If your partner displays these 10 behaviors, they’ll make an exceptional parent 

Ever wondered if your partner will make a good parent?

It’s pretty common to ponder if your sweetheart has got what it takes to ace the parenting test.

Well, we’ve got something that might help. We’ve put together a list of 10 behaviors that could hint at a future awesome mom or dad.

Make yourself comfortable and let’s dive into it.

This could be an eye-opener!

1) They show empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another, and it’s a crucial quality for any parent.

If your partner often shows empathy towards you and others, that’s a fantastic sign. It means they’re able to place themselves in someone else’s shoes, understand their feelings, and respond appropriately. This trait will be invaluable when it comes to understanding a child’s needs and emotions.

Plus, an empathetic parent is more likely to raise empathetic kids – a win-win situation!

2) They’re patient

Parenting is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a whole lot of patience.

Children are constantly learning and growing, and that process can be slow and filled with mistakes.

If your partner often demonstrates patience – whether it’s with you, with friends, or even with slow internet connections – that’s a great sign. Patience will enable them to provide the calm, steady guidance that children need as they navigate the world.

3) They’re adaptable

You know what they say, the only constant in life is change.

This rings true especially when you’re a parent. One moment you’re planning a quiet night in, the next moment you’re rushing to the emergency room because your toddler decided to test if peas could fit up his nose.

I remember once when my partner and I planned a romantic weekend getaway. Just as we were about to leave, our babysitter cancelled. My partner didn’t skip a beat. He quickly transformed our living room into a magical blanket fort and arranged for take-out from our favorite restaurant. We ended up having an indoor picnic with our kids. This ability to adapt quickly to unexpected situations, to turn lemons into lemonade, is a valuable trait in a parent.

4) They’re responsible

Being a parent means being responsible, not just for yourself, but for the well-being and development of another human being. If your partner often takes responsibility for their actions, fulfills their commitments, and can be trusted to meet obligations without constant reminders, these are good signs.

Children who grow up with responsible parents are more likely to succeed in life. They are generally happier, perform better acadically and have healthier relationships.

5) They’re supportive

In a world where we’re constantly faced with challenges and criticisms, having a supportive parent can make all the difference.

Your partner is your biggest cheerleader, always there to lift you up and encourage you to chase your dreams, imagine how they will be with your children.

Supportive parents create a safe space for their kids to explore, make mistakes, and grow. They instill in them the confidence to face the world, knowing they have a solid support system to fall back on.

6) They communicate well

Good communication is the backbone of any successful relationship, including the one between a parent and child.

I remember a situation where my partner’s communication skills really shone through. We were having a disagreement about something trivial – who does the dishes on weekends. Instead of turning it into a heated argument, he calmly expressed his feelings and listened to my viewpoint. We ended up reaching a compromise that worked for both of us. This kind of open and respectful communication will be invaluable in handling the ups and downs of parenting.

7) They know how to handle stress

Let’s face it, parenting can be stressful – sleepless nights, tantrums, endless worries. If your partner handles stress like a champ, that’s a big green flag.

Maybe they take a deep breath and count to ten when they’re upset. Maybe they go for a run, or meditate, or blast heavy metal music (hey, whatever works). But the real key here is that they don’t just bottle up their stress or let it explode – they deal with it.

A parent who can manage their own stress is not only happier and healthier themselves but also sets a great example for their children of how to cope with life’s challenges. It doesn’t mean your partner has to be some Zen master, but knowing how to navigate tough times without losing their cool? That’s parenting gold.

8) They’re hands-on

Is your partner someone who can roll up their sleeves and get involved? Whether it’s cooking dinner, fixing a leaky faucet or planning a birthday party, being hands-on is a great quality for a parent.

Hands-on parenting can greatly impact a child’s cognitive and emotional development. Kids of involved parents tend to have better social skills, improved self-esteem, and perform better academically.

9) They value education

How your partner views education can tell a lot about their potential parenting style. If they value learning, are curious about the world, and enjoy intellectual pursuits, it’s likely they’ll pass these traits on to your children.

I clearly remember how my partner would spend hours helping his younger sister with her homework, patiently explaining complex concepts until she got it. He’d often say that education isn’t just about school or grades, but about learning how to think, solve problems, and understand the world. Seeing his commitment to education assured me that he’d instill the same love of learning in our kids, setting them up for a lifetime of intellectual growth.

10) They’re loving and affectionate

This may seem obvious, but it’s so important that it bears mentioning: great parents are loving and affectionate.

But here’s the raw truth: parenting isn’t always going to be cute cuddles and sweet bedtime stories. There will be times when your child is throwing a tantrum in the supermarket, or you’re up at 3 AM because they’ve had a bad dream. It’s in these moments that a parent’s love really shines through.

If your partner can still show love when they’re tired or stressed – they can look at you at the end of a long day and give you a genuine smile – they’ve got what it takes to be a fantastic parent. Because at the end of the day, love is what parenting is all about.

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