If your partner does these 22 things, they’re completely in love with you

Actions always speak louder than words. 

Nowhere is this truer than in relationships. 

Here are the behaviors and actions to look out for if you want to see if your partner is truly in love with you.

1) Listens to you

Does your partner listen to you when you speak?

This is the first clue to look for in order to see how much they care about you. 

If your partner is listening to you and really hearing the words you say then there’s no doubt they care about you for real. 

2) Tries to understand you

The loving partner doesn’t only listen and hear you physically. 

He or she also tries their best to understand you and why you’re saying the words that you’re saying. 

This may mean asking questions, probing deeper into your motivations or even admitting times when they don’t understand but want you to explain. 

3) Trusts you

There’s no doubt that trust is a core component of every successful relationship

The loving partner trusts you on a deep level.

This means that occasionally even when they don’t understand they still give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Make sure not to misuse this trust! 

4) Accepts you for who you are

If life were a game of the Sims then we could judge positive and negative attributes and design somebody who’s essentially perfect. 

But love is about accepting somebody even despite their faults.

A truly loving partner will cheer on all the ways you improve and change, but they will never demand that you change in order to be loved or withhold love as a bargaining chip when you disappoint them. 

This ties into the next point… 

5) Loves you without conditions

A partner who truly loves you is not only there in fair weather

They are there through the storms as well.

And while they may try to guide you and help, they don’t give and take their love as a tool to change or control you. 

As Crystal Raypole writes:

“A loving partner may offer guidance and advice when asked, but they won’t try to control your choices or behavior. 

They also won’t withhold affection or criticize you until you agree with them.”

6) Takes an interest in your interests

The loving partner is interested in you in all ways. 

Even if they don’t share your interests they will care about them and want to know more. 

If you love architecture and they couldn’t care less, they’ll still buy you a coffee table book on architecture for your birthday, or ask you what your favorite style is.

Rococo on! 

7) Falls in love with your pets

if your partner does these things theyre completely in love with you If your partner does these 22 things, they’re completely in love with you

If you have pets, your significant other who truly loves you is also going to fall for your pets. 

He or she will enjoy spending time around your pets and getting to know them. 

He or she will also love watching how much you love your special four-legged fur babies (or snake, or hamster or turtle)… 

8) Speaks honestly with you

The loving partner is somebody who speaks honestly with you. 

This means they also don’t only tell you what you want to hear and are willing to tell you hard truths when necessary. 

They may be depressed, for example, or feeling anxious, but instead of hiding it they’ll let you know. 

9) Doesn’t take your bad moods personally

We all have horrible moods sometimes and periods when we just want everyone to leave us alone. 

The partner who’s truly in love with you isn’t going to take that personally. 

He or she will understand that your bad moods are not always something you can control and they will still love you. 

10) Lets you have your space when you need it

If and when you do need your space, somebody who really loves you will gladly let you have it

Of course, there are folks who fall in love in a more anxious attachment way, which can make them clingy and have difficulty allowing you space. 

But if this is the case they will at least communicate about it and let you know the emotional challenges they’re having. 

11) Talks about the future

The person who’s truly in love is going to be open to talking about the future.

Even if they’re not yet sure about how you feel or the status of your commitment, the topic of the future won’t scare them. 

At the same time, they’ll avoid making promises too impulsively, because they are likely to be a bit scared of getting hurt (love is scary). 

12) Tells you how they feel 

Actions speak louder than words, but that doesn’t mean words don’t matter!

The partner who’s in love with you and cares a lot about you will eventually let you know.

They want you to be aware of how much they care about you. 

13) Makes you a priority in their life

Your partner will do their best to make you a priority.

It is true that career and other important people may retain high priority. 

But if they are in love with you then you’ll notice you take a definite top place in your partner’s priorities. 

14) Shares financial burdens with you

When financial problems come up, many people try to avoid it or at least avoid the subject. 

A person who truly loves you is going to tell you the truth about their financial situation

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to screenshot their accounts and credit card balances for you, but it does mean they’re going to be honest about their general financial outlook right now. 

15) Invites you into his or her spiritual life

if your partner does these things theyre completely in love with you 2 If your partner does these 22 things, they’re completely in love with you

The importance of being included in someone’s faith life can’t be overstated. 

A partner who’s deeply in love with you is going to tell you about his or her spiritual or religious beliefs and open up to you on that topic. 

If you take an interest in exploring deeper they’ll be thrilled, but they’ll also respect and have patience if you say it’s not really your cup of tea

16) Makes friends with your family

Families come in all types, and we all have a different relationship with our kin. 

But a partner who’s really in love with you is going to make a real effort to befriend and get close to your family. 

They will also be genuinely interested in helping understand or heal rifts and issues you have with your family, although they will of course give you your space on that. 

17) Connects with your friends 

The partner who’s deeply in love with you also makes an effort to connect with your friends. 

The depth of this link they may have with your friends will vary, of course. 

But you’ll be able to see that effort they’re putting in

18) Helps with household duties

If you share a living space with a partner, how are they in terms of helping out?

Somebody who’s truly in love will motivate themselves to be just a bit cleaner and more responsible than they might otherwise be. 

Love can motivate people to some real changes! 

19) Aligns schedules with yours

The person who’s in love with you will actively try to line up their schedule with yours. 

If you work in similar locations, he or she may try to get their lunch break at the same time as you or a morning break when you can grab coffee.

Whatever the situation, they’re going to do their best to see you as often as possible and have a schedule that’s in sync with yours. 

20) Takes time off to be with you

When somebody takes time off their busy schedule to spend more time with you, you can be sure it’s love

Or at least very strong like! 

The partner who’s truly in love with you is going to want to see you as much as possible, even if that sometimes means specially booking time off work. 

21) Comes to pick you up

We all need a ride to or from somewhere now and then, even with Uber and Lyft.

After all, there are places that even they don’t go, and times when our phone battery is dead and we don’t have our charger with us. 

That’s where the partner who’s truly in love comes in, answering your call from a payphone or somebody else’s cell and showing up rain or shine to give you a ride. 

22) Cooks for you 

Not everybody is a born chef, to say the least. 

But a partner who’s completely in love with you is very likely to at least attempt to cook for you once or twice. 

Whether or not the final result is actually edible is a different question! 

Actions don’t lie

If your partner is doing many of the things in this article then you should have no doubt that they are truly in love with you. 

Actions don’t lie, and over an extended period of time true love always shows itself in what we do. 

If you have a partner like this, consider yourself lucky and decide

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