If you’re feeling stuck in life, these 6 habits might be to blame

Feeling stuck is part of a cycle. I thought I’d get that reassuring fact out there, first up.

As Abraham Hicks says, ‘Always, when you know what you don’t want, that’s when the rocket of desire is born of what you do want.’

So, feeling stuck is okay – whether that’s at work, in your relationship, over your health, where you live, your creativity or something else altogether.

Feeling stuck has a purpose. Up to a point. Until it’s the result of habit – then it’s pointless and a waste of time.

The good news is, if unhelpful habits are keeping you stuck, you can change them.

It’s also vital to understand what’s behind these habits, so we’ll explore that too. Otherwise changing them is a bit like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The deck may look pretty, but the ship’s still going down.

So, time to kick these habits, get unstuck and rocket-boost into our best life!

1) Eating badly

Feeling sluggish, bloated and exhausted because you’re eating badly has a huge effect on how stuck in life you feel.

We tend to live in our heads, thinking about life problems – forgetting that we’re organic beings running on chemistry, neurology and a myriad of miracle processes.

And all that runs on what you put in. If you’re comfort eating, unconsciously eating, eating too little or too late, taking in too much processed food … it’s all affecting your thinking process, outlook, wellness, mood…

Here are some tips for lasting, healthy ways to change eating habits:

  • Do it with a friend and send each other pictures of your colorful, healthy meals.
  • Buy yourself a beautiful, inspiring healthy recipe book and leave it open.
  • Plan meals and shop in advance to ensure you have everything handy.
  • Order a fresh, healthy make-at-home meal box service for a week or month to kick start your new habits – then keep making the dishes yourself.
  • Get used to eating far more veg – a great hack for this is to simply make sure you have a fresh soup, salad or stir fry every day.

Eating better is a virtuous circle. When you’re forging ahead with life again you’ll want to eat right for so you feel awake and engaged with life, full of energy and ready to rock and roll.

Then any changes you need to make to get unstuck become so much easier. And this also goes for…

 2) Not moving enough

If you have habits like working for several hours without taking a break, vegging out in front of the TV, spending lots of time scrolling social media… it’s time for a change!

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for this, and you’ll need to do what’s right for you and your body. But when we move our bodies more, we get our energy flowing and unstick ourselves far more quickly.

Especially if we’re doing that in the fresh air. Or socially, with friends, where we can have a laugh and joke too, which gets our emotional and mental energy flowing nicely!

So, as with eating healthier, just make simple, sustainable changes that help you move more.

  • If you’re working at a desk, take a five-minute break every hour or so and move.
  • Stand up and move or sit on a yoga mat and do a few stretches while reading, scrolling, messaging, doing admin, chores or crafts that allow for it.
  • Take a brisk walk between tasks or before you sit down to work in the morning.
  • Stretch out while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil – check out this video from Heart and Bones Yoga.

3) Living in your head

Overthinking, perfectionism, procrastination and refusing to leave your comfort zone.

How does just reading that list make you feel? Like you’re wading through treacle, right?

Do you find yourself doing any of these? If so, you may be living too much in your head.

For rocket-boosting your life, you need to be in your body, boots-on-the-ground and ready for action. Some great ways to get more grounded and embodied are:

  • Shaking: stand up and ground your feet into the floor. Then begin to shake, bouncing a little on the feet at first, and letting the movement go up through your whole body. My top tip is to put on Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off while you do it!
  • Try a simple breathwork practice which improves Heart Rate Variability like this one from The Huberman Lab.
  • Do some yoga, Qi Gong, dance, swim or take a mindful walk in nature.
  • Get your bare feet on the earth, or even your whole body, or sit with your back against a tree.

When we’re grounded and in our bodies, we’re in the present moment. Then we can get traction, go with the flow, take the opportunity, seize the day and expand into the new…

And how does that list make you feel? Good, right? Freed up. In motion.

4) Negative self-talk

This is a big one. Luckily, if we’re more present, aware, grounded and in our body, we can catch ourselves doing it more.

