If your partner says these 12 phrases, they love you more than you realize

Love is a language spoken through both actions and words. In relationships, certain words carry a lot of emotion, revealing a deeper bond.

Your partner might say things that actually mean they love you a whole lot more than you think.

But what are these phrases? Let’s find out together, shall we?

1) “I can’t imagine my life without you”

As time goes by, we start taking our life partners for granted, and that’s a huge mistake, isn’t it? 

We’re all running around fulfilling our obligations that we almost never stop and appreciate those in our lives we love the most. 

So, when your partner says, “I can’t imagine my life without you,” they’re basically saying you’re not just a part of their life; you’re a crucial piece of the puzzle that makes everything make sense.

I mean, I can’t imagine a life without my wife, and now I realize I should be saying that to her more often. 

2) “I miss you when you’re not around”

Now, my wife and I are inseparable, okay? We both work from home and almost never really spend time apart. 

That’s good and bad at the same time, but I really appreciate it, to be honest. There’s no one else I’d rather spend my time with, and on the rare occasions she is gone for more than a few hours, I miss her to death.  

So when your partner says to you, “I miss you when you’re not around,” they reveal that your absence is felt deeply. 

It’s a sign that being with you is an important and cherished part of their daily life. As it should be!

3) “You make me happy”

It’s only natural that your spouse makes you happy, right?

Still, many people forget to say it aloud, to say, “You make me happy.”

Just imagine someone saying that to you. You can basically feel the warmth coming over you, right? 

Let me tell you something. You’ve got this superpower to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones, and that, my friend, is a pretty special role to play in someone’s life.

So, drop everything and go say this to your partner, mom, dad, kid, or whoever. Make their day. 

4) “I’m here for you”

Your partner telling you, “I’m here for you,” is like they’re extending a comforting hand and saying, “No matter what life throws your way, I’ve got your back.”

You should be happy knowing you have a dependable ally in your corner, ready to cheer you on when times are good and one who will help you out when the rollercoaster reaches the bottom.

“I’m here for you” is a beautiful reminder that they love you more than you even realize. 

5) “You mean a lot to me”

Does your partner mean a lot to you? What kind of question is that? Of course, they do. 

And guess what? You mean the world to them too. That’s why, when they tell you this, they unlock their emotional safe to share this with you.

But hey, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill expression of affection but a heartfelt revelation that you’re not just a passing chapter in their life story – you’re a highlighted, bolded, and underlined paragraph that is incredibly important to them.

6) “I appreciate you”

Another beautiful statement that your partner makes when they love you more than you think. 

This isn’t just a casual thank-you; it’s a sincere acknowledgment that they recognize and value the special qualities you bring to the table.

“I appreciate you” is their way of saying that your individuality is not just noticed but valued and celebrated.

Now, I only hope you can extend the same feelings to them. As a thank you, why not write heartfelt messages on a Post-it and leave them in their wallet, car, or somewhere where they will unexpectedly find it? 

underrated habits of genuinely happy couples If your partner says these 12 phrases, they love you more than you realize

7) “I love spending time with you”

Spending quality time together is the glue that holds healthy and happy relationships together, isn’t it?

So when your partner says, “I love spending time with you,” it’s a simple but powerful statement. 

It means they genuinely enjoy being around you and sharing moments together. It’s not just about the activities you do. You share a unique connection and bond. 

That’s why this phrase reflects a strong and positive attachment, proving that your presence brings joy and fulfillment to their life.

8) “You inspire me”

I can only hope that I uplift and inspire my wife as much as she does me. So, when you hear these words, know that your actions and who you are make a positive impact on them.

They’re letting you know that your influence is a driving force for positive change in their life, and that’s a pretty awesome thing.

Your way of approaching challenges, your kindness, and even your resilience are a guiding light for them. 

You’re not just a partner but a source of motivation, a beacon of positivity that encourages them to aspire to greater heights. 

And here’s another beautiful comment that reveals the depth of their love for you

9) “You make me a better person”

When they tell you, “You make me a better person,” they recognize the positive impact you have on their personal growth. 

For the past 15 years, my wife has been a positive influence and encouraged me to be my best self. 

Without her, I would probably be a completely different person. I often think about that, and I’m very happy about how things turned out. 

She always believed in me and never let me satisfy with crumbs. That’s not to say she’s some kind of power-hungry person. 

On the contrary, she sees the beauty in little things but is also aware there’s a bigger picture. 

10) “I believe in you”

This is a powerful expression of confidence in your abilities, dreams, and aspirations.

They have faith in your potential to achieve great things.

And that’s what we all need, right?

We need a cheerleader who will motivate us and inspire us when things get tough, and we’re ready to give up.

If your partner believes in you and your abilities, you will try not to let them down. That’s why you’ll give your best and make things happen even when you yourself don’t quite believe you can do it. 

11) “I’m proud of you”

This phrase is a celebration of your accomplishments. It shows that they take pride in your achievements and are genuinely happy for your successes.

It’s their way of expressing joy and admiration for what you’ve accomplished, showing that your achievements matter to them.

They recognize your hard work and know that the end result is simply an outcome of your incredible efforts. 

12) “You’re my best friend”

My wife is my best friend. I know that’s corny, but it’s true. I have other friends, but the strongest bond I have is still with my wife.

It helps that we have similar interests and things to talk about. But that’s how great relationships work. 

You need to have shared interests and goals; otherwise, the relationship quickly becomes a pain in the ass.

Contrary to popular belief, opposites don’t attract, at least not in the long term.

So, beyond romance, this statement highlights a deep, emotional connection. It means you aren’t only their romantic partner but also their closest and most trusted companion.

Final thoughts

It’s great to hear these kinds of phrases from your partner. But even if you don’t hear them that often, know that your partner probably loves you more than you realize. 

Some people just feel too awkward saying things like that for some reason. So, if you want to hear more of these, start rolling the ball and normalize it. 

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