If you’ve had these 10 life experiences, you’re probably a classy person

Ever wondered if you come across as classy?

The definition of ‘classy’ here goes beyond the clothes you wear or the possessions you have.

It refers to those who are effortlessly elegant and exude an air of sophistication. They’re good-natured, have a positive outlook on life, and are generally very pleasant to be around. 

Usually, their environment, childhood, and past, shape them to become who they are. And in my view, classy people would most likely have experienced these 10 things in their lives. 

So, read on to find out if you’re one of them. 

1) They’ve handled adversity with confidence.

It’s very natural to panic when you find yourself in tough situations. You’re frozen, unable to take the next step, or think about what to do next. 

On the other hand, classy people are characterized by their confidence.

They work very well under pressure and are unfazed by their surroundings. They navigate challenges in a calm and composed manner.

In the midst of their challenges, they may even go out of their way to support others. One usually doesn’t expect a person saddled with so much to give more time and effort to others. 

But a truly classy person will not only be able to sympathize but sacrifice their time to support another person in need – regardless of their situation. 

2) They’ve explored other cultures.

Have you ever ventured beyond your country and immersed yourself in the culture of another city?

This could be through a guided tour, a food trail, or visits to historical sites.

You can also participate in another culture without having to leave your country, by interacting with different communities and learning more about their traditions.

If you’re curious and open-minded about different cultures, it’s clear that you’re willing to understand another person’s experience, which you may or may not understand.

Despite the differences, you’re respectful of their beliefs and what’s most important is your willingness to learn.

And this reflects how classy you are.

3) They enjoy pursuing knowledge.

Classy people may not be the smartest people in the world, but they’re well-informed and full of curiosity to take their knowledge one step further.

You may find yourself enrolling in various online classes, or purchasing e-books to learn more about a specific topic. These topics aren’t limited to academia, but can also touch on culture, music, and art.

You may also be willing to spend time attending hands-on workshops or seminars, even though these may cost a bit more money.

All because you want to learn, and seek out diverse perspectives

Curiosity is the hallmark of a classy individual, and if you find yourself relating to the above examples, you may embody classiness.

4) They’ve backed down in arguments, even though they were in the right.

Being able to decide when to step back in an argument takes a lot of humility, wisdom, and character.

No one likes to ‘lose’. Who wants to leave a confrontation humiliated, or not being able to have the last say? 

But classy people are characterized by their confidence. They’re secure in who they are.

They know when to pick their battles, which also means that if the situation calls for it, they’ll know how to navigate the discussion fairly and in a composed manner.

I once knew a friend who had been wronged and found herself in the middle of a heated discussion. The other party clearly wasn’t listening to reason (wasn’t listening at all, actually) and just wanted to get the last word in. 

My friend chose to back down and let go. She realized that no amount of arguing will change the other person’s perspective, and to preserve the peace (and her peace, more importantly), she walked away. 

If you’re a classy person, you’d definitely be able to relate.

5) They’ve adopted good manners.

If youve had these life experiences youre probably a classy person 1 If you’ve had these 10 life experiences, you’re probably a classy person

This may seem like a small matter, but you’d be surprised at how many people no longer have good manners.

Classy people understand the importance of being gracious, respectful, and polite – and they’re committed to embodying these values.

Do you still say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, and perform simple gestures like holding the door open for someone, or covering your mouth after you sneeze? 

If so, then these set you apart from the rest.

Your actions tell the other person that you value their presence. Regardless of where they come from, or who they are, you treat them fairly and graciously.

6) They’ve adopted good etiquette

A classy person would have some knowledge of how to behave in different social situations.

They may have had formal training, watched some videos on Youtube, or learned by watching others, to better understand what’s expected of them.

What sets classy people apart, is their ability to adapt across all types of situations – from formal, to casual, and everything in between.

For example, if you’re eating at a high-end restaurant, you would know that there’s a certain way people eat, talk and sit at the table. There’s even a proper way of using cutlery.

Then, in more casual settings like at a pub, café, or a backyard barbecue with friends, you’d also know that there’s a ‘socially accepted’ way of dressing, ordering, getting the bill, and to an extent, topics of conversations.

If you’re able to navigate social environments with elegance, you’re essentially making everyone around you feel valued by respecting the event, and most likely, a classy person.

7) They’ve contributed to the community

Do you spend your weekends volunteering at a beach clean-up, tutoring underprivileged children, or helping out at an animal shelter? Do you regularly donate to charities, or causes that you believe in?

Because if you do, you’re likely a truly classy individual. What sets you apart from the rest is that you fully understand the importance of giving back to the community.

A lot of people care for their community. They say that they care for their community, but it stops there. Because it’s so much easier to do this than sacrificing their time and effort to help out. 

Your willingness to contribute thus reflects your character. You know the needs of the people around you and strive to meet them.

8) They’ve cultivated the habit of seeing the beauty in things

Classy people are able to appreciate everything in their lives, from the biggest things to the smallest things.

It’s what shapes their positive outlook on life and their posture of gratitude. 

Are you able to think back on a particularly difficult moment in your life and see it in a different, more positive light? Are you able to find beauty in a life that people may consider monotonous? 

Mastering this takes practice.

It’s also a difficult habit to start and maintain, which is why so many people would rather complain about their situation, or maintain their negative view on life.

Now this isn’t about living in delusion – classy people are acutely aware of the situations, hardships, and challenges they face. They’re not overlooking these. 

They just choose to reframe their perspective, appreciate how they got to where they are, and live life by always choosing to see the beauty in everything.

9) They’ve cultivated an appreciation for the arts

I understand that different people have varying preferences, and this may not describe every classy person. You may just have very little interest in the arts.

But for those who have cultivated an appreciation of the arts, you’re likely interested in understanding the intricacies that go into creating art.

Whether it is a painting, a choreographed dance performance, or a piece of poetry, you want to learn more about the artistic process.

If an ideal weekend for you involves wandering through galleries, watching performances, or listening to a nice album, you’re likely embodying classiness.

Perhaps you may also enjoy creating your own art, such as penning down your thoughts in the form of poetry, sketching a picture of something dear to you, or even going out to take photos of nature, people and places.

These show that you know how to slow down, gain inspiration from the things around you, and create something that’s uniquely you. 

10) People tell you that you’re a classy person

I know what you’re thinking – duh, right?

As mentioned earlier, a classy person values people and shows this in their actions. And the people around them will take notice! They feel appreciated and seen, and may even tell you how you make them feel.

What better way to understand yourself than to have people provide feedback directly?

Perhaps you may have glossed over these comments, or found them odd, because you didn’t agree with them.

But if most people you come across tell you this, the chances are… you’re a classy person.


If these points are similar to life experiences you’ve had, congrats – you’re a classy individual!

But don’t be discouraged if you’re not there yet. Identify areas that may need more work and focus on them. You’ll become classy in no time.

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