which is nothing).

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4) You may have to deal with them regularly

You and your ex probably share close friends and maybe even family members.

It can be hard to act like you’re not mad at them when you bump into each other in a moment of weakness.

Make sure that you’re prepared to face them no matter your feelings toward one another.

5) It makes things more complicated

You may be comfortable with the way that your relationship ended. However, your ex might not feel that same way.

Your ex might be feeling that you’re making a pretty big mistake.

Opening up to them and being honest about why you chose to end things can help them move on faster as well as let them know if there’s any hope for reconciliation.

6) It causes more problems

The most common cons about ignoring your ex are when they start going around town trying to find you.

This can cause a lot of drama between the two of you, which results in them only getting more and more jealous.

Then what happens?

They become worried that they might have a cheater on their hands. This can cause both of you to make mistakes, which could lead to other problems down the road.

7) It will probably end up hurting you in the end

Even though you might feel like you’re moving forward because there are no longer any reminders or conversations happening, chances are that things will only get worse as time goes by.

You may have lost the ability to be in a proper relationship with someone else, but you can’t blame yourself for what happened.

The pain of the breakup would be enough to make anyone want to never speak to their ex again, no matter how much they cared about them.

But escaping the problems isn’t a good way either.

8) The pain can still hurt

One of the most difficult things about a breakup is the fact that it will always seem like it’s not over.

Even though you should be moving forward with your life and coping with the pain, chances are that you’ll still be hurt by what you had to go through, especially if there were any conversations between the pair or even unfriendly exchanges that occurred between you.

9) You are not learning from it

Even if you’re not ready to let it go, there are still a myriad of things that you can learn from the relationship that went wrong.

Perhaps there was something about yourself that wasn’t up to par, or perhaps the person you were dating just never really cared about who you were and how things were going in your life.

Even if it was completely one-sided, there is still something important to be learned from it.

10) It can lead to depression

If the reason you ignoring your ex is that you are refusing to let go, then chances are that your loneliness, depression, and a variety of other problems will ensue.

You are hurting yourself and the people around you more than you realize, but you have refused to deal with it and give it a fighting chance.

If ignoring your ex is something that’s in your plans for the future, then it might be best to rethink whether or not you’re willing to suffer through the breakup and all of its consequences once again.

Final words

When we decide to ignore someone from our past, usually it is because we have realized that they are not important enough for us to care about any longer, but many of us don’t truly understand what kind of effect this decision could have on our lives.

We may decide to choose the road easy and simple, but this is a mistake that is often made.

But while the tips in this article should help you figure out many advantages and disadvantages to ignoring an ex that dumped you, there’s only so much you can do alone.

If you genuinely want your ex back, you need the help of a professional.

I’ve mentioned Brad Browning throughout this article – he’s the best at helping couples move past their issues and reconnect on a genuine level.

His tried and tested methods won’t just re-spark your ex’s interest in you, but they’ll also help you avoid making the same mistakes you made in the past.

So if you want a shot at getting back together with your ex for good, check out his excellent free video below.

Here’s the link once again.

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