If your partner does these 10 things without being asked, they love you unconditionally

How much does your partner love you?

If they do many of the things in this article, then there’s no doubt that they love you unconditionally and fully. 

No love is perfect, but unconditional love is all about growing together with somebody and supporting them through ups and downs.

The love remains, even as the situation and details change and shift. 

Let’s take a look. 

1) They voluntarily help you out

They voluntarily aid you in many little ways, including household chores if you live together and other tasks if you don’t. 

It could be picking something up for you at the grocery store or checking your temperature when you’re sick. They care for you of their own free will and help out because they want to.

As relationship coach Sneha Tete, MA writes:

“Unconditional love is healthy as long as mutual kindness, safety, and respect exist. It means loving the other person, but not at the cost of your dignity, integrity, or honor.”

2) They leave you lovely little reminders

They leave you little notes reminding you how much they care about you

They send funny texts during the day and give you gifts that show how much they care. 

If they’re away on a business trip, they bring you back a souvenir of that culture.

The best part is that they do all this without expecting anything in return. They genuinely don’t mind if you give them any gifts or funny texts or jokes:

They do it because they love you, and they’ll keep doing so even if you don’t. It’s love talking. 

3) They prioritize quality time with you

Whether it’s planning a special date night together or setting aside their weekend to spend with you instead of getting extra work done, the message is clear:

You’re their priority.

They can’t always be with you, of course, but whenever possible they make you the priority and they go out of their way to respond when you need help.

This knowledge that somebody loves you unconditionally is very psychologically healthy and can help you become a stronger, more confident individual.

Relationship writer Crystal Raypole puts it well:

“Unconditional love can provide a sense of security in both childhood and adulthood. Feeling confident in someone’s love and knowing it won’t go away can help create secure attachments and foster autonomy, independence, and self-worth.”

4) They fully listen to you when you talk

They are fully present and attentive when you’re talking, listening fully without judgment. 

If they do provide advice, it’s thoughtful and genuine. 

They’re not just nodding and saying whatever comes to mind, they’re saying what they truly think and feel. 

They love you unconditionally and fully, which means they aren’t just humoring you:

They’re hearing you out and really giving you their heart and soul in return.

5) They back you up on your goals even when they’re busy

pic2330 If your partner does these 10 things without being asked, they love you unconditionally

They encourage and cheerlead your ambitions and dreams, and actively helping you achieve them.

They don’t expect anything in return, nor is this something they only do when it’s convenient.

Your victories bring them joy in a very real way. They don’t have to overemphasize how happy they are for, because it’s entirely genuine.

Even when they’re swamped by the demands of life, they are there cheering you on and in your corner.

They want what’s best for you because they love you at a deep, primal level that goes far beyond self-interest or occasional support.

6) They show you love and affection even when they’re down

They give you hugs, kisses, and want to hold hands spontaneously.

You don’t have to reach out to try to hold their hand first: They’re already reaching for yours.

It’s a beautiful thing to experience, and you may even feel like you don’t deserve this level of devotion and love you’re receiving.

But that’s the thing about unconditional love: It comes to you whether you deserve it or not.

As Nisha Baghadia writes:

“They may not be perfect to others, but to you, they are. You forgive all their mistakes and accept every flaw. What is unconditional love? To love someone unconditionally means that you acknowledge their mistakes and believe that they can change.”

7) They’re thoughtful and remember key dates in your life

They always remember important dates like anniversaries or birthdays, and they put effort into celebrating them in meaningful ways.

While you may not expect this at all, they consistently demonstrate a real effort in celebrating your life.

It’s clear that they value you far beyond what a transactional, conditional love would be.

That’s because this love they have for you is very unconditional and full:

They care about you forever and always, and every part of your life and its important dates matters deeply to them.

8) They say sorry when they’re wrong and they also forgive you

They are quick to apologize when they make a mistake, and forgive you when you make mistakes. They do so without holding grudges.

They don’t expect you to be perfect. While they want you to improve and they are honest with you about where you messed up, there’s never any ego in the mix.

It’s just about wanting you to be better, happier and more fulfilled. As psychology writer Jannelle Cox notes:

“Unconditional love is when you love someone no matter what they do and have no expectation of repayment. It means you love someone for who they are, with no strings attached.”

9) They take care of you when you’re sick and down

They go out of their way to make you comfortable when you’re sick or depressed, bringing you soup, medicine, or just offering a comforting presence.

This can go too far into codependency in the wrong circumstance, with you coming to depend on this person for everything. 

But in a healthy amount it is a truly empowering and wonderful thing. 

You are being cared for by this person because they love you. Unconditionally. There’s no doubt about it!

10) They show you genuine respect and appreciation

They speak to you with kindness and respect, and their actions also line up with this. 

They know that even when they’re feeling stressed or upset, it doesn’t mean they should take it out on you. 

And they do their best not to. 

When they do speak to you a bit crossly or are unfairly harsh with you, they say sorry. They voluntarily try to make up for any missteps with you and be the best possible person for you, because they love you unconditionally. 

As Tete notes:

“To love without any expectations does not mean living in a fairy tale. It does not mean having unrealistic expectations from yourself or your partner.

“On the contrary, it means loving your partner with all your heart. It involves selflessness in how you express your love, and not merely loving them so they can do something for you or love you back.”

Unconditional love

Unconditional love is a beautiful thing. It renews our soul and cements a bond much stronger than anything temporary or transactional link. 

The best thing of all is that it’s fully voluntary: it’s not done out of obligation or any “role.” It’s done freely and fully, an act of love that helps us all get through the dark nights and look forward to a better tomorrow.

As Tupac sang in his posthumously-released song “Unconditional Love” (released in 1998):

“We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark 

So you will always be in my heart, with unconditional love”

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