If your friends display these 11 body language signs when they’re around you, they respect you more than you realize

There are so many different kinds of friendship, and so many different types of friends in our lives. 

Even if you only have several friends, you may wonder sometimes how your friends truly feel about you. What somebody says is often just the surface. 

To see below the surface, it’s important to take a look at more primal, instinctive non-verbal factors that speak louder than words. 

One of the most accurate ways to see if your friend respects you at a deep level is to observe their body language. Here’s how.

1) Their body language is open and receptive

Open and receptive body language is a very important indicator of how somebody truly feels about you

This includes various specific behaviors which I will go into detail about. 

Generally speaking it means that your friend is open and friendly around you and wants to be around you. 

They are also showing all the particular signals of being impressed with you and respecting you. 

2) They keep their arms and hands relaxed

In the animal kingdom, and in early human evolution, the pause or hands are the objects of potential help and threat. 

The hands may carry a club or weapon, and the hands may offer food or help. 

When your friends’ hands are usually in an open kind of gesture and their chest is also open towards you it shows a willingness to help you and a respect for you. 

Your friend isn’t neutral, they are genuinely on your side.

3) They are close to you without moving away

Physical proximity says a lot about trust and respect

The friend who really respects you is going to be close to you without moving away. 

They are the opposite of stand-offish, drawing near you in a way that indicates closeness and admiration. 

Like a child that wants to be close to adults and authority figures they find impressive and cool, a friend who respects you more than you realize loves to be close to you and hang out with you. 

4) They orient their feet and body toward you

The direction that somebody’s feet point says a lot. 

When a person doesn’t really want to talk to you or feels a desire to exit the interaction, they may often partly face away from you. 

But when they are fully engaged and genuinely respect you then they will point their whole body towards you. 

They’re engaged, interested and paying attention. 

Which brings me to the next point… 

5) They make steady and prolonged eye contact

Eye contact is highly important and is a definite sign of respect

Your friend who respects you a lot will look you in the eyes and seek out eye contact. 

They will want to gain your approval and frequently look at you as if to check for your recognition or praise. 

This is their way of asking what you think of them. They see you as an authority and want to look at you and assess your opinion and vibe towards them.

6) They pay attention to what you say and listen closely

When your friend respects you, it becomes clear through their body language of listening or not. 

They actually hear what you’re saying and want to hear more.

This is a big difference from the kinds of friends who like you and find you fun to hang out with but don’t necessarily respect you. 

They have fun around you and enjoy your company, but 

7) They tilt their head slightly towards you while you talk

A definite indication that somebody is listening to you is that they tilt their head towards you when you talk. 

They want to hear what you’re saying and are also moving their body closer to you in a general sense. 

This is a sign of respect and interest:

This friend respects you and doesn’t want to miss a word. 

They care about what you say and have a real interest in hearing your thoughts and views.

Your emotions matter to them and they want to get to know you more and deepen their friendship with you. 

8) They hug you tightly and affectionately touch you

Affectionate shoulder touches and arm pats are a definite sign of respect and care as well. 

The kind of friend who does this is letting you know that he or she wants to get closer to you and respects you on a deep level. 

They are drawn to you in a very real way and want to reassure you that they’ve got your back and they stand beside you through the ups and downs. 

So many friendships don’t last the test of time, but this friend is letting you know that your connection isn’t just temporary. 

They’re going to be around for the long haul and still be deeply connected to you down the road. 

9) They walk beside you not in front or behind

The location where somebody walks is actually quite meaningful. 

This is generally at a subconscious level, which is part of why it’s a deeper signal. 

10) They keep their smartphone out of sight around you

These days everyone seems to be on their smartphone all the time. 

I know that I almost always have it near me. 

But when a friend is around who truly respects you and looks up to you, you’ll notice something:

They aren’t picking up their smartphone and there aren’t a bunch of dings and pings sounding out frequently. 

In fact, the phone is on silent mode and it’s out of sight or at least not being checked frequently. 

11) They mirror your gestures while you talk

Mirroring is a subconscious behavior that’s deeply meaningful. 

Part of the reason it’s so meaningful is that it’s not conscious. 

When we admire somebody or see them as an authority we tend to unconsciously mirror their body language. 

If you notice that your friend seems to be crossing their legs when you do and talking about what you talk about and otherwise aping your behavior, it’s a sign they really respect you at a primal level. 

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Paul Brian

Paul R. Brian is a freelance journalist and writer who has reported from around the world, focusing on religion, culture and geopolitics. Follow him on www.twitter.com/paulrbrian and visit his website at www.paulrbrian.com

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