If your partner is willing to give up these 11 things, they see a future with you

Love makes us do many curious and amazing things. But it can also make us question ourselves. 

One of these questions is, does my partner see a future with me? In other words, is this relationship mature, secure, and right

And that’s what today’s article is about. We’re exploring the things your partner is willing to give up that signal they see a future with you. 

So, let’s begin.

1) Personal space and privacy

Being with someone together means we have to give up some of our personal space and privacy.

When your partner is willing to give up that, he’s showing a commitment to becoming more open and vulnerable in the relationship. 

This means sharing his thoughts, feelings, and even physical space without hesitation. 

It’s all about letting go of certain boundaries and allowing the relationship to flourish through increased intimacy.

This is especially important for those people who are typically more private and don’t like sharing feelings or space.

They’re more solo players, or at least they were up until they met you. 

2) Their solo adventures

Some people love going on solo adventures. So, when they’re giving them up, it suggests a shift to prioritizing shared experiences with you. 

They’re ready to let go of the excitement of solo explorations and embrace the idea of creating memorable moments together

Whether it’s traveling to new places, engaging in hobbies, or going on adventures, choosing to do these activities as a couple strengthens the bond and deepens your connection. 

This shift from “me” to “we” adds a new layer of meaning to these adventures, making them deeper and more significant in the context of the relationship.

On the other side, most partners are willing to give up this, too:

3) Late-night partying

For regular party-goers, giving up on partying is a big step in a relationship with someone. 

By giving up late-night partying, they’re showing they value being with you in the evenings more than they value going out.

This change means less time spent on late-night social events and more time invested in building and nurturing the relationship they have with you. 

It’s an important conscious choice to prioritize shared moments and intimacy over late-night escapades.

And with it, this next thing follows suit. 

4) Dating other people

Unless you’re in an open relationship, dating and flirting with other people is unacceptable, right? As far as I know, nothing has changed about this. 

And so, by giving up the option to date others, your partner’s committing to an exclusive relationship with you and is willing to forsake other romantic interests.

Ultimately, if you’re serious about them, and they’re serious about you and see a future with you, this is a big step forward. 

But some people also demand that their partners sever all relationships with their exes. 

5) Friendships with exes

Whether you made a demand to them to sever a relationship with their ex or not, doing so is another clear signal they see a future with you. 

By doing this, they want to make you feel comfortable and build trust and security within the relationship.

They also prove that your emotional well-being is a top priority for them now and hopefully in the future, too.

6) Some of their bad habits

Apart from late-night partying and dating other people, some have other bad habits that can affect the relationship or make you feel uneasy. 

For example, procrastination, being a couch potato, irresponsible spending, thoughtlessness, excessive use of alcohol or drugs… You get the picture. 

By making this sacrifice, your partner is actively contributing to a healthier and more positive environment for the relationship to thrive. 

It’s an apparent sign of personal growth and a commitment to improving the partnership.

7) Independence in decision-making

pic1395 If your partner is willing to give up these 11 things, they see a future with you

We enter a relationship as individuals with our own thoughts, emotions, and decision-making processes. 

However, many decisions, even the ones that are highly personal like career, health, etc., we have to make as a couple. 

If your partner is showing or saying that they value your input and decision-making instead of making significant life choices on their own, they’re pretty serious about you two.

8) Focusing solely on their career

Some people are also incredibly ambitious. They work long hours and don’t have time for almost anything else, including a relationship.

By giving up the idea of only focusing on their career to having a better work-life balance, they’re actively working on a more balanced and fulfilling life that includes a strong, thriving relationship. 

They obviously understand that a successful relationship requires attention and effort, and they’re willing and ready to balance their career goals with the relationship to ensure both prosper.

I see this in myself. Being a freelancer and a business owner, I can literally work 16 hours per day if I want to. And I won’t lie to you; I sometimes do.

But most of the time, I limit myself to regular working hours so I can spend more time with my wife and son. 

After all, money isn’t everything, and I won’t be thinking to myself on my deathbed one day: “Boy, I wish I worked more!” 

9) Certain material possessions

Being happy to give up material possessions, especially those without deep sentimental value, reflects a choice to invest in the relationship instead of clinging to material goods. 

But that’s not a choice many will make lightly. The thing is, we all love our toys, and we love spending money on them. And if a partner comes between us and them, the solution isn’t as clear-cut as we’d like it to be. 

For example, you love buying high-end designer clothing. Still, you can’t spend all your money on that anymore now that you’re committed. But you’ll also gladly give this up if you see a future with your partner. 

The same goes for luxury cars, collectibles, expensive hobbies, tech and gadgets, and so on. 

10) Solo financial goals

I touched on this just above, talking about expensive hobbies and stuff. Adjusting financial goals to align with shared objectives in a relationship, like saving for a deposit or vacations together, shows a commitment to the financial well-being and future of the relationship.

If they value you and want to spend their future with you, they’ll turn solo goals into shared goals. 

Of course, they’ll discuss with you what it is that your goals together are in the first place. 

Still, I believe it’s unrealistic and unnecessary to have only one, shared bank account. There should still be a hint of independence, at least. 

11) Fixed daily routines

We all have our daily routines that we like and cherish. For me, it’s waking up an hour earlier than everyone else, drinking my coffee in peace, and catching up on YouTube channels I love. 

However, I had some completely different routines before I was in a relationship (and now marriage). 

And still, although I dearly miss many, I gladly swapped them for family life. Mostly, this meant either including my family in my hobbies or making time for shared activities, making sure they take precedence.

So, if your partner is open to making their beloved daily routines more flexible to accommodate your needs, he’s a keeper.

Many people, mostly men, hate doing this, and they never change their ways, unfortunately. This often comes at the expense of their partner, who sticks around them. 

Final thoughts

In the end, how good is your relationship? Do you think your partner sees a future with you once you consider these points I’ve made? 

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Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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