If your partner displays these 8 body language signs, they’re deeply in love with you

Love is a tricky thing, right? 

Maybe it’s early days and you guys haven’t dropped the “L” bomb yet. Or perhaps you’ve been together for a while but your partner isn’t a big fan of talking about feelings.

Either way, we all want reassurance that our significant other is head over heels for us. But how can you tell? 

Communication is 7% what you say, 38% the tone you use, and 55% body language according to Albert Mehrabian, psychologist and author best known for his pioneering work in nonverbal communication.

Needless to say, taking note of your partner’s body language can tell you a lot about how they really feel. 

Pay attention, because if they display these 8 body language signs, they’re deeply in love with you. 

Let’s dive in. 

1) Holding eye contact

Have you ever noticed that your partner holds eye contact with you just a little longer than necessary? 

It’s like this lingering look that says “I’m really into you” without actually saying anything at all. 

“Eye contact is a powerful stimulator of love and affection. When we look someone directly in the eyes, we’re subconsciously signaling that we are interested in what they have to say. It’s a sign of trust and understanding.” as highlighted by cognitive psychologist, David Ludden P.h.D.  

In short: if your partner holds your gaze, it’s one of those non-verbal signs they’re deeply in love with you

2) They show you affection through touch

At a recent wedding my friend, Natasha teased my boyfriend and me saying, “Look at you guys holding hands, you’re so in love, it makes me sick.”

She was suggesting she could tell that we were “so in love” because we were being physically affectionate. And she’s right. 

A recent study found that there’s a strong connection between affection through touch and love. 

Essentially, the more love partners feel, the more they tend to touch affectionately.

Does your partner constantly kiss you, hug you, hold your hand, or put their arm around you? 

If your partner is affectionate through touch a lot, it’s a sign they’re deeply in love with you. 

3) They stay close to you 

Have you noticed that your partner always positions themselves close to you?

How close we get to others, is quite revealing. We all manage the distance we keep from others based on what kind of interaction we’re comfortable with as outlined by Psychology Today.

Intimate distance is when you’re close enough to touch, kiss, hug, and smell each other. 

As the name suggests, it’s reserved for lovers and close family.

If your partner is staying close to you like this, it’s like they’re saying “I want you close to me, you’re welcome in my personal space” and it’s one of the signs they’re in love with you.

4) They protect you instinctively   

“Protecting that is motivated by love means keeping the loved one safe from outside dangers, inside dangers, and accidents” as noted by clinical psychologist Roni Beth Tower Ph.D.

This could be as simple as stepping in to defend you during a conflict or holding your hand and keeping you close in crowded or dangerous situations. 

If you notice your partner’s protective instincts kick in around you, it’s a clear indicator of how they feel about you. 

When their body language tells you they want to protect you, it’s also telling you they love you. 

5) They play-fight with you 

You might notice that your partner starts a bout of playful wrestling, nudges you, or gently pokes and tickles you. In the early days, this playful teasing is a sign that they genuinely like you.

If this continues as the relationship develops, it shows they’re keen to build a deeper connection and love might be on the cards.

“Playfulness in adult romantic relationships connects us to our partners deeply and meaningfully” as highlighted by Psychology Today

It might seem simple, but play-fighting is a telling sign that someone is developing deep loving feelings for you. 

6) They blush when they talk about their feelings 

In the weeks before I told my partner I loved him for the first time, I’d get really nervous and awkward whenever we talked about our feelings. 

I knew how I felt but I was too scared to tell him. And I felt like he could see it in me. I felt so vulnerable, it made me blush. 

We all know how blushing in front of others feels – not great. But, if you notice your other half blushing more around you, especially when you’re talking about feelings, it might be a good thing.

It can be hard to verbally express our love but we can’t hide our body language. 

Chances are if your partner is blushing when talking about their feelings for you, they’re already deeply in love with you. 

7) They can’t help but smile at you for no reason

Have you ever caught your partner smiling at you and when you asked why, they say “No reason, I’m just smiling at you.” 

You see the thing is: when someone’s deeply in love with you, it’s written all over their face, they just can’t hide it. And it’s good for your relationship too. 

“When we receive a smile from someone we care about, oxytocin is released in both individuals’ brains. This further deepens social bonds,” as noted in Larry Modenda’s article on the psychology of smiling.

So next time you notice your special someone smiling at you for no apparent reason, remember that it’s a sign of their love for you, and smile right back. 

8) Mirroring 

Are you familiar with the term mirroring

It’s where someone unconsciously imitates you in social situations. Pay attention to how your partner’s movements follow your own. 

For example, do they smile if you smile? Do they lean in, when you lean in? Or cross their legs when you do the same?

In romantic relationships, mirroring can create a sense of intimacy and indicates a desire to build a connection. 

This is a tell-tale sign that your partner is in love with you and they won’t even realize they’re doing it.

The bottom line

Understanding your partner’s body language can give you some real insight into how they feel about you. 

Keep an eye out for these gestures from your better half as they’re silent yet powerful messages of love.

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