If you’ve ticked off these 10 boxes, you’re already winning in life

What does winning in life look like for you? Perhaps it’s a bountiful bank account or the deep connections you’ve nurtured over time.

But remember, the real measure of success is a deeply personal thing and it’s different for everyone.

Regardless of your own definition of victory, there are key actions and aspects of life that can steer us towards our personal win.

By setting boundaries on how we use our time and energy, cultivating relationships, and giving top priority to our health and happiness, we can plot a route towards achievement. 

Let’s explore 10 critical focus points on your path to glory. Ready to set sail on this adventure?

1) You have clear boundaries on your time and energy

Setting clear boundaries, that’s your secret weapon to having enough juice for all the stuff that really matters in your life.

This might mean unplugging from the digital world for a bit, or saying ‘no’ to some tasks or invites, all just to make room for what truly counts to you. 

It’s all about putting yourself first, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

2) You invest in relationships

Relationships, they’re the secret sauce to a fulfilling life. The deeper and more meaningful your connections, the richer your life becomes.

It’s about putting in the time with friends, keeping those family ties strong, and even making new pals who might just end up being friends for life.

Do you find yourself squeezing in those precious moments to connect with others, even when life gets tough? Are you that person who always shows up for the big moments in your loved ones’ lives?

We all need a little love and support, so investing in relationships is like your personal road map to success. Ignore this and you might find yourself feeling like a lone wolf, which can really put a damper on your progress.

3) You prioritize your health and wellbeing

Looking after your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing is a cornerstone for achieving triumph in life.

This includes ensuring you get ample sleep, consuming wholesome food, maintaining a regular exercise routine, identifying effective stress management methods, and generally guaranteeing that you maintain a positive self-image.

By setting aside moments in your day to concentrate on your personal wellness and emotions, you’ll find yourself facing life’s challenges with increased vitality and eagerness.

4) You are goal-oriented

Having objectives in your existence is akin to possessing a guide to victory. Without them, it’s incredibly simple to stray and expend time on activities that don’t advance your triumph.

Why not establish some near-future and distant-future aims? It’s an excellent method to monitor your progression and confirm you’re moving towards the right destination.

During instances when I feel somewhat off (which happens more frequently than I’d like to admit), I find it extremely useful to pause for a moment, retreat and reevaluate my aims.

Here’s a thought to consider:

If you do not have any goals, how will you identify when you’ve struck gold in terms of success? How can you measure your advancement if there’s nothing to aim for?

Without goals, success will always feel like it’s mocking you from afar.

5) You take risks

Taking a leap of faith, it’s pretty much the secret sauce for personal growth and scoring big in life. If we always play it safe, we miss out on new adventures and the sweet taste of success that comes from a gutsy move.

Sure, you don’t want to rush into foolhardy risks, but giving yourself a gentle push towards the right path can open up some truly amazing opportunities.

Take me for instance, two years ago, I was sweating over welding A/C units, all the while realizing that my heart was really into writing. The big question though, was could I actually make ends meet with it?

After a lot of thinking and weighing the pros and cons, I decided to take a shot and switch careers. 

And guess what? 

My life has been on a whole new level since then.

So, if you’re feeling stuck, take a deep breath, trust your gut, and go for it. 

You might just find something mind-blowing waiting for you on the other side of that risk.

6) You practice gratitude

psychology of gratitude 1 If you’ve ticked off these 10 boxes, you’re already winning in life

There’s a whole heap of stuff to give thanks for, wouldn’t you agree? From those little day-to-day delights to the whopping, “Yes, I did it!” milestones.

When you start making appreciation a daily thing, it sort of tweaks your outlook and you begin to realize that life is jam-packed with possibilities.

It’s as straightforward as setting aside a few moments every day to jot down or mull over what you’re thankful for.

Studies show that simply being conscious of what you’re grateful for can perk up your mood and boost your overall sense of satisfaction.

And here’s the kicker – the happier you have the better chance at bagging success.

7) You take responsibility for your choices and actions

How often have you found yourself blaming others when life doesn’t quite go your way? It’s super easy to shift the blame, but truth be told, it doesn’t help us move forward.

Rather than seeking solutions and answers externally, we need to step up and acknowledge our own decisions and deeds.

This requires grasping our involvement in any given scenario and putting in some effort to enhance our circumstances.

It also means not just dismissing past goof-ups but gaining wisdom from them and ensuring we don’t stumble over the same hurdle again.

8) You invest in yourself

We’ve all got dreams and ambitions, but without putting some elbow grease into it, they’ll just stay as daydreams.

If we want to inch closer to our goals, we gotta pour our time and heart into ourselves. It could be signing up for classes or courses, or even just spending more time buried in books about stuff that fires us up. Trust me, betting on ourselves is a surefire path to success.

9) You focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses

There’s a widespread fallacy that to hit the bullseye of success, we need to be jack of all trades.

But here’s the truth – fixating on our shortcomings can rebound negatively, making us feel insufficient.

Rather, let’s shine a light on our strong suits and capitalize on them. This implies accentuating the skills and characteristics that distinguish us from the rest.

Don’t strive to fit into someone else’s blueprint. Explore within and unearth that passion that stirs up pure exhilaration in you, and then chase it.

When you concentrate on your strengths, maintaining momentum and inspiration becomes a breeze, and you’ll notice yourself progressing towards your goals.

10) You persevere despite setbacks

Success isn’t a straight shot. 

It’s more like a winding road with a bunch of unexpected detours, and it’s crucial to stick to the journey, even when things go haywire.

Remember, success isn’t instant coffee; it calls for elbow grease, commitment, and a tough-as-nails spirit. 

So, don’t throw in the towel if you trip up – use it as a lesson and a stepping stone towards your goal.

People who’ve made it big didn’t just sit around waiting for the stars to align. They keep pushing and bounce back, no matter what curveballs life hurls at them.

Final thoughts

Success is somewhat like a chameleon, changing its hues from individual to individual. However, there’s a common thread running through the characteristics and routines of individuals who’ve truly made it.

By focusing closely on the aspects we’ve discussed – from valuing your relationships to backing yourself – you’re setting yourself up nicely to conquer your goals.

And don’t forget, no matter how you define success, it’s never too late to stir the pot and kickstart your journey towards your aspirations.

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Franklin Carpenter

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