Negative self-talk includes:

  • Comparing yourself with others
  • Listing reasons why you can’t change
  • Dragging up negative comments about yourself from the past
  • Listing why change hasn’t worked for you in the past
  • Imagining negative future outcomes
  • Pre-empting problems and issues in the future

Is this a bad habit you need to kick? Don’t worry if it is – we’ve all been there.

So, what do we do about it?

Well, just telling yourself off or battling ‘not to do it’ doesn’t work.

Instead, with self-love and kindness, redirect your thoughts to positives. Write down the negative belief or statement you’re stuck on and then create a more positive one.

Keep these in the present tense and in the first person. For example, ‘I don’t have the confidence to apply for that job’ could become ‘My confidence is growing and I love exploring new job opportunities.’

You don’t have to ‘lie’ to yourself – just make the new statement as positive as you can while still feeling that it’s true for you on your best day.

Then burn, tear up or scribble out the negative statements – yeah!

Keep your new positive statements where you can see them and say them to yourself often.

5) Self-sabotage

signs a man has low self esteem in a relationship If you're feeling stuck in life, these 6 habits might be to blame

Negative self-talk is self-sabotage, and so is:

  • not sticking to intentions
  • always being late
  • messing up
  • having unrealistic expectations
  • setting yourself up to fail
  • not quite stepping up

These symptoms of self-sabotage can happen in your family life, romantic partnership, career, health, creative life – everywhere!

Self-sabotage wrecks your self-esteem and self-confidence, too. And they all have the same root cause – self-abandonment.

This great video by Heidi Priebe, a Master’s student in attachment theory, explains what this is, and how to change it.

6) Blaming Others

And don’t forget – looking outward for the cause of your stuckness, unhappy life situations or inability to change them is a form of self-sabotage too.

Yes, of course, sometimes there’s an impossible boss, demanding family member or stressful financial situation standing in the way of your life’s progress…

…but only if you see those things as problems. Instead, try viewing them as opportunities to be flexible, find work-arounds, challenge yourself, learn and grow as a person.

You’re a long time dead, and holding grudges and resentments, or blaming others for your stuckness is a waste of your precious time on this planet.

Let’s even look at the title of this article… the habits aren’t to blame! The habit of blaming is!

It’s great to get humorous about all this and loosen up around it.

Now, rocket-boost your life!

Now we’ve looked at some key habits that keep you stuck, here’s a positive shift checklist to rocket boost your life into the next exciting chapter!

 Get Clear About Your ‘Why’

Talk, write or think about these three questions:

What specifically do you want to change?

What benefits will this change bring you?

How will you feel when the change has happened?

Feel the new feelings in your body and your vibe. Think and talk about the life change in the present tense – affirming that it’s already happening. Get excited about it

When you focus on positive change rather than ‘breaking’ bad habits in this way, stuckness vanishes. To create a climate for positive change to happen naturally, commit to these practical steps to support your change too:

  • Be more present and aware in the moment
  • Positive, nurturing self-care
  • Breathwork/meditation
  • Get psyche-savvy so you recognize self-sabotage and other unhelpful habits
  • Show up for yourself in small ways every day
  • Put support in place from family and friends
  • Create a ‘baby steps’ list and take small actions each day
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Be grateful for all your experience along the way

Closing words

I’ve finished with maybe the most powerful tool of all to get unstuck in life – gratitude.

When you’re grateful for where you are, those around you and everything you’re getting to experience in life now, now, now – the love, passion for life and positive expectation for the future just grows and grows.

There’s nothing more powerful to rocket-boost you into your desired future than gratitude for the present.

Say thank you, thank you, thank you for your blessings every day, and you won’t have to stay stuck for a moment longer than it serves you!

Kelly Mckain

Kelly Mckain

I’m Kelly McKain, the author of over sixty fiction titles – my latest is The Feeling Good Club , a mindfulness series for kids. I love writing, yoga, horses, dancing and spending time in nature – as well as hanging out with my amazing kids and partner. I’m also a qualified Breathwork Facilitator and the founder of Soulsparks , a platform for intuitive guidance, energy healing and exploring non-duality. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram .

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